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  1. You got some good points. The capture clip may be good but I'm a bit afraid it may get in the way when doing high clips when on the rock. For just hiking it seems very nice. The largest lens I would ever get would be a 70-200 f/4. And a 24-70 2.8 is not planned. My ideal kit is really two primes and a 70-200 f/4 for the low weight and "small" size. Swinging around a pack when haninging on a rope works decently howver. Just ask your belayer to take home and then you can sit down and just hang. The rope is usally not too much in the way. Now if I were to get some sofisticated inserts what would I look at as there seems to be hard to find a regular camera pack to fit my needs. I have two now where one is horrible because it takes too long to acces and the other has to weak velcro so it doesn't hold together good enough when you drop a heavy lens in it.
  2. If I were to look at proper bags I'd look at something like these: https://www.mammut.com/p/2510-03931-5611/trion-light-50/ https://www.mammut.com/p/2510-03280-5611/trion-felsturm/ http://eu.blackdiamondequipment.com/en_SE/climbing-packs/speed-zip-33-pack-BD681181_cfg.html#start=21 https://arcteryx.com/ca/en/shop/cierzo-28-backpack With these ones I'd need some kind on insert of some sort. I guess there is a pain to reccomend anything to me as I'm quite specific and picky on what I want (maybe don't even exist) but I do appreciate the differenr views and opinions on how I could go about this. And @AkiraDaarkst the mindshift one you linked seemed pretty good (except for the color heh..) but I don't know if it is worth almost $400 of course I will need to pay a lot but that one seemed to push it for what I would get, at least for my usecases.
  3. I'm well aware I have to spend quite a bit, but thats also why I want to do proper research and try to find the best setup. But if I spend hundreds on climbing gear/ropes (and things like a jacket for $400 on sale..) its not more than right that I get a proper bag too.
  4. I looked at the mindshift ones, they may have one or two that may work. The most are however a bit "boxy" and not so streamlined, like most camera backpacks. I have defentivly though about getting a proper mountaineering/climbing pack, that may even be my main choice but if I go that route I need tips on what inserts to get and how to keep it efficent. The kit needs to be easy to adapt to different situations. If I'm out climbing I want to access it quickly (why wrapping the gear in clothes wont work, not organized enough) but if I'm just on a day hike I have plenty of time to set up and find my gear. And yes right now my camera is a A6000 but I have plans on moving to FF as soon as I finish high school. I can link some examples of what I'm looking for and maybe someone know a good way to configure it or maybe there exist some brand I have missed that makes packs similar to that but for photographers.
  5. Hello, I need some help finding another photography backpack. Not sure if this is the place to ask as I have some pretty heavy requirements. Firstly, this backpack is not going to be just for photography gear, I will need to carry other things too as it will be used for day hikes, climbing and alpine ascents. This means I don't need a generic photography backpack but rather a good system with photoinserts or smart small bags that fit well into a backpack. So, I can understand if you guys maybe don't have any good backpack reccomendations but maybe at least some for photo inserts or other creative ways to keep the gear safe. But if you are good on backpacks this is a list of features I need/want: ~30-35 liters lightweight good support system, I'd preffer some small metal frame of some sort Possibility to attach skiis (not super neccesary but defentivly nice) Places to put ice picks Way to fit a tripod but that should probably work where you put your skiis so that is not too much of an issue. Easy way to store a climbing rope on the top of the bag Now I expect to use this bag for several years so I need a solid one. For rock climbing it will be used quite a bit, ice climbing and alpine acsents not as much but I defentivly plan to do some in the coming years. The same goes for skii touring and off-pist skiing. It will also be used for regular day hikes in the woods or mountains. What gear I will carry will differ but camera gear it should fit is a Sony mirrorless body + 2-3 lenses. One "small" tele, one small prime, one wide angle. We are not talking gigantic 1.4 primes or 2.8 tele zooms. One travel tripod aswell however that one may depend on what I'm doing. Other gear I will have to carry will be some extra clothes, food and quite a bit of climbing/skii equipment but thats why I opt for a 30-35 liter bag. What I'm willing to pay depends quite a bit if I feel its a good deal or not. But I don't expect to get anything like this for cheap. Just give me suggestions and I will have to see if there is a good deal but also hunt around on sales and so on. Thats how I find most good outdoor gear, spend 1-2 months searching for tye best deals or waiting for things to come on sale. I know some may suggest F-Stop gear bags and yes, I'd love one. But I've heard they are a pain to get your hands on and really I feel a specialized climbing pack and inserts maybe is a better value or is better made. Thanks in advance if anyone has a good idea or tip for a config like this. Its not really the usual config people want/search for but a regular camera bag won't cut it, and I already own a nice "walk around the city bag"
  6. Make a wordpress site with a portfolio preset. Pretty damn easy
  7. But for what program, look at older Sony Vegas versions? I kinda liked it however I preffer Premiere Pro now that I've gotten used to it.
  8. A few hours for 90 seconds on content is not too long tbh if we are talking some serious effects work and so. Sure of you edit a lot you get faster but its all the little details that take so god damn long. I know people that literally spent an entire month on a few miniutes edit for games.
  9. Naah, or well everything depends on what you are used to but an Sony A6000 will probably be better as it has on sensor Phase Detection while the G7 only got Contrast as I get it. For more serious video work I'd pull focus manually on a G7 and probably on the A6000 too, kinda depends on the scene.
  10. The G7 has better video features but lacks in sensor size but if it is to be used mainly for video I'd chose the G7
  11. A used Sony A6000 fits most of those things. However an AC adapter is not always so cheap, just saying. So that will add to the price a bit. Otherwise I'd bet on that one.
  12. It looks like a regular VHS tape doesn't it? Or is it something else? How to convert it to digital is another thing though.
  13. Since you are not invested in any system I'd say the Sony system is the clear winner for your usecases. The A7rii provides high resulution stills and the A7sii provides good video and log profiles. Maybe ditch the A7sii for a A6500 however if you don't need the FF sensor as you will get sharper 4K and faster AF on that one. (Downsampled 6K video makes the 4K look better on the A6500) The Sony's have a lot more video features over the Canon part and if you are willing to invest in Sony and its lenses I'd pick Sony everyday. There is only two areas where I'd maybe chose Canon instead and that is if you do sports where you need very long tele lenses or wildlife photography. The A9 will cover all the AF problems Sony cameras have had before in the sports category however there is still a lack of long teles like a 400mm. If you are wondering about IQ on the cameras well, Canon is quite obvious they produce sick images. However I'd just take a stop by Chris Burkards website (http://www.chrisburkard.com/Stills/Adventure/) and you will be sold on the image quality of the Sony cameras. Really between any of these kits the photographer will be the one that makes an image/video awesome or not tbh.
  14. The A5100 and the others are not really in the same catagory..if you are looking at mirrorless in that budget I'd look at the Sony A6000 instead. Maybe a used Fuji XT-1 if you can find one but the AF on that one will be worse, but probably not that noticable unless you compare them side by side.