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  1. Okay have you tried uninstalling the device in task manager and letting windows find the drivers for it again?
  2. You should be able to use the On screen keyboard to get past the installation. https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/10762/windows-use-on-screen-keyboard
  3. The keyboard works fine in other computers?
  4. Tomthehitman


    Welcome to the Forums Best way to spend some time while staying indoors!
  5. I found this on Reddit, worth a try if you haven't already? This happened to me, nothing was working... But i fixed it! - Click Properties on CSGO in steam. - In the "General" Tab click the "set launch options" button. - Type in "-autoconfig" and press "OK" - Close Properties, Close Steam and relaunch it. - Open CSGO through steam and wait for a few seconds and Boom! it finally launches.
  6. Has this just happened? Was it working okay before? Did you change anything? Have you tried reverifying the application date through steam? Also when you open it and Ctrl + Alt + Delete do you see CSGO as an open application?
  7. So it seems like it is the front panel that is causing the issues as without it your getting pretty much the same temps as me.
  8. Yea that why I got the RGB one, not for the lights but the mesh front, I would definitely recommend getting the front panel if you can afford it.
  9. I think it might be an issue with the fans definitely. Like @LaughingHyena said you will want to put the top intake back on the front to get more air into the case. I have a very similar case and this is my setup. I have three intake fans and then two exhaust, one at the top and one at the back. https://imgur.com/sIMRcME
  10. I'm not an expert on fans but if you are having it in a horizontal position would you not want the CPU fan on the bottom and blowing air out the top exhaust?
  11. How do you have your Dark Rock positioned? I see you said that you aligned a top fan with it? Do you have it pulling air from the front of the case and out the back or have you got it sideways and pulling air from the bottom of the case and out the top?
  12. https://www.gamersnexus.net/guides/3494-amd-ryzen-3000-undervolting-offset-override It's not advisable to lower the voltage on the 3000 series of processors, you will get worse performance. AMD have stated that up to 1.45V is fine on the 3600 as it's only using that when boosting and not sustaining that voltage.