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  1. safe = good temperatures under load (below 80C) So don't push the voltage too high so you don't get much over 80C
  2. Yea I contacted my isp and they fixed it somehow.
  3. overclocking

    Idk who your friends are or what card they have but +200 on a mem clock is pretty decent and normal. Kinda depends on the card idk about the 1050ti. Increasing voltage will make it more stable. So try that if people are getting higher numbers than you.
  4. High end pc but low fps in CSGO

    try 'fps_max 0' in console
  5. GTX 1060 3gb, i5-7400 8gb DDR4 ram Over clocking help

    Also after you get a new power supply check out this video. It should help you.
  6. GTX 1060 3gb, i5-7400 8gb DDR4 ram Over clocking help

    You can overclock your gpu if that is what you are talking about. Not your cpu. I would get a better power supply regardless of weather you are overclocking or not. That isn't really adequate wattage and since you didn't list the brand name and the wattage is so low im guessing it isn't very high quality at all which as @frozeNNN said isn't very safe.
  7. cant open file

    You can use 7zip and right click on it. You can then go down to 7zip and then extract files to a destination folder or extract it in the current folder.
  8. Cant see parts of my screen

    Also maybe try installing your graphics card driver if you haven't already.
  9. Cant see parts of my screen

    Press F11 are you in fullscreen mode?
  10. Cant see parts of my screen

    right click desktop>display settings> and see what the recommended resolution is
  11. Cant see parts of my screen

    check the resolution
  12. Is my CPU running too hot?

    95C is way too hot. Make sure your cpu cooler is on all the way and thermal paste is applied properly.
  13. GPU usage up and down in Overwatch

    without oc
  14. It used to run really well until recently i have been getting some serious stuttering. My overclock has been stable for over 6 months without a problem. Anyone know what would cause this?
  15. Should I upgrade or rebuild?

    A 1070 is a huge difference compared to a 470. It would be a much better upgrade than the ram especially since ram is so expensive rn. But you should be able to fit both in your budget. You typically want to have the same timings on the ram as well as the same brand to avoid difficulties.