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  1. EA Shuts down Visceral Games

    Surprised I'm the first to say that Visceral Games has been... completely eviscerated, amirite? No? OK. As the founder of Arqadium, the last thing I would ever hope for is for our company to be acquired, by anyone, for anything. Don't people realise how disposable startups have become these days? It's so throwaway that a region's startup proliferation is often measured by how often a startup ends up executing its exit strategy. It's completely geared to be handed over to some big whig from the get-go, and they know it. Whatever happened to making a business with a lasting reputation?
  2. Show off your latest purchase!

    I'm out of options regarding the mouse. Wanted a wireless laser mouse in white, but apparently every one I've found sucks royal ass and ends up completely broken one way or another. To be fair, my fiancé bought this headphone, and since it arrived today I got to try it out. It blows away everything I've ever listened to before, including my 2.1 channel desktop sound system.
  3. How to stop caring about women?

    It sounds to me like you've much, much bigger fish to fry than your romantic prospects. The reason anyone on this planet ends up overweight, obese, and/or unhygienic is not because of spontaniety. Nobody looks like that because they want to. But they do because they have psychological issues that they're trying to cope with, and don't know how to deal with them or solve them effectively. We're not all master therapists, so it's not stupidity or ignorance that's to blame for this state of affairs really. Nonetheless, only you can start the process of helping yourself out of it all. You have to want it. And you, not anyone else, can take the first step to solving it, which is acknowledging whatever is really plaguing your psyche and destroying your self-esteem, keeping you down and pushing your living habits into the self-fulfilling prophesy of worthlessness. If you really want better than that, take advantage of the times that you're calm and look into yourself with complete honesty, and you may very well find the answer and can go from there. You won't stop caring about love interests for as long as you walk the Earth, so it's pointless to even try. It's how we're wired to behave, everyone has some degree of interest in pursuing human connection no matter what they may tell you. Do the sensible thing and find a way to help yourself up... you'll be surprised at how much easier the rest of the walk is. For everything I've said, I only speak from the experience of going through it. Much of my childhood can be quite accurately summarised as an oversheltered kid under the dominion of a mother who was too protective for my own good and made great strides in convincing all of modern society to go along with that protectiveness. Five years ago I went to start high school while living with my father 5 states away, and he was the antithesis to that. I till have residual defence mechanisms that always play out because of the trauma I endured back then, but over time I've learned to master it rather than be subject to its whims. I'm engaged, and while it's not all peaches and cream I'm happier than I ever was. I own a business, I'm well on my way to becoming a software engineer outright. We're moving to New York City and we're not going to stop until we've conquered the world man. Nothing is stopping you besides your own will and circumstance... and there is so much untapped power in people to manipulate the latter. It's up to you.
  4. LGBT community

    Welp, that's terrible. Sounds awkward... speaking of awkward things at work, I just got booked for an "Internal Meeting", except it's actually an invitation to the local ale house for our company's first anniversary. I'm not legal to drink.
  5. LGBT community

    If you like Comic Sans, I think you'll really like this Monospace font inspired by it. Especially if you're a programmer of any kind. I've always read your username as if it was missing an 'a' at the end, like it was supposed to be Jamaica or something... it may have something to do with the Apple rainbow in your pic resembling Jamaican colours. Just wanted to share. Wait, you don't work at Tesla anymore? Re: Mondays... I like Mondays because I'm off on them, consistently. I work Wednesdays though Saturdays with Fridays off too. Downside is, my paychecks suck.
  6. It’s not that simple, really. But honestly, streaming is neither here nor there. The security researcher discovered that Uber has read-write access to the phone’s frame buffer, meaning it can not just write to but also read from it. This is not justified by saying it’s for “background rendering” because if it was in the background, the frame buffer would be completely out of the picture. It’s a lie.
  7. Streaming is another thing that’s pretty much orthogonal to rendering. Give me a break.
  8. Access Violation Reading Loaction 0x00000000 in C

