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  1. Trydar

    Intel Core i7 5820K Giveaway

    the wan show is never late, it starts precisely when it means to...
  2. Trydar

    Mechanical Keyboard Club!

    I got my ducky dk2108s zero blue led, mx red switch keyboard a few hours ago, and wow... this thing is pure awesomesauce! I thought Slick was just being a hipster about these but I decided to give it a try and im hooked now! =D
  3. there is no ones opinion on tech matters I trust more than Linus or Luke, big grats on the 1 million sub mark to you and your team =D
  4. not sure on budget, would pay more for something good tho cause im keeping it for years as a phone and even longer until it dies. maybe 500 tops. I take care of my stuff and kind of want something nice tho. what is the size range on these things? I dont think size is a make or break option for me, unless were talking 80's cell phone size heh. something in blue would be nice too, but I can deal with basic black or brushed aluminum. carrier is at&t. anyone have a handy list of what carriers support what phones? it must have 20gb+ storage room for me to even consider it. I have a lot of music and audio recordings I want to put on it and not have to switch things out because its out of space. my stereo does not have wireless, just an aux jack, so the phone must have one of those too. hope that answers the questions =)
  5. currently have iphone 3 (not s), carrier at&t. just about every new app I want to put on it wont work anymore (shakes fist at apple) ive reluctantly began to rely on this thing a lot over the past few years, so its about time for a new one, and im open to all suggestions cause I honestly don't know where to start. here is what I do with it: phone calls, duh camera check emails check weather occasional web browsing ipod in truck, must have jack port alarm clock sleep cycle alarm app stopwatch and countdown timer listen to lectures in bed before sleep, things I want to do but cant: fitness and calorie counting apps instagram drag and drop music and never use itunes again better camera need about 20gb of space minimum, only have 8 now tricorder (kidding) so yeah, suggest me a new phone please guys. bear in mind my needs, the carrier (if that matters still) and that ill be keeping it for at least 3 years. im not tied to the apple phone ecosystem either, I just want the thing to work and do everything I need without being overly obnoxious to use.
  6. I have a cooler master v6 gt cpu cooler. im kind of afraid of a water cooler and prefer fans. ill do some research on the r9, I didn't think the gpu was the weak link in my system tho my ssd is 150 gb, it was the biggest one I could afford at the time. have a 2tb data drive also, but I need another one that just handles fraps raw footage. I have vegas pro 12, im not sure if it can use the gpu for rendering or not. I always meant to double the ram but ive been putting that off until the price came down. I couldn't paste in my full spec list cause for some reason ctrl v doesn't work here? and the little paste buttons above don't work either..
  7. I generally get a new system every 4ish years anyway, so about this time next year. the only thing that's unsatisfying about my current rig is that I feel it struggle to record games at times, specially minecraft, and the video render times seem rather long. I just wonder if its my hardware or if its fraps+minecraft/random game software that is struggling, and new hardware wouldn't make an obvious difference. btw you can find me on youtube under trydar9k for an example of whats currently the main focus of my rig. no ads on it, don't sub unless you actually want to. im not sure about my cpu either, id love to get some i7 hyperthreading for my video rendering, but I also need a super strong core for minecraft. and I don't know enough about that to know what would be the best choice to balance both. ive pondered moving most of the parts to a new case with a few select upgrades instead too, but since the OS is so tied to the motherboard I feel very limited by that and win 7 is my new xp and I wont change that again for many years.
  8. so im pondering upgrading from my current system, but I don't know if its worth it just yet. I could use a few opinions from people more in the know about hardware than I am. current system specs: eh, why cant I paste anything, that's just annoying... ok super short, non-detailed spec list then: cpu - i5 2500k 3.3ghz ram - 8gb ddr3 1600mhz gpu - gtx 660 ftw 3gb evga hdd - intel ssd mb - gigabyte g1.sniper2 z68 psu - 850w corsair os - win 7 64 home what I do with it: vegas video editing and rendering for youtube (takes way too long) fraps / video game recording (I want better render distance and chunk loading speed for minecraft) mc edit (minecraft map editor, massive memory hog) occasionally civ5, eve, kerbal space program, wow and sim city. im not a first person shooter guy at all and I don't play any of those games you benchmark for. and the usual watching youtube, twitch and general internet surfing among other things that are fine like they are. system is 3 years old, I built it before I started doing anything on youtube and in minecraft. it holds up well enough, but the performance is not where I would like it to be and rendering videos takes far too long. I run 2 monitors, 1920x1200 and the other one is my 32" tv. I don't need any new peripherals. my question is, if I built a newer system would the things I do be improved in a significant way or not? my other option was get another 8gb of ram and wait another year. im not really sure where the bottleneck is in my current system tho. ive been looking at pcpartpicker and some of the popular system builder configurators to get an idea of whats current now and I just don't know if its that time or not yet. what I might upgrade to would be something like this: cpu - i7 4790 3.6 ghz ram - 16gb ddr3 2133 mhz gpu - gtx 760 or 770 mb - asus something budget would be around 1500 usd. im not settled on anything yet, hense my post here looking for some guidance. =)