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  1. Newegg_Support

    Newegg return policy experience?

    Hello, To answer your question, every item has its own return policy, and return timeframe. I would be happy to look into your situation specifically. When you get a chance, send an email to wecare@newegg.com and be sure to include your sales order number, and a brief reference to this post. I look forward to hearing back from you. -Derek [Newegg Support]
  2. Wait do you actually work at Newegg or are you just some person wanting to help?


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    2. Spotty



      Dictionary result for affiliate

      noun: affiliate; plural noun: affiliates
      1. 1.
        a person or organization officially attached to a larger body.
    3. iLostMyXbox21


      I know what the word means, I just didn’t know if it meant that he worked for them or not, there are more than one companies and he could work for Linus, just helping out by being support for Newegg 

    4. Den-Fi


      In LTT terms the "Industry Affiliate" role generally means the person generally works for or is affiliated with the company so that you know anything they do or say is influenced.

  3. Newegg_Support

    Mexican newegg sucks

    Hello, Sorry to hear there were issues with your recent order. I would love to look into it further. Send me an email to wecare@newegg.com with your sales order information, and a reference to this post. I look forward to hearing from you. Kindly, Derek [Newegg Support]
  4. Newegg_Support

    Help with MSI Rebate form

    Hello Darchitect, That is correct. The UPC that you cut out needs to be taped to the form. Kindly, Rudy[Newegg Support]
  5. Newegg_Support

    Help with MSI Rebate form

    Hello Darchitect. They want you to tape the UPC to the form in the location of the box. I would also advise to make copies of everything that you submit to the rebate company for your records. I hope this was helpful. Kindly, Rudy[Newegg Support]
  6. Newegg_Support

    Rebates from newegg advice

    Hello A Random Dude, I do apologize about any miscommunications regarding the rebates. As I stated previously, the rebates are offered and honored by the manufacturer as an incentive to purchase their products. We do not handle the rebates nor do we handle the distribution of funds. The return time frame for products is usually 30 days depending on the item. For issues with a product beyond the first 30 days, you would need to contact the manufacturer. Typically, most products never encounter any issues and it is safe to submit a rebate since a consumers intention is not to return the item after they have purchased it. For this reason I advised testing the product for functionality prior to submitting the rebate. I hope this was helpful. Kindly, Rudy[Newegg Support]
  7. Newegg_Support

    Rebates from newegg advice

    Hello A Random Dude, Removing the UPC will void the return policy. But you will still be able to reach out to the manufacturer for warranty assistance in the case of a malfunction. I would advise for you to make sure to test your products prior to cutting out the UPC and applying for the rebate. Kindly, Rudy[Newegg Support]
  8. Newegg_Support

    Rebates from newegg advice

    Hello A Random Dude, The rebates are provided by the manufacturer as an incentive to purchase their items. You would need to follow their instructions in order to qualify for the rebate. You would first need to pre-register online. Once registered you will need to print out the rebate form and attach all original documents. This means cutting out the UPC as well. I would advise making copies of everything you submit for your records. You will also need to mail the rebate form and requested documentation to the manufacturer as well as pay for postage. I hope this information was helpful. Kindly, Rudy[Newegg Support]
  9. Newegg_Support

    Newegg / Newegg Customer Service Review

    Hello there! I am sorry to hear this but I would be happy to assist. Please send a private message with your order information and please refer this post! Looking forward to hearing from you! Thank you, Nicholas [Newegg Support]
  10. Newegg_Support

    Newegg first computer purchase

    Hi there, @SnippyLongDroppings! Thank you very much for bringing this up to our attention. I sincerely apologize for any troubles that this may have caused for you. Please send us a private message with your order details and reference this post. I'd be more than happy to further assist you! Thank you! Ernie [Newegg Support]
  11. Hi Ginger, I'm sorry for the issues you're having with our e mails. When time permits please send us a private message with your account information so I can take a look further into this for you. Thank you, Louis [Newegg Support]
  12. Newegg_Support

    Open Box Monitor On Newegg

    Hello Itz.Flowers, When it comes to open box items, they are actually sold as is. Not to be confused with refurbished items. This may or may not include accessories and unfortunately sometime they are missing from open box items. I just wanted to give you a fair warning before you purchase the item. If the power adapter is missing you may use a compatible generic power supply but I personally would advise against that since they are not rated by the manufacturer and may cause power issues that could damage the item. Additionally open box items are not covered by the manufacturers warranty unless otherwise specified. In any case there is still a return policy for open box products. I hope this was helpful. Rudy[Newegg Support]
  13. Newegg_Support

    Good motherboard for R5 2400G?

    Hey John, I'm so sorry you feel that way, and if you were treated with poor customer service. I can assure you that's not our intention. If this was in regards to a recent order experience, please feel free to send us a message with your feedback. Even if it wasn't account or order related, I would like to see if there's anything we can do to help turn your view around. Thank you, Louis [Newegg Support]
  14. Newegg_Support

    newegg no refunds?!

    Hello there, I do see that you are interested in a return and would be happy to assist you. As long as the item is unopened I can set up a return for a refund. Please reach out to us by sending a private message or an email to Wecare@newegg.com with a reference to this post. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Nicholas [Newegg Support]
  15. Newegg_Support


    Hi there! If you have any questions or concerns, we're always willing to assist first and make sure were taking care of you. You can always send us an email at wecare@newegg.com and we'd be happy to hear from you! -Ellia