    Show us the full code. AFAICS operatorSymbol is undefined, which means it shouldn’t even compile.
  9. Yeah… my fiancé attended film school several years ago, and in his time there he learned that actors can be some of the most insufferable coworkers on the face of 21st century Earth. They get away with it because the movie needs them personally and they know it… they have long workdays which mostly consist of bullshitting because of slim recording windows for outdoor scenes – gotta have each shot of those fuckers look like it’s happening sequentially! That’s not even touching on all of the expensive amenities provided to them just to keep them happy so they don’t quit and fuck the movie all to hell.
  10. Absolute pile of horseshit. Any remotely professional software engineer you can find bloody well knows that all code in a codebase is going to be connected if it’s in use. If it isn’t, it would have been optimised out before it was deployed to the public. He’s motioning to remove it after claiming it was totally isolated? Basic logic can show that’s a lame attempt at a coverup. The second quote is just as nonsensical as the first: Rendering and recording are two completely different tasks in code, and some people may tell you they’re orthogonal, even. Maps don’t require “background rendering” because that’s not how rendering works; when you render something, you do so on demand. If it’s not literal graphical rendering and it’s really just analysing/compiling/optimising map data for the Apple Watch, then the recording functionality becomes completely without logic! Rendering tasks are not carried out by recording what’s already rendered to the viewport, because it would be terribly inefficient and therefore asinine in that way. It’s really anyone’s guess why on earth they are really implementing such invasive functionality, not disclosing any of it, and then pissing their pants when people find out about it. That’s the real question at this point: Why?
  11. Where do you put your phone when going out?

    A nice Moleskine genuine leather handbag with a hard plastic bottom (so it can freestand). Everything goes in there now. I bought it beneath the World Trade Center in my visit to New York City last week, and to me it’s worth every penny spent on it.
  12. Really going to need to reconsider buying from Lenovo for business machines. This is the icing on a cake made of mediocrity, delayed progress, and price gouging out the ass... and all I can say is I really tried. Their current models are a laughable waste of money because the ones they made three years ago trade blows for a fraction of the price. This laptop in particular is more of a half-assed, half-baked cocktease from them, demonstrating how massively disconnected they are from their clientéle by showing how clueless they are with what people cared about in the old IBM ThinkPads. Lenovo will flop.
  13. Finally, a day for us

    It's special as my last day in New York City. Leaving for the skies at 04:00 tomorrow morning... I'm really going to miss this city. If things go well, we'll move to Manhattan within a year, and start our business officially in the same place.
  14. Las Vegas Massacre

    Entertaining the debate about gun control in lieu of this shooting is just about standard these days. Seems like something every denizen worldwide can opine about in an effort to convince nobody of anything... I mean, if you're going to have pointless political theatre, at the very least you ought to make it about something interesting. Gun control? It's a dead horse, it's not changing at a drastically different rate and is not going to in the foreseeable future, and for those reasons it's one of the stupidest topics to think of regarding something like this. If you have any sense to speak of in politics, your objective is to convince others to believe what you want them to, and if your head is still screwed on straight after that revelation then you should be applying tactics to actually accomplish that. Setting aside your ego and putting the prospect before everything else is one of the most basic things any sales training course is going to tell you about... at the end of the day, that's exactly what we're doing. Selling merchandise, selling ideas, selling concepts, selling our person - selling means convincing someone to "buy into" whatever it is you're offering them. It's pretty fundamental when it comes to sociopolitics!
  15. Las Vegas Massacre

    Preach. Everyone is so insulated from others in the 21st century, in so many ways. Almost every major city in the US is built for cars and cars only, so people can stay in their vehicles, bubbled up with A/C to protect them from everything from smog to heat waves to shooters and whatever other facets of reality they want so badly to ignore. America runs, and keeps running and there's no end in sight. The second face of the issue is that the most visible people that are trying to "deal with it all" are only doing so out of motivation for extremist political ambitions. The key to fighting this polarisation is not to become polarised; it's to assert yourself in a way that isn't so reactive. A great example of what not to strive for is the Black Lives Matter poster hung two blocks down from Trump International Hotel... and I can personally attest to which place was more populated. Nobody seems to have a clue with communicating themselves convincingly anymore, and isn't this shooting just picturesque of that... If you want to empower yourself, the first step is to stop looking at yourself in relation to your environment, your culture, or other people in general. Strike a balance between being humble and not hanging your head around those with more status than you, and you are sure to come off positively to folks from all walks of life. Believe you have every ability to become great, and watch how quickly things become so.