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Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

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About Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

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  • Birthday 2000-05-18

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    United Kingdom


  • CPU
    Intel i7 4790k
  • Motherboard
    MSI Z97 Gaming 5
  • RAM
    1x8GB 1600MHz DDR3
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1060 Gaming X
  • Case
    CiT Sentinel Mesh Gaming Case
  • Storage
    1tb WD Blue, 500gb Segate HDD, 120gb Sandisk SSD
  • PSU
  • Display(s)
    21.5" 1080p
  • Cooling
    be quiet Dark Rock 3
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Master
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Home 64 Bit

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  1. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    Are these dead pixels?

    Are these dead pixels at the bottom of my screen. This is on the bottom of my Mate 20 pro that I've had for only 3 ish months.
  2. I'm looking at getting some beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO's but there are 3 different options with difference impedance ratings, 32 ohms, 80 ohms and 250 ohms. I know I would need an amp to run the 250 ohms version but I'm unsure if my onboard audio would be able to handle the 80 ohms version or if I'm better off getting the 32 ohm version. I'm looking at getting headphones which don't require an amp as it just adds extra cost and the sound quality increase isn't worth the price for me. My motherboard is the MSI Z97 Gaming 5
  3. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    What TIM to use

    Great, have some thermal paste laying around (i think arctic silver) so I will use that
  4. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    What TIM to use

    What TIM should I use to replace the stock one on my aging 280x which is running at around 85c when gaming. I bought it used a few years ago so its had the same stock TIM for many many years.
  5. thats a tv with an ever changing image, whereas on windows your taskbar stays very much the same the whole time
  6. What are you even trying to achieve from this? For monitor manufacturers to suddenly release your dream monitor or something?
  7. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    Good psu for 2 1080's

    do you know of a quieter 750w which is still good quality or would the corsair be sufficient
  8. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    Good psu for 2 1080's

    do you know if the fan on it is quiet?
  9. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    Good psu for 2 1080's

    Brother is looking at getting another 1080 and will need a new power supply to handle it. I've had a look around and have found the Corsair RM750x which according to the forums psu tier list is a tier 1 psu, just wondering if anyone has any recommendations Relevant Specs: I7 3930K 2x Gtx 1080(G1 Gaming) (if you need anything else ask)
  10. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    am i breaking my cpu?

    a psu is a power supply
  11. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    2.4Ghz a lot faster than 5Ghz

    using wifi analyzer and the channel I am on is clear with my wifi being the only one on it and their phone is a huawei p9 lite
  12. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    2.4Ghz a lot faster than 5Ghz

    My isp is EE and the router is the Brightbox 2 @Belzebuth
  13. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    2.4Ghz a lot faster than 5Ghz

    Have changed the channel but it's no better and only reason I'm worry about the 2.4ghz when the 5ghz is available at the same time is because my mom and sisters phone(same model) doesn't seem to support 5ghz as it doesn't show up
  14. Jack Kaye Pc Gamer

    2.4Ghz a lot faster than 5Ghz

    Just got a new router from my isp as the Internet speeds were also upgraded, plugged it in and it working fine, has a network for people on 2.4ghz and one for 5ghz. Only thing is sat next to the router speeds on 5ghz are 70mbs down whereas when I connect to the 2.4ghz I'm struggling for 30. It gets worse in the room directly above the router only getting 1-5 mbs on the 2.4ghz whereas the 5ghz is fine s I'll with 70. This gets worse the further I am away from it. Anyone know what is causing this, do I need to change so things in routers configuration? Old router was 2.4ghz with my Internet speed being 38 down and I didn't have this problem. TLDR: Internet is dreadful on 2.4 compared to 5ghz even when next to router