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  1. Try that shoe on the other foot and tell me how well it fits, OK? 😉
  2. Here’s a Simpsons reference for ya: It’s all that’s really happening here in the long run.
  3. That’s pretty nice… reminds me of when I took out my high school crush when she decided to come down and visit after moving to Utah for sophomore year. Maybe it was more awkward for us then than it was for you 😂 yeah Today’s been a pretty good day too over here. Called back Mr. Mehul to touch base about my potential job, and he said he’ll definitely be sending me an offer today or tomorrow! It’s anyone’s guess how much I’ll be making… I could be making minimum wage and really be working towards a different job, or I could be bringing in $50+/hour like my father does teaching piano. In any case, I’ll be too busy with that fun stuff to be spending tons of time on the internet talking and all. After work, my fiancé, and my home life… well, there’s not a whole lot left to do really, haha 😅
  4. It doesn’t help anything when it’s like this, either. Nobody solves problems by coming onto the scene of a debate and feigning ignorance about what’s going on so they can bait people into rehashing the discussion, and then using inconsistencies between the two to beat down their opponent through that strawman. It’s about as helpful as people throwing the dictionary in my face about what words and concepts mean – it’s just mean and irrelevant. They know what I’m talking about but would rather correct me because it’s an easy way to counter my stance on things. Here’s something the more superior, evolved humans do in debates: Disagree with their opponent’s strongest points. This article from The Atlantic explains how it’s infinitely more progressive and helpful to deliberately take the difficult route towards dismantling your opponent’s ideas in a debate… and how it’s not so helpful for anyone to do the opposite. Found it on the philosophy subreddit several days ago. It’s some pretty good food for thought.
  5. You can bullshit yourself all day long, but nobody believes that but you guise. You want to talk a bunch of shit about how politically neapolitan the server is and immediately do a 180° and call me some accusatory “liberal” – are you high man? You don’t like it when I refute and disagree with the management, and your only recourse is to continue proving my point by being an intolerant fuckstick and act like I, personally, am “the problem”. You present no solutions whatsoever that don’t imply removing people you think are ‘toxic’, and well, what the fuck is that? Intolerance. You’re not kidding anybody but yourself, but hey! You’re more than welcome to spew shit until the cows come home. I ain’t gonna stop you from that. Oh, and another thing you seemingly forgot: evidence. Your claims of toxicity hold no value if they’re pulled out of thin air, so… maybe you could go and cherry pick some things I said that you think was ‘toxic’? I’d be happy to illuminate the surrounding context behind whatever you find that shows it’s pretty reasonable.
  6. I like how your entire argument is ad hominem and therefore a complete waste of time. Right back at ya.
  7. read up
  8. No, I thought about the word and constructed an understanding of the concept using all of the knowledge I’ve amassed over the years watching people socialise and play politics together. I understand it to be the thing that destroys discussions about ideas because everyone would rather discuss the people instead. Sorry, I was thinking for myself instead of reading a dictionary or watching YouTube commentaries. My bad.
  9. It’s better than just leaving the discussion to wither away… to a lot of people it’s not obvious what’s happening here. It hurts our collective ability to think critically when every opportunity for critique is turned on its head and thrown overboard by everyone but the most cynical and lossless types. We all lose with that.
  10. Two words: Identity politics. I don’t care about what you would personally do with Surface tablets, and you should care equally as much about what I would do with them. This isn’t about us, it’s about a discussion that was killed the moment it moved from DRM into nowhere land where no controversy ever happens ‘cause it’d require that we go around judging people to their faces. That’s a great way to kill a dialogue that has the potential to change how people look at things man. Seriously, stop caring about offending me or… holy shit, god forbid… you disagree. Don’t you understand that’s healthy in debates? That it’s necessary that people talk about stuff and not be a legion of yes-men?
  11. I don’t understand why every time somebody brings up controversial topics related to consumerism, that it’s inevitable the discussion migrates away from the ethics, morality, and overall philosophy of the topic into what you or I would personally do, or what our personal preferences are. 5 minutes ago nobody cared about that, and now that it’s the new thing to talk about there is no room to debate anything without ridiculing and judging people for their personal choices. I don’t even care about that; it’s beside the point. I’m not saying it’s your intention, but it grinds my gears that these days people don’t want to debate ideas anymore and would rather move the goalposts into identity politics so they don’t have to listen to opposing viewpoints. Ugh.
  12. Those devices are still shitty though… because they’re hardware tyrants. Locked down so you can only use Windows: you’re shit out-of-luck if you want anything else. I’m sorry… what?
  13. No, it’s Windows locked down and ported to ARM CPUs… or so I understand it. Probably makes it a lot less surprising that they let it flounder and die.
  14. AMD really has Ryzen. I’m still very excited to see things continue to change with this myself, ‘cause much of the market has to catch up still. Here’s to more market share taken in Q3!
  15. Are you the evil stud muffin

    1. themctipers





      only irl do I have two different personalities but you can't tell because they're both stupid