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  1. Panasonics GH5 is a good option or a Sony A6500 or A7s ii (maybe worth waiting for an A7 s iii that probably will drop in the coming 6 months)
  2. I’d probably chose Sony instead if you want a step up in both video and images. The GH5 is probably great at images, but it is probably no where as good as the 6D considering its a Fullframe vs a m4/3. It really depends what you are most focusd on and what budget you have. The A7r ii is said to work well with Canon EF lenses AF wise with a Sigma Mc-11 adapter for example (and has good video features). Same goes for the a6300 and a6500 which both are well suited for video. (1080p 120fps, 4k 30fps, XAVC-S and log profiles) The GH5 is very good for video yes, but I think it lacks quite a bit on the photo and AF side compared to the Sony’s imo.
  3. Lenses for the LG V20?

    Well, tbh either try to attacth one for a different model or get antother phone. (I get this probably isn’t an option but tbh things like this barley exist for phones that isn’t considered flagship models or used by a lot of people. And LG phones in general is pretty dead. Barley anyone buys them which = noone makes acessories for them as there is no money to be made.)
  4. Chris Burkard or Jimmy Chin has some amazing images and are well known names that work for large brands and magazines like Natgeo
  5. Best Lense for a6300

    Really in your budget the 18-105G f/4 is the best lens for what you want. Its sharp and got a great zoom range that works well for everything from landscapes to portraits (not super shallow DOF ones but still, you will get great images with it). Then I’d buy the 35 1.8 prime lens down the road. It got OSS if I’m right, if that doesn’t matter I’d rather look at the Sigma 30 1.4 or Sigma 60 2.8 if you preffer a longer lens. (which is soo cheap and I love it so much. It is an amazing lens. Best buy I have ever done) If you want to get FF glass you will have to shell out a lot more. But lenses like the FE 50 1.8, 28 f/2 and the Samayang 35 f/2.8 are great options that are decently priced.
  6. Ryzen 7 for 4K video editing?

    Its not usless at all even if he doesnt have a 10bit panel as there is much more latitude in the file when grading compared to a 8bit one. Thats like saying 14bit raw (image) files is a waste of space/time unless you have a 14 bit monitor which is just ridicilous.
  7. Best camera for beginner for now?

    The G7 is a good camera. Otherwise it is the Sony a6300/6500 if we are looking at something somewhat close to your budget. The only Full frame option I'd look at is the A7s ii or a cinema camera. Because as far as I know all others do a sensor crop and lack other video features. But this camera comes at a very hefty price compared to the A6300 which is a very good body imo.
  8. Camera?

    What budget?
  9. Old Glass

    Already got myself an Nikkor 50 1.8 in excellent condition. A ~35 1.8 or ~85 1.8 could work if it is well priced. Also looking at the Voigtländer Super wide 15mm 4.5 for the Leica M mount. Found it for 300USD. The question is if I will find it more useful than say a faster Samyang ultra wide as the 12mm f/2 or 16mm f/2
  10. The lens and metabones was just a exeample of how he could use it later on. For purley video the m4/3 is a decent system to invest in as the GH5 exist as a way to upgrade to. But if he is anything serious about video I personally would go the route with Sony and adapt Canon EF lenses. That way you get the video features of Sony and the ability to move to either say a Cxx series camera and keep your lenses. However since OP's has a low budget I'd still reccomend the G7 as it has a lot of good video features already built in. And he has a shit load of options lens wise as it is a mirrorless system and he can basically chose whatever he wants. Canon are good, but for purley video I would not go that route. And 4K is actually quite usable in real world scenarios. Not to export in 4K but it gives you a lot of freedom in post to scale, stabalize and so forth without sacrificing 1080p quality.
  11. He could easily adapt Canon lenses to his G7 though. The same with other high quality cinema glass made by Zeiss for example. And if he mainly does video the AF performance won't matter too much. The G7 paired with a metabones speedbooster and a Sigma 18-35 1.8 is a sick setup for some pretty high quality content. I see your point though but I don't think it nessecearly means he has to go with a Canon body.
  12. I'd say its the best deal you would get tbh in that price range. The Panasonic m4/3 has plenty of lenses to choose from later down the road aswell.
  13. Old Glass

    I've been looking to get something like an old MF 35 or 50 1.4 lens but I can't decide which one I would like. The Canon FD 50 1.4 seems very popular. But basically I have been looking for a fast "wide" prime that would be used for portraits for example. But I'm not willing to drop 500US+ for a native Sony lens as I don't do portraits that often. Got any reccomendations please tell me.
  14. Drone vs DSLR

    The D7200 brings wifi and provides better video features than D7100, thats why I'd reccomend looking at that if possible. And I agree the D5600 probably got better video but personally I would not value that higher than the "high end" features that the D7xxx series have. If video is important I would not even go for Nikon but Canon instead, like you said.
  15. D5300 vs D3300

    I'd probably go for the D5300 as its slightly more of a camera to "grow" into. Especially since you already had the accessories you needed.