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  1. Kibelok

    Are Wireless Mice ACTUALLY Faster??

    I loved the video but you guys missed a TON of opportunities, like: Testing with different types of mousepads, with different surfaces, such as Logitechs Powerplay, Artisan Shidenkai, Madcatz Glide 38, Steelseries Qck and etc. (maybe this is why u cant reach 1ms?) Testing with different DPIs, 400 and 800 (used by most CSGO pros), then 1600, 3200 and up. Testing microstutter using different Polling Rate. Yes it does make a huge difference using 1000mhz polling rate and you can actually see it. Testing different games.
  2. Kibelok

    The New Mac Pro…

    Great video. The monitor is, like people said, very well priced for what you get. The stand will probably be the least purchased thing since very few people use it. But now the Mac Pro itself, THAT is a lot of money. The below 16-core version should NOT exist and it should've come with Epyc CPUs, it shouldn't be more than $30k for a full spec. I guess Apple is indeed just not caring about pricing the Mac Pro at all.
  3. Kibelok

    NVIDIA's Big Middle Finger to Apple

    As a 3D Artist, I still haven't found a laptop that can comfortably work with Maya without stuttering and overheating (I render on my GPU though), so I'm interested to see these new laptops with RTX trying to gain that market, because right now no 3D artist use one for serious jobs. I don't think Apple is immune, there's a whole market they can't reach, and the market that it does reach, it does it poorly and overpriced. I guess they are lucky Adobe is terrible when it comes to Premiere. Also, the guy in the video is comparing an i9 to i7s, not even mentioning price, not sure why.
  4. Kibelok

    Macs are SLOWER than PCs. Here’s why.

    They are slower because they thermal throttle, the end.
  5. Oh yeah definitely, I'm in the same boat as you. I think AMD will show us great cards that can run Real Time Ray Tracing. We'll see.
  6. Considering the fact that Nvidia has basically no competition? Yes It's totally worth it.
  7. You're also getting a newer card instead of a 2 year old one. You're also getting longer warranty and driver updates. You're also getting new tecnology. Yes it's expensive but you get what you pay for. Nvidia is not scamming you.
  8. Mainstream happened when Corsair launched their first AIO, the Corsair H50 in 2009, then the H70 in 2010. The popularity grew when the H60, H80 and H100 launched in 2011. The AIOs helped Corsair grow really big as a company. Video from 2009.
  9. Kibelok

    Case suggestions?

    Have you looked at some of the BeQuiet! cases? They kinda look like an updated 690. https://www.bequiet.com/en/case
  10. Kibelok

    Intel Killed their OWN Product Lineup

    Oh I definitely agree with wanting every PC spec to be able to play the game, I was talking about the ULTRA specs and the other demanding settings. BF5 is almost reaching 8gb VRAM for some settings, I don't think I would be a problem if future games took advantage of more cores for people who want the higher settings of a game.
  11. Kibelok

    Intel Killed their OWN Product Lineup

    I know very little about programming, game creation and etc, I'm mainly a 3D artist, but can't the abundance of power be solved by simply raising the ceiling? By that I mean, can't just game studios make games that require more cores to make it run better, thus making a prettier game than before? Or should we stick to 144 fps as a cap, at let studios optimize their graphics and core count to always reach that level? Honestly I'm just glad Intel is in this position right now, we should forever be thankful for AMD for advancing the tecnology.
  12. Yea It's just obvious at this point that these aren't "leaks" but just Nvidia being silly with their marketing.
  13. Kibelok

    Case suggestions?

    How much are you looking to spend? And what do you define "aggressive" ? Is the Fractal Design Meshify aggressive?
  14. Kibelok

    Upgrading to Ryzen 5 2600x

    I would recommend getting the B450 Tomahawk and maybe spending a few more bucks to get a Samsung B-die for your memory. Depends on how much you want to pay for a memory, but if you're going to get 3000Mhz+, if could be worth it to spend a little more.
  15. Kibelok

    Help me choose a pair of headphones!

    I don't think your motherboard can drive it. I personally have a Maximus 7 Hero and use a FiiO E10K DAC to drive it. FiiO has some great DACs for entry-level. There's also the famous Schiit Stack, though it can be expensive. Aune has some good ones like X1S and X7S. It all depends on how much you wanna spend on it.