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  1. You're close. The big reason why relationships and marriages fail is a lack of serious commitment. If you can convince somebody that there are lines that can never be crossed for any reason, even if that reason is to solve a serious relationship issue out of mutual interest and love, then you're going to have a bad time because you can't fight for what you care about. Often you can even take that literally, imagining a case where someone has some serious social kinks in their chain and you're doing everything you can not to just grab them and get their attention. Oh, people don't like that, you can't go there no matter how much you care about them, because of society's stupid perception about spousal abuse and violence and how they can basically equate any kind of unwanted physical contact as tantamount to that. People who think that never happens in a long-lasting relationship have never had long-lasting relationships, so they don't know. Most of the time though people aren't struggling to contend with violence. Rather, the issue is usually that they're not willing to fight on any terms for the sake of their relationship, so any time their partner pleads to cross one of their lines through a conflict they're just going to put their nose up and say they're not going there. Those relationships are doomed to fail, because they are unable to solve problems outside their comfort zones and they refuse to allow that zone to be changed. As they age they end up with broken families, hangups over the fact that they have no continuity of their life narrative, and worst of all is that they can't acknowledge that it's their fault. The go-to is to find excuses and blame the other person, or blame no one (which is a lie most people struggle to buy). Yes, and Tinder is a pretty awful way to go about that if you're in college. I thought the great thing about socialisation in college is that you're physically near people and that makes it easier to find many people? It's like you're going on a diving expedition for rare fish, and you insist on using sonar to find stuff even though you could look right in front of you for catches, which are out there in spades.
  2. They tried that already, and it didn't work out for them because the internet's backbone is comprised of services from a handful of major companies (Google, Amazon, Microsoft, ...). The monopolisation of resources on the internet is a very serious and potentially grave concern for everyone, because it runs so much deeper than Reddit makes apparent.
  3. Yeah, and we're also private citizens and we may decide what's right or wrong as well. We're just as entitled to complain about them as they are to deny service, and you don't get to tell us otherwise any more than we can tell Reddit to knock it off.
  4. They don't like The_Donald. They don't have a good reason to convince everyone to get rid of it, so they do what they feel like and count on censorship saving them from their lack of reasoning. Censorship is all that saves them when they have no answer and no argument. It's a general problem on all kinds of websites, particularly popular ones like Reddit, Quora, YouTube, et cetera. You can read through every answer of a tempting question like this one and look at the vast majority of answers parroting the same lazy strawman where they reframe concerns about freedom of expression as a purely constitutional 1A issue so they can tell you all about how the constitution doesn't apply to businesses. It's not intelligent because the strategy is not to be intelligent, or win people over. It's to do whatever you want anyway and shut down all who oppose or disagree with you, and then you win.
  5. Haha, how pathetic of them. As if your prospects weren't awful enough as it is, Tinder's here to help add more complications to your already overwhelming social life that you're probably too young to understand and have no experience to help cope with! I don't see how this would help anyone in college to be happy or successful considering it's long-known to be the most ruthlessly impersonal route of connecting with people, and because it's useless without decent IRL social skills. But I can see how the colleges wouldn't pretend to care, since the money's more important for them anyway and in reality their days are numbered on the gravy train. All in all it's just another thing setting young folks up for failure while telling them it's how you get success. I wonder what the colleges will 1-up themselves with next...
  6. The company behind the adorably doomed robot Kuri is shutting down

    when you count on venture capital, venture capital can shitcan you... case in point. hopefully this is a lesson learned for them in self-sufficiency and personal relationships in the world of business, and they can do better from here with something new. but if they're the types who can't make things happen at $0 then they'll probably continue to flounder until they learn those 101s of entrepreneurship
  7. I don't believe him, and honestly the main reason for that is that his complaints, when put together, are all things he can latch onto as legitimate complaints for his upset, which he has no one (especially not Tesla) but himself to blame for. There may be more to the whole narcotics story, but I wouldn't hold my breath for that as people have become a lot more neurotic than they ever have before and this could be office hearsay on steroids by a subgroup of embittered employees. The surveillance claim is almost certainly nonsense and he's just latching onto that because of what he heard and thinks he knows, when he has technically no clue. What kind of router is going to intercept cellphone calls? It sounds like he's conflating that with signal jammers built into the building to make it sound as uncharitable as possible for Tesla. It's a really nasty mix of malice and ignorance, but if that's what he's doing with that story, what is he doing with the drugs story? The only thing out of whack here is him and his big conspiracy theory, Tesla and law enforcement are in total coordination apparently.
  8. I think you and I are talking about different aspects of their business. I'm commenting about the main purpose Fortnite, like all their games and products, serves to float them financially.
  9. Like the engine, Unreal Tournament doesn't command the sales that Fortnite does, and that's the gravy train Epic is riding here. Their overhead and investment relations prevent them from subsisting on those alone.
  10. Fortnite has its axe coming too, and Epic is well aware of this. It sucks for Hi-Rez Studios, but fact is Epic is playing the fad better than anyone else! My suggestion to them would be to make other games, perhaps not relying on a hype train commanded by their competition.
  11. DeepLocker: IBM PoC AI Powered Malware

    Antivirus is a joke, and this is a pretty excellent example of how unbelievably stupid it is. The antivirus isn't picking up on this because it's put inside a legitimate application. It's no merit of AI's that it can't detect it! Just AV being flawed as usual, nothing to marvel about at all, unlike the malware here. A good system for mitigating this, same as it is for mitigating all malware in general, is a system of trust enforced by cryptography. You can't sneak crap into software without someone knowing.
  12. Google records your location even when you tell it not to

    In any case, there's a lot more accuracy to be had than to the nearest 30 metres.
  13. Rumor: Intel has 14nm+++ CPUs on the way

    Does anyone Remember that once upon a time, Skylake was supposed to be the 10 nanometre part everyone was waiting for? Skymont? No? OK then.