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  1. built linux from source on hetepsenusret, took 2 minutes and 6 seconds. wow this computer is fast

  2. Only one desktop is running (Hetepsenusret), but I have Henen-nesw and Tyre decommissioned in working condition. Senusret II (ThinkPad X1 Yoga) broke while I was overseas, and so I bought Amenemhet (ThinkPad X240) while I was over there, but I have both of those along with Senusret I (ThinkPad S1 Yoga) at home here. My husband has a 2016 MBP as his daily driver, but he’s due to switch over onto Hetepsenusret with its multi-seat configuration once I set that up for Windows. He has a gaming laptop from 2014 that doesn’t see much use.
  3. You’re getting close. When discussing clientele, or developers, depending on the context these can refer to very different people or entities. It’s critical to understand that with the ARM ISA, developers like you and I are irrelevant. We don’t get licences from ARM; Nintendo does that. Nintendo makes up their clientele. Nintendo also produces the machines, operating systems, and userland APIs for folks like us to use when developing for their platforms. You can reasonably describe this as a “modern day well-featured OS”, but in doing so fail to appreciate what’s happening underneath this, and also the practical reality that it’s not going to port ez-pz, even for application devs. Of course, Nintendo is a very monolithic example – but even with smartphones you don’t have IBM PC uniformity. Every device is different, which is why we can’t just have LineageOS like we have Linux. System developers work for Red Hat, or Microsoft, or whathaveyou. You know what all of those system developers have in common to work with besides the x86 ISA? The IBM PC. None of them expect that with ARM – arguably it’s the biggest reason the ISA has yet to proliferate as much into the market. System developers are key here, what app developers compile for ARM or x86 is irrelevant, because they’ve already been given the tools from upstream to write-once-run-anywhere or such. Now, since system developers have never had an ARM equivalent to an IBM PC, their needs from the ISA have never involved maintaining any kind of compatibility with such. Over the years all of the OEMs have worked with ARM, they’ve had in-house SoCs, and so their demands never stipulated work to cater to a specific kind of machine. You can look at the instruction set in a vacuum and claim that it’s old, or it has a big burly legacy, or whatever. But as a rock it hasn’t been carved by the water in the same way x86 was. It has more leg room, no pun intended.
  4. Nonsense. Both of them matter just as much as the other. The difference is, selecting for CPU compatibility is trivial at compile time: change a flag, and you’re done. Changing a machine requires changing the code that you’ve wrote, which is a much more difficult task. Like I said before, ARM’s clientele understood this and were usually well prepared to handle the chore. This never happened with x86 because there was never as much fracturing thanks to the IBM PC. For AArch32, it’s been a long history of progress, with modularity that hasn’t been seen with x86. Many ARM features like NEON and hard floats only became “standard” because virtually everybody could use them, and this is completely besides whatever other peripherals the whole machine might offer to a developer. AArch64 was a do-over though, which can’t really be said for x86-64, because the IBM-PC wasn’t designed for 64-bit computing and anything AArch64 had would have been made from scratch. Who uses an ISA has huge influence on how it’s done – that’s just the market for you. Backwards compatibility needs shape the ISA. Finding exceptions like the PS4 doesn’t mean anything because it’s not a rule you can promptly falsify – it’s a trend. Market forces created the differences we see today in the ARM ISA family and the x86 family as well.
  5. Hetepsenusret is complete!

  6. Heyo! I know this update is long overdue, and I apologise in advance for one last necro. I was overseas in Indonesia for several months, which I left for in September, shortly before this build was complete. The motherboard needed an RMA, and I never got around to doing that until I got back! Needless to say, everything runs wonderfully. You’ve seen most of the parts, but here’s the big box the X399 Aorus Extreme came in, along with an Inyotef (snuggles) in the background: Here’s the computer, which I’m currently typing this on: In the first month I had Hetepsenusret running, I was using unRAID to make the computer multi-user and OS-agnostic. Unfortunately, I ran into too many debilitating issues with virtualisation, and scrapped it in favour of good old fashioned multi-seat setups on both Linux and Windows. It works great!
