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  1. busts in with jokes, hijinks and canned laughter~ Oh wait… wrong thread. My bad. Sorry. commits sudoku
  2. Lol, funny story actually… my paternal grandfather worked as a coal miner in West Virginia under that brief spell of prosperity. At first glance everyone thinks, “being a coal miner is dangerous work! This must be a special case,” or whatever they blather about because they never lived there and have a windowpane perspective of it all. My family is 100% rooted in West By God Virginia – we know what happened there, and it’s part of why there are next to no jobs to be had in WV to this very day. Back in the 60s, Elmer and all of his coworkers would congregate with the Union and decide at various times that they were going to get paid more, because… well, they thought they weren’t getting paid enough, damnit! The only justification they had was that their job was dangerous… it required no brains, all brawn. At the height of his coal mining career, my grandfather brought in over $100K annually in 2017 USD… that’s nearly double what I’d make as a Computer Scientist in this day and age, and you know it was absurd. On top of that he got gold star health insurance for him and his whole family, they had pretty much the whole nine yards when it came to employment benefits… dental, eye care, all of that fun premium stuff that you seem to think we all just deserve… Elmer had no incentive to work hard for any of that. A lot of the time they sat around on their fucking asses, jokin’ and smokin’ weed because what are you gonna do? Their employers were practically being tied up and fleeced because of Union power these stupid monkeys had. They didn’t know when enough was enough, and they didn’t care. That story ended with the coal industry pretty much capsizing, and laying off all of their miners little by little as they switched to an absolutely disgusting alternative… flattening the Appalachians with pure machinery. The point of this story is to illustrate the universal selfishness of what we’re dealing with in people. There is no safe assumption that everyone has an obligation to do “the right thing”, and as I’ve demonstrated, doing so would be disastrous for whatever scenario. Sorry man, but it hasn’t worked in the past, and it won’t suddenly start working in the future. People are simple, and they’re selfish. It’s best to mediate and control that instead of ignoring it or pretending it isn’t the case. Setting up benefits and insurances and paychecks out the ass “just ‘cause” is how you invert the relationship and enable the workers to exploit the companies… and that’s just as wrong as the companies exploiting the workers. You are not going to have anything besides some degree of these two extremes unless you moderate the reality of human nature here.
  3. This thread is about the defunct subsidiary of Micron, and is not to be confused with Lexmark, a Chinese printing and imaging company. Had to learn this the hard way 😅
  4. You presume much to think I care about morality in this. I don’t hold a stake in that nonsense… because everyone has a different definition of what it means, and those definitions seem to be everchanging as time goes on. There’s no reality in it, but I can understand how you’d like living in a fantastical world like that. Reality sucks sometimes. Reality check: the world doesn’t run on charity. You have to eat, you have to sleep somewhere. You probably want shelter. Either you’re paying for that through your own labour, or someone else is through theirs. Come back down from your ethereal plane for a second and recall that the world doesn’t run on morals… it runs on give-and-take relationships. Humans have a selfish inclination like all animals do, so naturally we’re out to get something decent for ourselves, some way, some how… inverting that relationship doesn’t make you magically more evolved or superior so you can go ahead and drop that notion too while you’re at it.
  5. I know what you’re talking about. I’ve seen relationships like that break at a moment’s notice with my parents… because they had no plan, they had no clue about each other’s psyche and therefore were stunned to find each other at odds the moment the power dynamic was inverted. It’s what most people deal with… but let me tell you, we’re not like most people. I rarely go out on a limb to say the truth like this, because everyone decries it as some kind of “well why don’t you prove it then bub” sort of mockery… but believe me when I say that him and I are very intelligent, and we have every intention of doing great things to the world in our lifetimes. While I hadn’t gotten to this point because of my age, my fiancé had contemplated suicide over a neverending existential crisis rooted in a total absence of intellect and understanding in his home country. He pushed through for a while because he believed that someone like me may soon be found, and eventually it happened… and now we’re together to go and do I-don’t-yet-know-what… because I’m still trying to find out who I am too. It’s really difficult to define your existence’s meaning when you’re like this – most people either don’t even bother and just drift through life, or if they do try to anchor themselves it’s over something really superficial like a big career or lots of money or whatever. But regardless… what I’m saying is that this is different. I’m certain that I don’t need to worry about things like that, because he is not a malicious person and neither am I. I’ve dated malicious people in the past; I know what it looks like. It’ll be fine. Thanks 😄
  6. No. Other thread was invalid, got moved out of TN&R.
  7. Why the hell do you think my fiancé would ever think of doing something like that to me? Do you realise we’re betrothed? That we trust each other more than anyone else? He’s not some friends-with-benefits here, man. It’s not like that, and it’s never been like that.
  8. Oh yeah, I’m sure national governments all just function on low-frequency, idiotic wavelengths like that. I mean, there isn’t a gargantuan power curve or anything in the path of becoming leadership, or any competition for power and control to speak of… nah, they’re all idiots of course. 🙃
  9. Source: I can also personally confirm the existence of these files… I’ve seen it going around. Since it’s been circulating around a lot more easily than any software, I’ve run into and decided to upload the aforementioned NoE form as proof of the €880 price point since it does not include any notices of confidentiality that I can discern. It is not close to ¥50K; as it turns out it is a lot more costly… at least in Europe. Personally, I’m a little let down by the apparent price jump… and for most people the SDK is useless and purportedly illegal anyway… though I think it’s illegality is on civil grounds of copyright. Nobody here has broken an NDA AFAIK. NOE_Pre-order_Form.pdf
  10. Always imagined broken printers and devices that don’t work. It’s probably for the best that they go ahead and kill the name.
  11. The lack of empathy in this narrative is astounding… just wow. So you would totally have the same righteous stance in their shoes, right? You going to stand up as CEO and say Google needs to bring an end to the err of its ways, and be more competitive, and give workers more for less, and be environmentally friendly… because why? You’d run Google into the ground with that moralistic crap, man. Businesses aren’t charity fronts, nor are they sociopolitical organisations meant to cater to popular interests. You’d be thinking of your government.
  12. It is an error to say FORTRAN without wearing a blue tie. 😜
  13. Here’s another gay photo for your collection: Don’t think I posted it here before… but it’s on a few Discord guilds.
  14. I like supporting underdog manufacturers when it comes to SSDs and similar tech… so I hope companies like Plextor take the call and take advantage of this.