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  1. As for the public uses this brings, well... that's an evolutionary cul-de-sac if I ever saw one. The more paths losers can find to avoid being sociable enough to have a relationship involving children, the less children they'll end up having. Good for us with sense, in the long run at least. As for the high-profile implications this brings, well... I think @LAwLz covered that pretty completely. I've been saying this for a year at this point: the rate of technological advancement has surpassed the rate of our species' development. Stupid behaviour is coming out in droves, because many people can't be sensible about the possibilities it brings. This will bring about a completely new kind of natural selection, and the big question is, "will it work?" By the way, just an aside about Elon and his anti-AI movement: It's so politically motivated it's dumbfounding. People need to understand that he's at best terribly misguided, that there is no regulating artificial intelligence after a point, and that forcing such a thing regardless is going to blow up in our faces if worse comes to worse. If AGI is for all intents and purposes going to be 'human', then what he's proposing is nothing short of total slavery and oppression of something that can think and feel all the same as we do. And if AGI is to quickly transform into ASI, it's likely to be a factor in whether or not it will destroy us or immortalise us. Because he's so afraid of AGI, he's telling everybody we should just corral it, which is about as sensible as holding a shit until it kills you.
  2. Just hit me how Merkle trees work, and it's not as complicated as I thought! I'm studying cryptography to build a special kind of blockchain.


    Gotta keep learning at this rate, and before long I'll have a solid understanding of everything I need.

    1. 8uhbbhu8


      Aren't you also creating a game?!! Damn your really branching out :P I want to follow this creation of yours!

  3. LGBT community

    Bruce Lee is nice too.
  4. LGBT community

    My husband and I went downtown to a nice restaurant that plays jazz. Seating was a little scarce, but we got two chairs at the bar and things were chill. I gotta say, the holidays really do make Saturday nights busy.
  5. Process Doppelganging: a new type of malware

    I thought it was called ReFS?
  6. Process Doppelganging: a new type of malware

    All-encompassing antivirus is asinine, for this reason exactly. If your system is so badly designed that third-party software is supposed to fix it, you need to redesign it completely. Bullshit it’s not a vulnerability, it’s not something that’s hotfixable and there’s a world of difference.
  7. Process Doppelganging: a new type of malware

    So it’s not a vulnerability because it’s unfixable? How is that a reasonable conclusion? If it isn’t fixable, it should be demonstrable on other systems besides Windows, because so far this reads less like an attack concept and more like a bad design flaw in Microsoft’s flagship file system. There really needs to be a better explanation of this.
  8. What are you asking for for the holidays?

    Was going to ask for something cool from my new in-laws, but being a Westerner I was quick to forget that they don’t celebrate Christmas. No big deal, ‘cause they already bought me a ThinkPad X1 Yoga anyways ΧD My husband and I would like to build Hetepsenusret with all-white components (note the case with three sides as glass), and have it running two unRAID VMs in tandem, with peripherals available across the house via DP/USB, and RDP/X11 tunneling for use with thin clients anywhere in the world. I don’t think that will happen for Christmas though ΧD I would just like to enjoy the holidays at home with him. After Christmas, my mother in-law will be coming to visit our house, and our friend TOMMY from Jersey will be tagging along with his husband Michael, and my stepfather in-law will be present too. They would like to have us all go to San Francisco I think, but we’ll see how it all pans out!
  9. off topic: how you deal with spontaneous changes?

    Contingency plans, on top of contingency plans, on top of contingency plans, ... We don't put total reliance in anyone or anything, and pretty much everything that we don't have a passionate drive to do or get is bought at the behest of a contingency plan at some level or another. Doing this minimises the effect of people attempting to screw you over, which happens often in life.
  10. LGBT community

    Y'know, when you live as a centrist, you end up watching whatever political spectrum you're in oscillate back and forth between the wings, and it's very noticeable because the labels for your opinions will change, sometimes drastically, even though your perspective hasn't all that much. Really makes you think about how much of it is just humdrum and fanfare at the end of the day. I normally don't care to waste my time with it because it's virtually guaranteed to lead you to the corner of No and Where in a big fuckin' hurry. So rather than caring about politics, I'm having the time of my life instead! Today I got married, and it's almost unbelievable to me for some moments. I don't know why, but it's not long until I just feel normal again, because I had pretty much no anxiety about tying the knot at all. Pretty stark contrast to the work ordeal I had panic attacks over last month. Our hands, in wedlock:
  11. LGBT community

    Alright, we're all suited up and ready to ride. The dress code is Business Maximum Synergy Limit Break Overformal everyone!
  12. LGBT community

    Oh hey, what a surprise! They're all already here, look we took a photo!! ...yep, that looks like everyone! 😄
  13. LGBT community

    Well, today's the day to get married. December 7th, 1941, a day which will live on in infamy! ...or nevermind, that's Pearl Harbor. But hey, it's historically special for other things too! We entered not just one but both world wars, and not only was Cicero assassinated on this day but the Blue Marble photo of the Earth was taken as well, on the last Apollo moon mission in 1975. and then, well y'know... there's us two. We have about 3½ hours until we need to be at the courthouse, at which my boss and (hopefully) my mother, aunt, and friend Kris will be attending.
  14. LGBT community

    speaking of Nintendo execs and friends, my fiancé and I have been planning a fake blockchain currency video since we began joking about it the other day. We're going to have me pose as the close friend of the software developer mastermind behind it, named Satoshi Miyamoto, and I’m going to get my old shitty suit that has entirely too much stripes and make myself look like an Ancient Aliens level asshat during the interview. We're going to do some footage of Central Park as well and pretend it's totally a remote wilderness in the mountains of Japan, and one of us will bandage ourselves up like Hideo Kojima did for MGS5 as the mastermind's personal appearance, with a bad accent and all. The currency is called the PokéDollar, and the idea behind the name is that Satoshi liked Pokémon growing up so why the fuck not right? We really wanna try to keep everything tongue-in-cheek and not break character at all, to make it as funny as possible and possibly piss off the more gullible folks because they thought it was serious. It's much funnier that way imo.
  15. LGBT community

    they’re not rescues, but we have kittens who are about the same age @WhiteJaguar77. At this point we’re pretty sure they’re all girls, except for Threesret (the gold duster), who is a boy.