  7. Have to concur on this. I have in-laws who are pretty much ruling class, but not in the United States. Wanna know what kind of insider info we get? Gossip. Several months ago there was a Lion Air plane crash, and we got to hear what was happening before it hit the press. When it comes to hearsay, there is a cost associated with what you share, and with trade secrets that cost is very high. I know this is Apple we’re talking about, but it’s still worth pointing out that the Switch runs ARM, and it’s pretty darn close to a full-on console gaming experience all things considered. I think it’s still a step in the right direction. The architectures themselves, from a technical standpoint, are quite different, and the evolution of ARM has been very different than x86. Intel took a strict, hardline approach to backwards compatibility that lets you run DOS on a Core i7 today, and the clientele ARM has kept has never justified such backbending. Most clients had assembly programmers who knew what needed to be done. Seeing the progress makes me hopeful that soon the industry can progress towards systems using RISC-V, and the potential of the FPGA will really begin to shine.
  8. yeah, it’s because all the German rocket scientists they stole in the mad dash post-WW2 finally started retiring and/or dying. Without them NASA has been a shitshow through and through, because thinking in German is better for you as a scientist than in some other language.
  9. I have an undying love and admiration for white-faced scops ??owl??s, somewhat decent Photoshop skills, and I’m a Zoomer so go figure. I made a Christmas hatted version and used it last month.
  10. Businesses who adopt prepostery will soon find themselves completely preposterous. They make themselves weak to competition for no reason whatsoever, and soon enough they will be overridden by those with more sense. Even if they try to pull up the ladder for themselves, it will only delay this reality and add their country to the roster of embarrassment alongside them. I wouldn’t be the slightest bit upset about what they’re doing. I would laugh at it, as I usually do, and wait to see the world come ‘round to grind its axe into this hole they’ve put into themselves. Totally see it coming.
  11. Elon is stumbling and falling just like a certain Steve I knew from the 80s...
  12. You're close. The big reason why relationships and marriages fail is a lack of serious commitment. If you can convince somebody that there are lines that can never be crossed for any reason, even if that reason is to solve a serious relationship issue out of mutual interest and love, then you're going to have a bad time because you can't fight for what you care about. Often you can even take that literally, imagining a case where someone has some serious social kinks in their chain and you're doing everything you can not to just grab them and get their attention. Oh, people don't like that, you can't go there no matter how much you care about them, because of society's stupid perception about spousal abuse and violence and how they can basically equate any kind of unwanted physical contact as tantamount to that. People who think that never happens in a long-lasting relationship have never had long-lasting relationships, so they don't know. Most of the time though people aren't struggling to contend with violence. Rather, the issue is usually that they're not willing to fight on any terms for the sake of their relationship, so any time their partner pleads to cross one of their lines through a conflict they're just going to put their nose up and say they're not going there. Those relationships are doomed to fail, because they are unable to solve problems outside their comfort zones and they refuse to allow that zone to be changed. As they age they end up with broken families, hangups over the fact that they have no continuity of their life narrative, and worst of all is that they can't acknowledge that it's their fault. The go-to is to find excuses and blame the other person, or blame no one (which is a lie most people struggle to buy). Yes, and Tinder is a pretty awful way to go about that if you're in college. I thought the great thing about socialisation in college is that you're physically near people and that makes it easier to find many people? It's like you're going on a diving expedition for rare fish, and you insist on using sonar to find stuff even though you could look right in front of you for catches, which are out there in spades.
  13. They tried that already, and it didn't work out for them because the internet's backbone is comprised of services from a handful of major companies (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, ...). The monopolisation of resources on the internet is a very serious and potentially grave concern for everyone, because it runs so much deeper than Reddit makes apparent.
  14. Yeah, and we're also private citizens and we may decide what's right or wrong as well. We're just as entitled to complain about them as they are to deny service, and you don't get to tell us otherwise any more than we can tell Reddit to knock it off.