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  1. @JM21 @seon123 @Jurrunio @lmeneses thanks for the replies , when i first builded the pc the thought the power supply was 500 w but later i found it really is 360w , but it works ok with my i3 8100 , strix 1050ti and asus z370-p i will upgrade the ps a bit later , here where i live (kosovo) i dont have many options for pc parts and a lot of things are overprices. One last question do you guys think that NZXT h500 is a good case , i want it to be big cuz current one barley fits my mod and want to have more disk slots for more storage. thanks and sorry for bad english!
  2. Hello everyone and sorry for bad english , i need some help with a new case i am trying to buy , the case is nzxt h500 and i want to know if my current power supply will fit inside the case , down i have some pictures i took with my phone first is the power supply itself and the second is the pc i builded 6 months ago , when i purchased the pc components the case and power supply came together in bundle so i didnt worry about anything but now that i want to upgrade the case for more space i need help to know if it will fit with the power supply. I am very familiar with pc standards but for power supplies i dont know if there are any and how do you measure them. Thanks in advance!
  3. i tried this mod on q6600 and it didnt work , is it because i have didferent ram , 2 gb 667 mhz and 2 800mhz , do i need to have all my ram at 800mhz , thanks in advance?
  4. thanks dude , only one ram stick is not working , now have 3gb from 4 , tried one dim slot with 3 different ram's and found the defective one , might try the other slots sometime but i dont think it is the dim's fault , had 4 gigs on 4 slots so now way of swaping anything even if i wanted, thanks again
  5. thank you , just booted the pc with one ram stick and it is working , now trying the other sticks , will keep you updated
  6. the cpu fan is spinning , but i will try the ram thing and i can change the cpu tomorrow but this is the last thing i would want to do , cuz this dell cases are hard and i am not that good with pc-s
  7. As you see in the video my PC wont start , I hit the power button and bios wont even load it's logo , I just came home from university and my brother told me he had problems with the pc , he said it would randomly shut down like a power break and immediately restart , it would boot the dell logo(bios) fine and proceed to show "start windows safe mode " and the other lines you all know. PC(windows) would work fine till the next random shut down , no blue screen of death , no shutting down warning , no display driver stop working or anything , and now it wont even boot the bios .He also said this happend to him (the video) but after a restart pc worked again but now no matter even this is not working. my pc is dell optiplex 745 lga 755 , bios 2.6.6 , I tried to remove all hhd but still the same thing is happening as the video shows , I tried to reset CMOS with a blue trigger that is located in dell mob but still the same , the power button is green like normally it should be , I dont know what to do , only think I can add is that I changed the cpu (e6400) to a q6600 i bought from ebay 6-8 months ago , but not problems with (told my brother to check for temps and they were around 50) , please help and thanks in advance and sorry for bad english. 20170114_191119_CLIPCHAMP_720p.mp4
  8. guys , this is old pc , no gaming here , just to look into photos and browser the web , pc lags sometimes because of lack of ram , it has big page files , i just dont know for what ram to search, like 1gb ddr2 330ghz or what?
  9. (sorry for english) I got this hp dc 7700 (biggest model) pc , it has a 32bit e6300 cpu , but i have a e6400 laying around witch is 64 bit and will help with upgrade, but i also want to upgrade ram , it has 1gb ddr2 ram , 2x512 sticks ,I want to add another gb of ram but i dont know how to chose ram ,I know it must be ddr2 but dont know if the speeds are compatible and other aspects , so can someone suggest me something from ebay , i got photos from cpu z so you know what i need , thanks in advance
  10. (sorry for bad english)I have a lenovo z51-70 , it has a i5-5200u 2.2-2.7Ghz dual core hyperthreting , 8gb ram ddr3, 1tb 5200rpm hhd , intel hd 5500 graphics , and amd r9 m375 4gb memory gpu , this laptop doesnt have a special cooling system .I am concerned about it overheating and damaging any parts(itself) , while i game after some time temps go 70 and a bit more , only one time i played watchdogs in 1080p with teaxtures ultra and some other high setting and laptop went over 80 degres .So i want to know what are safe temps and is anything wrong with my laptop ?, i got a cooler from ebay but dont know if it is good , but i will link it here. thanks in advance. cooler: http://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-Adjustable-Stand-USB-6-Fan-Cooling-Cooler-Pad-for-12-17-Laptop-PC-Black-/191533925558?hash=item2c984fc4b6:g:HvYAAOSwn8FXRsVE laptop : http://shopap.lenovo.com/in/en/laptops/lenovo/z-series/z51/
  11. everyone .i play source engine games like dota 2 and csgo tf2 , i play other games too (played far cry 3 on low setings in this pc around 27 fps, played crysys 2 on low around 25 fps) but i dont intend to play games in high settings (only max dota 2 csgo , tf2 ) i jsut want a around 40 fps in low settings around 1440x900 resolution on new games .From big games i want to play bf3 , spec ops the line and some other games form coupe yers ago . and ac unity far cry 4 etc witch are new but i play them i low
  12. but i am upgrading the cpu too from dual core 2.13 to quad core 2.4 , i DON'T want to max the newest games 1080p/60 fps i only play dota 2 , csgo high setings 60 fps and for otehr games like far cry and ac , cod i dont mind playing in low settings for as long the fpi is around 50
  13. First sorry for my bad english and i try my best to explain what i want.I have a dell optiplex 745 mini tower(largest model) with intel core 2 duo e6400 2 x 2.13ghz ,4 gb ram , 2 hardrives with 234gb each,300w power suply and nvidia gt 120 .Looking in the internet i found this card vga nvidia gt620 1gb gddr3 ram link(the page is in albanian) http://www.merrjep.com/ViewItem.aspx?itemid=1877724 , the seller said that the card is new , in the description on the website he says he got the gpu from a pc he got with witch has an core i7, i takled to the seller and he said he is selling it for 35 euro witch is 39 dollars .I want to know 1) is it worthy to buy this card new for 39 dollars , 2)will there be a diference if i upgrade from 120 to 620 and if yes should i upgrade (my gt 120 is 128bit gddr2 while the 620 is 64bit gddr 3)will this fit in my pc , my psu is 300w and gpu only needs 300w and it is low profile so i must fit and althrow i ahve pci expres 1 , i think motherboard suports cards till pci expres 2 (somoene comfirm this pls). also i will buy a q6600 soon so it will be a nice upgrade.things to mention i wont buy a new pc (i will go to colege so i only have it for 4 moths), i live in a small country(kosovo) and here are no offical sellers from any teck compay (last time someone was selling my father a randeron 270x for 200 euro with is 223 dollars) so it is ahrd to find anything and things are overiced a lot.
  14. This is a leaked verstion of the new touchwiz lollipop and everything works fine camera , wifi ,4g etc if you are interested i can make a video showing how to install this rome. note this is official and wont avoid warrenty or will not triget knox
  15. I made a comparesing bettwen the old touchwiz witch ran on android 4.4.2 vs the new one in android 5.0 lollipop , i show how samsung and googel redesinged some of the apps , show the diference in taskbars , multitasking , settings , camera etc