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  1. ok so figured it out after buying a entire new pc in parts again and still wouldnt boot....turned out it was my Display Port cable....it was supplying power to my M.2 drive sumhow preventing my drtives from being detected...yea i donno either...so i popped in a HDMI cable and BAM starts up n detects all my drives....
  2. UPDATE: i pulled the M.2 ssd and put it back in, reset the CMOS. now when i press power the system turns on , shuts off then turns back on takes 20-30 seconds to boot into BIOS...ill swap the power supply tonight just thought id try that first. Still not detecting any M.2 or SATA drives
  3. i just did a CMOS reset and still nothing, ill swap power supplies tonight after work . I would like to also point out it takes a while to boot into BIOS like 20 seconds then when i remove the M.2 drive it boots into BIOS like in 5 seconds...
  4. i dont have any SATA devices hooked up only the M.2 drive.
  5. also like to point out that there is a red light on the M.2 drive and the VGA red light is on but display turns on no problem and boots to BIOS...
  6. so i built my son a basic pc. wich consists of: -MSI B360I Gaming Pro AC Motherboard at latest BIOS -Intel i3-8100 -8G DDR$ G SKILL Agis RAM 3000mhz but motherboard only allows it to get to 2400 -TeamGroup M.2 SATA3 SSD -Radeon MSI RX 480 -CORSAIR 450watt power supply my issue is, it detected and installed and booted to windows ONCE> Then i shut down the pc NOW it wont detect any SATA OR M.2 Drive....just boots directly to BIOS...i have replaced the motherboard, swapped the ram, swapped cpu's, swapped hard drives. Ive tried everything I can think of with no luck. Never had this much trouble building a pc in my life...and im at the breaking point to where i just want to throw this pc over my apartment deck!
  7. ya im thinking there purposely throttling internet speeds. I mean im not even getting 75% of my advertised internet speed....its going to take me 1.5 hrs to download APEX LEGENDS from ORIGIN! What is this the 90s!!!
  8. Hey guys, i been noticing a super slow internet speed l8tly. speedtest.net is giving me a consistent 150mbs down BUT im paying for 600. Im connected with CAT6 cable and my pc i not even 6 months old. Now i contacted shaw and they said its a limitation of my hardware in my pc wich i call bullshit on. Then he said that it could be my router to wich i said i do not use a router i use the modem SHAW provided me for my speed wich is a a BlueCurv here is a link to there pos im using. Any ideas on what i should do? No switching providers is not a option as they all suck in my area worst than shaw. My MOBO is a MSI B450M Bazooka V2 with a Ryzen 3600
  9. HELLO ALL> i would like to start off by saying im nto a 100% noob i have built PC's in the past and im currenlty on one i built before..now to the meat...in th enext 2-3 months me and my gf want to upgrade our PC's...we both have seprate PC's so ill list there specs first: CUURENT OLD BUILDS MINE: -NZXT Vulcan case -8G DDR3 Patriot Viper Red ram at 1866ghz -Maximus 4 gen z gen 3 -i5-3570K at 3.4GHz with corsair watercooling -MSI Geforce GTX 760 -550watt ultrad power supply -128G SSD -1TB HDD HERS: -Coolermaster Elite case -8G Corsair DDR3 1600MHz -Generic MSI mobo -i5-3470 at 3.2GHz with cooler master watercooling -MSI Geforce GTX 760 -600watt cooler master pwoer supply -128G SSD -500GB HDD Now that is what im standing at...we want good gaming PC's that can do a solid constant 60fps smooth milky smooth gameplay at 1080p. we both have dual 1080p monitors with DP connections: Now here is what i was thinking of doing so give me your input on it: MY PC: -buying a new corsair obsidian case -buying 8G more of DDR3 patriot viper red RAM at 1866Ghz for a total of 16G DDR3 RAM -buying a new MSI B85M GAMING Micro ATX LGA1150 -buying a new i7-4790 processor and reuse my old corsair watercooling -buying a new zotac geforce gtx 980 ti video card -use my GF's old 600watt cooler master power supply -reuse my 128g SSD -reuse my 1TB HDD GF PC: -reusing my old NZXT Vulcan case -buying 8G more of DDR3 corsair 1600MHz RAM for a total of 16G -reuse my old ASUS Maximus 4 gen z gen 3 mobo -buy a new i7-3770S processor and reuse old cooler master watercooler -reuse BOTH old GTX 760 cards in SLI -buy a new 700-800watt power supply -reuse 128G SSD -reuse 500GB HDD Now i have priced this all out at a lil over 1600 for everything to do the above....would these help us achieve our goles? are the i7's nessessarry? i PERSAONALLY want my PC to run a oculas when released at top tear graphics. My gf just wants a upgrade so she can play games better....any suggestions? is this a good setup? ALL info would be appreciated before i startyy buying
  10. I was told by others that a dvi-dual link cable is the size of your thumb....if iits not the size of your thumb its not a real dvi-dual link cable and all it is, is a regular dvi cable with fake dual link pins in the connector...this true?
  11. this is all great info! thanks a bunch! But one question still remains..... what is a good quality brand for cables....specifically DVI-Dual link ones
  12. HELLO ALL! i am looking at upgrading my monitor to a benQ RL2455HM...the only issue is it dosnt have a DP....so my questions r as follows: -my video card only has 1 display port....can i hook multiple monitors up to 1 display port? -is display port THAT much superior to HDMI or DVI-D dual link? Wich is best between DVI-D dual link or HDMI? -can i achieve 60fps with a DVI-D dual link port or will i need to get a DP connection... -what is a good quality dvi-d dual link cable and DP since i heard of alot of fakes rolling around out there. Video card is a Geforce 760...yes i know i wont be able to get to 60fps with this card but i want to get a good monitor and have all my bases covered for when i DO upgrade my PC...