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  1. Hey Guys, welcome to my Case Modding ULTIMATE GUIDE! In this guide I will try to cover almost everything there is to know about modding and customizing your PC! Here are some of the things I will cover to the best of my ability (Remember this thread is a work in progress and most likely will never be finished) : Tools you will need Where you can get your materials Good sources for help/tutorials A basic introduction Case modding Techniques Customization (LEDs, painting .etc) Case modding Basics (Adding windows .etc) Case modding Advanced Water cooling Other Show off your mod! How to submit your tutorials! ​Explanation about the thread layout: I though I would add this as my OCD might mess around with the look of this thread... A large, Centered, Bold, and Underlined text, mean a new Chapter: Customization Bold, Underlined, Centered text means a start of a new Sub-Chapter: Sleeving Bold Text mean the start or a new Tutorial (There will be more than one tutorial per topic: How to sleeve SATA Cables: Here is how it would look: Customization: Sleeving How to Sleeve SATA Cables: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Donec metus arcu, sodales pellentesque nisl eget, ornare auctor elit. Aenean a molestie nisl. In dui metus, malesuada ac ante eu, scelerisque sodales massa. Nam consectetur magna nec luctus vehicula. Aenean vitae sem nec ligula tincidunt dignissim fermentum ut massa. Donec euismod posuere risus, id aliquet nisi commodo a. Nam dignissim nunc quis est egestas pulvinar. Morbi euismod velit vel nibh placerat porta. Morbi convallis molestie odio, ac hendrerit leo vulputate id. Praesent id arcu eu libero consequat porttitor ut vel elit. Nulla aliquet purus et congue mattis. Pellentesque lacinia porttitor massa et varius. Tools/Materials: Tools: Basic tools you will need: Safety Glasses or Goggles (Safety First!) Rotary tool (Cordless if possible) (With lots of bits) Rubber/Latex gloves Work Gloves Power Drill (Cordless if possible) (With lots of bits) Tin Snips Power Sander (Sand Paper is fine) Riveter Explanation of the tools above (In order) : Eye protection from flying debris To make precise cuts and cuts in hard to reach positions For painting For using power tools or sanding Drilling holes Cutting thin metals where a rotary tool is not needed To get rid of metal burs and rough edges Connect metal pieces Tools needed for sleeving and painting: ATX Pin remover Molex pin remover Heat gun Scissors Explanation of the Tools above (in order) : To remove ATX pins (24pin connector .etc) To remove Molex pins For heat shrink tubing To cut everything (Duh) Materials: Materials you will need for modding (these are what I recommend) : Acrylic uChannel molding MDF Foam (If making a fully custom case) Aluminium sheets 3M Double sided clear tape (#4010) 3M-DINOC Carbon Fiber Wrap 3M Scotchprint Film wrap (1080 series) Explanations of the materials above (In order) : For windows For windows To make a rough model of your custom case To do almost anything to your case Materials you will need for cable sleeving: Sleeving (Paracord is my personal favorite) Heat shrink tubing (Regular and SATA) Explanations of the materials above (In order) : To sleeve the cables -.- To make the ends of the sleeve clean Where to get your materials and tools: Materials: These sites have everything and most of them ship internationally: http://www.mnpctech.com/ http://www.moddiy.com/ http://www.frozencpu.com/ http://www.mcmaster.com/ http://en.mdpc-x.com/ Tools: Home Depot Lowes Canadian Tire Good sources for Tutorials and help: http://www.youtube.com/monstermawd http://linustechtips.com/main/forum/14-case-modding-and-other-mods/ Your own mistakes. The channel above has tips and tricks for modding as there are no set ways for modding your PC Case. Modding your PC takes your creativity and experimentation. Look at pictures of the type of mod you want to do and use your imagination! Introduction: (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PC_Modding) Case modding is modding your case. This can mean everything from ghetto-mounting an HDD/SSD to making the case into something so far from the original you can't see they're the same product. PC Customization is making your PC look like what you want it to look like. This can mean anything from cable sleeving to interpreting mods and making the case (or chassis) look like what you want it to look like. Here are a few guide lines to follow when modding/customizing your case: Be safe! Use your imagination! Be creative and come up with your own techniques Don't try to copy anyone! Take some ideas but don't do the same! Make the PC truly yours! Case modding Techniques: Dremel Techniques: Original Thread: http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/30316-cable-lacing-tutorial/ Painting:
  2. Getting back into the whole Custom PC shit, probably gonna do some more ghetto watercooling

    1. Mike_The_B0ss


      WOW, haven't seen you post an update for a while!  Wish you the best with your watercooling. 

  3. I seem to remember about this site about every year.

  4. Haven't been here for a while, damn a lot changed.

  5. haven't been here for a while.

  6. soldering 140 leds rn, halp

    1. hypnodog


      I'll join ya m7

  7. The package is in Richmond ATM, this is a map and location history of my package. https://gyazo.com/0bf091454122c707e1ca97816991cdcd

  8. I hate when people are stubborn about their electronics, I had to explain the "point" of wireless charging to someone since he thought it was useless. He had an iPhone.

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    2. AnnoyedShelf


      damn dude. Somehow I manage to get by on 8GB while running 2 VM's at the same time as well as some pretty heavy Chrome browsing.

    3. megadarkwood


      Inventor and AutoCAD use quite a bit when working on big projects, Vegas is a ram whore and just having tons of programs open adds up to nearly 32gb of used ram as well as a pinned CPU.

    4. AnnoyedShelf


      yeah autoCAD does use a lot. As you can probably imagine, using it on a machine with only 4GB of RAM was quite a struggle.

  9. CNC Programs are so fucking outdated.

    1. AnnoyedShelf


      yeah. A lot of people use vector imaging programs and their own homemade CNC machine.

  10. megadarkwood

    Sometimes the Retailers Annoy Me

    or just find the msrp from the og manufacturers site
  11. that moment when your calculator screen dims because it has an LCD and you have to press a button so it lights up again and you can continue copying shit down

  12. megadarkwood

    I haven't done any of these math problems in awhile...

  13. megadarkwood

    Portable Transportation

    Seeing all these new 2 wheel hoverboard things and electric longboards that are becoming popular now a days, what are some other "Portable transportation" devices that not many people know about? (electric obviously)
  14. This kickstarter is coming along, I'm so exited!

  15. megadarkwood

    I'm out of space for drives

    I have no more space for drives, my case has 4 3.5" drive bays and I have 5 drives in total (4 HDD's and 1 SSD) so I literally have the SSD on top of the drive cage just sitting there. Aaaaannnd all my drives are full, I have a 2tb that I want to put in but no idea where I can safely put it, ideas? Cheap or free would be best.
  16. megadarkwood

    I'm out of space for drives

    ahh, I get the idea. Honestly its probably not what I'll end up doing because of cosmetic reasons. thanks for the photo!