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  1. I got my mg279q for $550, I dunno where you are looking at for 750. It's a nice monitor but you really have to be aware that alot of people have had issues with it, I personally have not.
  2. Munalos

    Astro a50

    If you're using them on a console ex: 360 you need to have the a/v connecter plugged in, and using the optical cable. Tbh tho, they are two trash cans sitting on your head, and the microphone is horrid. You're better off returning those, if you got them for wireless the steelseries H is a much better choice. Albeit the mic is sort of bad on that aswell.
  3. They added lights to the side, cut out the handy media scroll wheel then made an rgb version cause it standard is too bland. Honestly it's a downgrade from a regular k70.
  4. He didn't say anything about that.. He asked if anyone knew if it was a herman miller or not. Herman miller products are expensive and the seller is probably asking a decent price for it, hence why op asked his question.
  5. Linus has a review video of the headset with a mic test. Just listen to that. It's not TERRIBLE.. But it isn't great either. Has that sort of tin can effect. The headset itself audio wise / features / quality tho is actually very good.
  6. "sending these back cause I thought they were wireless" Reading is hard.
  7. Astro a50 are headphones. They are terrible tho, overpriced garbage just like beats. They are made for console gaming not pc.
  8. Munalos

    Car sound system

    vminnovations on ebay sells literally EVERYTHING you would need. They sell amp / speaker packages amp / speaker / box / wire kits etc. Just go on there and look and see what you need, usually they have everything packaged together so you don't need to search around for everything. their prices are usually pretty good aswell. I bought some stuff from them it was prolly about 6 years ago now.. It was 2 12" laznar 1600watt peak speakers with a 1600 watt amp. Stuff like that was alot more expensive back then.. I think it was like 300$ You can prolly get a nice 10 inch alpine type r or maybe a w7 + box + amp for like 200 - 300 if you search for it. the touch screen probably be another 200 - 300. I remember dumping like 1500$ into my system back in the day and now all of that is only worth like 500$ lol. Everything getting cheaper man.
  9. Munalos

    Car sound system

    You can go on ebay look up vminnovations they sell amp / packages. Everything you need really. I don't really advise to put your sub on the side of your car, best to keep it center or the audio (bass) comes off a little weird. There's also little need to get door speakers and etc, especially for newer cars as you want those for treble / highs for clearer audio. You only need to do that if you're going full out. I recommend if you're listening to mostly rap just get a ported box. It doesn't make a big difference over an enclosed but it does sound different. A bandpass is a mix of ported / enclosed if you want the best of both worlds.
  10. Munalos

    Car sound system

    You don't need to solder anything.. Just get a wire spare wire harness they sell them for every car.. It's two sided hook one side into your existing wire harness other into your touchscreen.. Run the wires down.. Run the power / ground through your firewall from your battery hook up your sub / amp and you're good to go. It's not as hard as people make you think and paying someone like a 100$ to do it is absurd. Just make sure to buy the gauge wire that you need for the wattage of your amp.. most come with kits already with them so you have everything you need.
  11. Yup, it's about an hour drive for me but worth it ofc. It's sad there's only one in Virginia, I wish there was one closer to me. x_x
  12. Downgrade to an older ccc some of the new drivers / ccc don't work with certain apu's / gpus I had to do it for this computer cause I don't really use it for gaming so I just installed a a ccc package from 2014 and it worked fine.
  13. At the e3 they said it was more powerful than a 290x but not as good as a 390. So somewhere inbetween there? 250 - 350 probably.