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  1. Yeah, there's like two pages of posts that have magically disappeared with no notice whatsoever. And with it went my notification history, too...
  2. I'm sure you would, so you can dismiss them all and tell me "that doesn't change anything" and create the same fallacious impossible scenario I talked about above. The world isn't perfect and neither are you. Get real.
  3. Well, here's what I've got: Project Trinity - a 3D JRPG adventure that is coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime soon™. It's on hold while we make enough money to support it Project Mochi - a 2D platformer that is coming to many platforms also soon™. Actually active in development. Saturn Engine - a scratch-built, general-purpose and permissively-licenced video game engine with no software dependencies, for the Game Boy Advance. Currently on hiatus because I have a life. Trinity Software's website - a website that runs on Node 6 + Express, currently undergoing a facelift. Development is erratic but still active. The Cave of Origin - another Express Node proxied through Nginx, enduring an even bigger facelift as well. I haven't touched it in a week or two. Other than that, there really isn't much to show for. I have over 50 projects (counting private ones) on my GitHub, but I don't really consider those "active" by any stretch of the imagination. They're archived.
  4. Source So it seems Mr. Assange has been given another leg up on his journey out of the woods. Really excited to see this news, and I apologise in advance for not having a source from the MSM, surely a Tweet from the verified WikiLeaks Twitter should suffice for now. It's about damn time they drop the witch hunt already, IMO. But what do you think?
  5. I'm afraid I don't see the problem. What accents are present are pretty subtle, and people have worked with red + black with ThinkPads since the 1990s. Is it because it's targeted to gamers and that accent is therefore undesirable? Is plain matte black the new trend with gaming laptops or something? I really don't understand why things are so trendy, lol. Like I already said with ThinkPads, their aesthetic has hardly changed in 20 years. You would think we could come to a consensus on something that looks sharp for gaming and call it a day...
  6. That is one sexy beast! It better be made like a mithril dragon though, for that kind of price. Glad to see Lenovo rounding out their market grabs.
  7. If it's encrypted, you'll need to contact an Israeli cybersecurity firm and give 'em 7 figures or so. If not, I'd search around for hax.
  8. 'Tis a shame then. I thought we were discussing the above with the ability to break things down and perform problem solving already in-hand. My bad. ...seriously though, the whole "what about average users" is a fallacious proposition that works because nobody has come to a consensus on what an average user is and isn't, and therefore the person defending them can take advantage of that confusion and create an impossible scenario of trying to please all of the people all of the time - an "average user" could literally mean what I said above, to be frank. A world where we save everybody technologically speaking is imaginary... not even the glorious Windows intranets and Indian tech support can help all of those average users. That's not to say they don't make a damn good effort to do so, but I digress.
  9. Nice one, lol. That rabbit hole is so old, my gosh... what even is an "average user"? Seems like everyone likens them to someone paralyzed in a coma more or less... for their own convenience in debates.
  10. You're welcome to have unrealistic expectations, but it's not going to make much of a difference one way or the other unless you do something to fix it for yourself. That's pretty much my message.
  11. Either you have a problem with it and you try to solve it, or you're basically just bitching about nothing. Don't like Windows but need it for work? Why don't you like it? What are you going to do to fix it for yourself? There are countless potential solutions to that problem, from Spybot to network firewalling and from dual-booting to encrypted Linux installs... none of the solutions amount to sitting around and whining over it and expecting someone to fix it for you. You're not 5 anymore.
  12. Lol... you're really enjoying that Filet O' Fearmongering, don't ya? I think you give those people entirely too much credit. Or you severely discount the presence of our collective sanity in the equation. Or both. Either way, it's not helping the situation to our benefit, is it? Not too much.
  13. We’ve got some absolutely monumental plans for that, and month-by-month we iron out more details for it all. We’re going to do so much more than move him out here, believe me 😂
  14. and I’m with stupid! Got my Fuck You hat on too. #IgnorantAndProud