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  1. So I've ordered from Dbrand last June and I was expecting my package to arrive around 2nd week of July. I didn't receive my package, so I contacted them back letting them know that my package hasn't arrived after 30 days. They responded back and said that they will issue me another order since it's safe to say that my original purchase got lost in shipment. Today, August 23(GMT+8), more than 30 days of waiting(again), I still haven't received my package. So I emailed them asking for a refund instead and letting them know that I'm very disappointed with how they handled my order. So while waiting for their response, I decided to post this here to probably inform others of what happened to my order and probably collect feedback if others experienced this as well.
  2. Thanks for the replies guys! I really appreciate it.
  3. Hi guys. Basically, I'm very passionate about expressing one's self into whatever you're wearing. I've been designing shirts for other people/small start ups for 8 years now and even though I've been doing it that long, I haven't really read nor understood any legal stuff about it. I want to start my own company that showcases villains as the main characters on my design. Like bring to light what they're about or what they represent. Recently, I've come across Riot's page that tackles their licensing that can be found here. http://www.riotgames.com/legal-jibber-jabber After reading the post, I've tried Googling other riot inspired clothing stores online, and I've seen that they're not licensed by Riot. Now my questions are: Is it okay to just do the designs and don't mind these legal jibber jabber like these other online stores do? Should I also do the same for characters from Marvel, DC, etc? Is there a limit before they notice or like take actions if my business becomes successful? Is there a way for me to be 'safe' from charges, like alter some features of the characters (change color, appearance, etc)? Can you site other companies that did the same, got away with it, and became successful? Looking forward to your replies Thanks!
  4. Hey guys, I just want to ask how I can replicate these symbols after I've repainted my keyboard? I already asked a sticker shop here if they can make me designs like these but they said they can't because it's too small. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys! Just wondering if you can suggest any monitors that will allow me to work efficiently with Illustrator and Photoshop without sacrificing color details while allowing me to game at high refresh rates.
  6. Hi guys! Any official Linus Techtips Diablo 3 clan here? or would someone like to adopt a Barbarian?
  7. Can you kindly point me to that episode please?
  8. Hi guys, so here's my problem. It seems that my Google Calendar can't accept invitations whenever using other email providers(i.e yahoo.com). The invite shows up, but the options 'Yes', 'No', and 'Maybe' is not showing up. Also, the invitee is an address forwarded to the Gmail address. Can you help me guys fix this?
  9. I've been a follower since I've watched your videos. I don't have any idea on how to reformat, repair, and build my own PC but now with the help of your videos, I'm able to do it all and in fact also teach the people around me on how to do them as well. I always point them on your channel and tell them that you guys are the best and are the ones who are responsible to turn a noob like me into a tech wiz. Thank you so much Linus and to your Linus Media Group, Cheers!
  10. Hi guys, just wondering how can I fit another fan on the optical drive bay area of my case? My case is a CM scout 2. Is it even possible?
  11. Do you guys think that this would work in a CM Scout 2 case? I mean would it fit properly? Because I was planning to follow the 'hot rod' look on Linus' $1500 pc build.
  12. Hi guys, I'm planning to buy an SSD and I was just wondering what will happen if I decide to convert it later to Raid 0 with another SSD. Will I lose all the files? I mean will it act as a new SSD and I would need to reinstall my OS and everything?