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  1. Valve seems to struggle with selling hardware things, and given their track history, I am not surprised. While people here seem to love the controller design, I for one cannot understand how it is even usable. It tries to blend in the best of controllers and mice, but the end result of that is an abomination that is really only beneficial to those who a) never really used a controller before, and find them really challenging to adjust to, b) strongly prefer touch controls over physical-analog controls, or c) have fully entrenched themselves in the nonsense PCMR cult (taking it fully seriously) and refuse to use anything remotely relevant to a gaming console simply on the basis of them being used on consoles
  2. Damn, and my sticking to ProtonVPN seems to be a smarter and smarter decision. A great rule to follow; unless it is 100% FOSS, and has been reviewed and audited, you should view advertised services with extreme skepticism.
  3. Watch Stadia enter the phase of obsolescence in 1-2 months where nobody is using it period while google gets into hardcore denial about it "naw! it is a very important devkit for the future of technology, and the usage habits exceed THOSE expectations". They have done this already... where again? Oh yeah, the complete fucking joke that has absolute zero legitimate or remotely reasonable reason to be invented, let alone to exist, our favorite Google Glass.
  4. Yet another episode of Google shooting itself in the foot... Is anyone surprised by this? There are quite a number of technical reasons why my trust and faith in the company is near zero. People keep whining about Microsoft, Nvidia, or Apple doing something evil, and for each that they actually do wrong, google does the same but several times worse, and somehow gets away with it. The shit that Google gets away with thanks to the Shilling Force of Antisocial Worshippers (SFAW) is just astounding and beyond words.
  5. And this is why I am sticking to ProtonVPN. You wonder, with the amount of advertising and YouTube shilling, if they stand up to the actual tests (and that includes ExpressVPN).
  6. That from what I can tell is very useful for large buildings under a single network infrastructure. While it might look absurdly overkill today, I can easily imagine business LANs exploding is client size thanks to the proliferation of IOT devices and ITTT. For home networks though... I am not so sure. I have not been reading too much about the mathematics and logic behind IPv6 addresses, but I assume that there is a designation of private addresses similar in size and subnetting capabilities to 192.168.[SN].#. Now that I am thinking about it, instead of retiring IPv4 entirely, would it make more sense to still allow it in LANs? That way, you would only have 1 or maybe 2 IPV6 addresses to deal with, connecting to the ISPs, and have however many IPV4 LAN addresses that they need to use, up to 4 billion unique addresses on up to 65K separate subnets. If there is a business that needs more than 4 billion addresses on a singular local point, I would be very surprised.
  7. Just so that I am up to speed on this, which company does what, and who relies on each of them?
  8. IIRC Stallman is now neither a member of MIT or FSF, and in the latter case, with many of the key members being... annoyingly closed-minded, to put it VERY mildly, they have been effectively running headless, with even more of an contrarian and accusatory tone behind their recent actions.
  9. There, you run into another issue of trust; there are some who do not like the idea of Big Brother being in the middle of a transaction. Those people tend to not care at all about whether or not this "spying/intervention" is for the better of the service or if the regulations are needed to keep things in check, as it flies into the face of their ancap beliefs that the best businesses are those that are completely left alone by the Governments.
  10. I am not sure if I am qualified to say much of anything about this, given my mixed feelings on the idea of online dating. But what catches my eye is the fact that Match Group has full vertical control of the pop online dating scene, which is unsettling. Sure, there are dating scenes outside of the Match Group, but since they tend to focus on very specific niches and interests, they are an acquired taste to say the least and require a level of trust of the service(s) that most people (for fair reasons) cannot muster.
  11. I want 6 2TB MLC NVME SSDS stacked in a RAID 100 array configuration inside a 3.5 inch form factor with a PCIe 8x cable connector
  12. And now I am bored... What the fuck is going on with these pipe-dream FOSS projects popping up left right and center? There is a reason that Apple remains the undisputed king of the tablet space, and one of the leaders of smartphones; simplicity wins over "flexibility" every single day of the week when it comes to a phone, because guess what, IT IS A PHONE, NOT A GOD DAMNED PORTABLE SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT!! And these FOSS-obsessed cultists wonder why programs like GIMP never gained anywhere near mainstream popularity, despite the obvious problems that subscription-based Adobe business model brings.
  13. A random question, but where did the SLC SSDs go? I get that we have SLC cache, but I have heard nothing of full-blown drives since 2013.
  14. Wait a minute... ShadowDOM is, as I had last checked it, a non-standard HTML5 feature that had very limited implementation. And if it is not VP9, then what the fuck was it that was responsible for selective performance metrics between browsers? It could very well be a combination of things, but when I read the original news about it, a specific file format was noted as the sole culprit.