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    Intel Core i5 6600K
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    Gigabyte Z170MX Gaming 5
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    Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x8GB 2400MHz CL14
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    Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming
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    (2x) Samsung 850 EVO 2.5" 250GB, Seagate Desktop 4TB
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    Seasonic 660W Platinum XP2
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    Samsung S22D390H
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    Swiftech H240-X
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    Gamdias Hermes Ultimate
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    Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum
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    Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus
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    Windows 10 Professional
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  1. Colonel_Gerdauf

    Google Stadia (Cloud Gaming)

    Considering that I have been trying to migrate as much away from Google services as possible... NOPE.
  2. I am going to voice an opinion that I have had long before Steve Jobs did a piece about the matter. Adobe Flash, please kindly go fuck yourself.
  3. Well, there is the Ulefone Power 5 that promises the same usage period per charge at 1 week, at about 13000mAh and with a thickness comparable to a 2015 phone with a military-grade case. It is Chinese-designed, so it may be a bit of a gamble with some of the other specs (possibly) suffering as a result.
  4. Colonel_Gerdauf

    THQ nordic goes to 8chan to conduct an AMA

    Okay, for an oopsie, it is very hard for me to understand how it could have been made. Everyone and their dog knows at this point about the infamy associated with 4chan. To the general public, it is already branded as "avoid at all cost", with the people remaining there holding a very strong "rooting for the underdog" mentality, as well as some highly questionable beliefs. 8chan sounds to a simpleton like an offshoot clone of 4chan. So, to ask the question on the back of every gamer's mind: how did THQNordic think this was a good idea?
  5. Colonel_Gerdauf

    NCIX Data breach 2018

    As PayPal acts like a transaction middleman, it does not send any data of it's own. What it does is that it sends the money to the seller of the transaction, and then puts a charge on your account. If you have a credit or debit card, the card will be sent a payment from PayPal. So basically: When you make a purchase The seller gets money from PayPal You will be charged money from PayPal relative to how much you have spent on the transaction PayPal gets the money from your credit agency You credit agency is waiting for you to fulfill the bank statement with a file from PayPal
  6. Colonel_Gerdauf

    NCIX Data breach 2018

    So I have two things to say to this: 1) I cannot help but feel that even this degree of laziness and incompetence in enterprise-level security is VERY commonplace. Think about this for a moment: not every business is run by tech-savvy people, and even for those who are, many are dealing with a level of abstraction where proper communication to those that may have properly taken care of it is outright impossible. This leaves CEOs and managers in a perpetually ignorant state of mind. 2) More important to this case, do we know what the latest point of time is that the database servers were logging? Because I have read that this was from servers seized after NCIX failed to pay an earlier rent. It could be 2007, it could be 2015, it could even be at the time of bankruptcy. The important part is knowing when the logs of the suspect servers stopped recording data.
  7. Colonel_Gerdauf

    Battlefield V - EA just announced Battle Royal for the game

    Great... Battle Royale is becoming what was high fantasy to me. Everybody being super hyped over goblins/magic and competitive survival, whereas I still cannot understand how either of them are popular... AT ALL.
  8. Colonel_Gerdauf

    Apple rejects Steam Link app, citing "business conflicts"

    I have not seen the Steam Link app, and I did not test it with a dummy Android phone just yet, so I cannot tell you for certain how this or that works. With that being said, the only reason I can see with the Controller being the cause of the rejection is if the controller connects to the PC instead of the iDevice. That would effectively make the iDevices secondary screens for the games in question, which gets into murky licensing grounds.
  9. Colonel_Gerdauf

    Apple rejects Steam Link app, citing "business conflicts"

    What I suspect is that there is something with the technology, for instance how exactly the connection is established between the phone/tablet and a Steam-equipped computer that Apple has an issue with. Apple generally does not like the idea of using Bluetooth to directly communicate in parallel with another end device. Or perhaps the way that the application runs an internal virtual machine makes Apple interpret it as an emulator, which the company has a zero-tolerance policy on.
  10. Colonel_Gerdauf

    Apple rejects Steam Link app, citing "business conflicts"

    That angle does not apply here. Teamviewer is up and running on the store, and that is a multi-platform mirroring service. This is not so much an issue of what the app is, but rather what it has in order to make it work. There is something specific in how Steam Link works that Apple does not like, though since Apple is not giving any kind of useful information, all we can do is speculate.
  11. Colonel_Gerdauf

    Stop Charging your Phone Overnight!

    In short, what your devices read as capacity and what is actually stored in the batteries are almost never the same values. What Linus says about cramping near 100% makes sense on the surface, until you realize that the batteries have a hybrid reserve/buffer amount that the device can never see (in the case of lithium-ion, it is around 20%). What that means is that when the battery is fully drained (or so it seems), there will always be a reserve 20% charge to help the battery stay physically alive. On the other hand, in a full charge situation, there will always be a 20% empty buffer in order to prevent the battery from stalling and/or damaging itself. And to get more into the safeguards, there is a now-old tech that portable devices use which limit the current when it gets to charging beyond a given percentage. Apple has publicized using this tech, and it should not be too surprising to find this in most, if not all, modern portables. Another part of this, that mainly deals with the charge cycles themselves, is a systems that periodically disconnects the link between external power and the batter at full charge, and reconnect at a specific interval (Apple does this at 95%, though it may vary with other companies). People keep claiming that different charging schedules harm the batteries, but they often base that on information that is woefully outdated or incomplete. Most of their claims come from either their ignorance on how batteries actually work, or data which was valid before lithium-ion batteries existed. What truly harms batteries are heat, physical pressure, and deep charge/discharge cycles.
  12. Colonel_Gerdauf

    Stop Charging your Phone Overnight!

    A few issues with the video: 1) The arguments made regarding 100% charge make zero sense when taking into account how batteries work on an electronic level. 2) The video omits talking about the safeguards that a battery has in order to prevent overcharging and overuse of the charge cycles. 3) Strong claims are being made about battery longevity which are demonstrably false.
  13. Colonel_Gerdauf

    Samsung launches new 970 EVO and 970 PRO NVMe SSDs

    The 960 Pro got the 2TB special treatment Now the 970 EVO gets the 2TB treatment Samsung, make up your bloody minds!
  14. Colonel_Gerdauf

    Looks like we lost the fight, all Hawaii Lootbox bills failed

    While I can see issues in the fact that the bills failed the tests, I can't help but feel that the proposals are insanely difficult to enforce without stepping on some shoes as far as morality is concerned.
  15. Even if Apple was legally forced to build for the FBI a backdoor, how could they even do so? The data on the iPhones (as well as most other Apple devices) are client-side encrypted. That means that the data in the server is practically useless in respect to MITM or data breaches. Also, once the data is encrypted, there is no way to mass-decrypt them via software update; the data becomes useless at that point. The file can only be interpreted ("decrypted") on-the-fly while such files are in use.