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    New Router

    I have a very good and reliable internet connection from Bell, I have to use 2 routers to get the coverage I need. The modem has built in WiFi but i disabled that, so I now use a Dlink router on the middle floor and a Ethernet cable going to a access point(another router) so i can get WiFi in the basement. I live in a large house, with that set up i don't get good WiFi on the second floor. I have lots of devices, 2 smart tv's, xbox 360, blue-ray players, surround sound receiver, 4 laptops and 2 computers, wireless printer. My network is both 2.4 and 5 GHz but there are a lot of thing that are on the same frequency like phones and a camera system (that work fine). I just need a router that can cover all 3 floors and handle the bandwidth of a bunch of devices. I have 200$ to spend on a new router I just need the coverage, 2.4 Ghz is fine.