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Everything posted by megadarkwood

  1. Getting back into the whole Custom PC shit, probably gonna do some more ghetto watercooling

    1. Akolyte


      WOW, haven't seen you post an update for a while!  Wish you the best with your watercooling. 

  2. I seem to remember about this site about every year.

  3. Haven't been here for a while, damn a lot changed.

  4. haven't been here for a while.

  5. soldering 140 leds rn, halp

    1. hypnodog


      I'll join ya m7

  6. The package is in Richmond ATM, this is a map and location history of my package. https://gyazo.com/0bf091454122c707e1ca97816991cdcd

  7. I hate when people are stubborn about their electronics, I had to explain the "point" of wireless charging to someone since he thought it was useless. He had an iPhone.

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    2. AnnoyedShelf


      damn dude. Somehow I manage to get by on 8GB while running 2 VM's at the same time as well as some pretty heavy Chrome browsing.

    3. megadarkwood


      Inventor and AutoCAD use quite a bit when working on big projects, Vegas is a ram whore and just having tons of programs open adds up to nearly 32gb of used ram as well as a pinned CPU.

    4. AnnoyedShelf


      yeah autoCAD does use a lot. As you can probably imagine, using it on a machine with only 4GB of RAM was quite a struggle.

  8. CNC Programs are so fucking outdated.

    1. AnnoyedShelf


      yeah. A lot of people use vector imaging programs and their own homemade CNC machine.

  9. or just find the msrp from the og manufacturers site
  10. that moment when your calculator screen dims because it has an LCD and you have to press a button so it lights up again and you can continue copying shit down

  11. http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=%28-5%29%5E%28%28-0.6%29+x+%28-1.5%29%29+x+%28%28%28-5.3%2B5.3%29+x+5.5%29+%2F+8.7%29
  12. Seeing all these new 2 wheel hoverboard things and electric longboards that are becoming popular now a days, what are some other "Portable transportation" devices that not many people know about? (electric obviously)
  13. This kickstarter is coming along, I'm so exited!

  14. ahh, I get the idea. Honestly its probably not what I'll end up doing because of cosmetic reasons. thanks for the photo!
  15. I'd atleast like to keep the internal Sata connection for speeds