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  1. I've been buying stuff from Massdrop for about 12 months. Lots of the stuff I've bought has been just for shits and giggles, but everything has been priced very well. I've been capitalizing on the things that are priced higher in australia, Zippo lighters, Moleskine Notebooks, etc. But if I didn't already have a home Mech keyboard and a work Mech Keyboard I would get one from here because the range is awesome.
  2. poor guy let the cat out of the bag and onto the high chair. congrats tho. EDIT: The poor guy has gone to sleep and will wake up to this thing blowing up.
  3. It gets complicated very quickly, but, If you connected to anything hosted by them -> they might have the IP address of your router and possibly the internal IP address you are on behind that router. If your steam account is linked to your facebook -> they have a very good idea of who/where you are. Always remember that Facebook security is full of holes and it's very hard to effectively be private there. If you're computer is not up to date -> they might have uploaded malware to it when you visited their website. Steps I would take: - if you are using a major email provider, turn on 2 factor authentication. this means that whenever you (or someone else) tries to log into your account you will get either an email to another account or an sms to your phone. - check over your facebook security settings and turn them down as far as you feel is safe. - run a secondary anti virus over your machine just to be sure, I like Malware Bytes AntiMalware. It's entirely possible that you're fine and these guys are talking crap, but that's for you to decide.
  4. Linus and Luke's other stuff channel? I dunno, I like the idea of linus reviewing some games and luke reviewing some toys whichever way it goes.
  5. Hey Linus, We use an XA10 for recording school productions. How do you stop it chopping the footage into little bits?
  6. I'm interested in being connected with the LTT organisation, but I'm not going to have much time to play the game. Will there be something like a "Casual" rank in each of the sub groups? Or possibly have a seperate branch that has a looser affiliation with the LTT organisation? Looking forward to this game coming closer to completion. I'll be in an Aurora.
  7. Which country are you in? Crumpler do nice bags of all shapes and colours, http://www.crumpler.com/
  8. I want to know the Day[9] story, did Slick work out what happened?
  9. Dude, Where is your PSU mounted?? I've seen inside one of these in the flesh and I'm super confused.
  10. Totally agree, I have been using Windows 8 for over a year, and 8.1 makes the Surface PRO much more usable. But the battery life sucks! Wait for the Gen 2 part.
  11. hard to say, it was very cool to be at the first PAX in Australia, but it will need another year or 2 to be completely awesome and totally organsied. also, Melbourne is fucking cold in July.
  12. It was really cool, We got hands on time with Saints Row 4, saw some pretty cool Panels: Geek Parenting, and Gamer representation in the media. The Xbox One demo was kinda cool, the improvements to the Kinect sensor are interesting technology developments. I wanted to see the "Inside the borderlands" and "Good Game AmaA" but those queues were full even before I got out of the previous panels. It was still an awesome day. I even saw Jordan from The Axis of Awesome, that was very cool.
  13. Hi All, I recorded a very very very short and very very very unscripted report from a very very very cool PAX AUS. I actually had very little to say, and my version of public speaking tends to be slightly more than verbal diarrhea. But here it is in all it's flaws for the forum to enjoy!