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  1. I'm building a mini itx build that it's not gonna used for gaming....it's mostly for multimedia,browsing some work stuff(Microsoft office) and multitasking.....it's gonna be a Powerful lil boy.....I was thinking that a you won't be needed but somewhere I read that it affects picture quality and I was wondering if it affects in such a scale that I should add one
  2. BishopGM

    Audio upgade!

    sorry i wasnt more specific but im looking for speakers
  3. BishopGM

    Audio upgade!

    speakers. i listened to edifier's r2730db the other day and i was amazed
  4. BishopGM

    Audio upgade!

    trap .....i dont know what closed and open are in the audio department
  5. BishopGM

    Audio upgade!

    im looking on spending a max of about 250 euros on upgrading my logitech z323 anything really is an upgrade but what would be a good pick... use will be mainly for music
  6. i found these 4 monitors they got the specs that i want but cant choose ..... can anyone tell me why one is better than the other? dell se2717h lg 27mp59g-p aoc 27v2q acer nitro vg270
  7. i wouldnt say it effects anything it jjust bothered me
  8. Ive dealt withh this problem in the past fixed it but after all this time it came back and ive tried SO MANY THHINGS nothing worked..... its the antimalware service executable it uses so mmuch of my cpu AND IT WONT CLOSE........ is there a way to destroy it ?
  9. so i mmay have f...ed up. i imported my chrome bookmarks to mozilla before some days and i formated my pc today..... and ive lost all my bookmarks does anyone know where i can find them? i had no backups
  10. im going to try this thanks
  11. i took every screw out but it doesnt separate .....i might have to use a bit more force
  12. i disassembled many of them i just cant figure this one out
  13. So i took a friends pc to clean it from dust and change paste. it was a success heatsinks cleaned, cpu paste changed BUT I FOUND A BIG WALL trying to dissassemble the cooler from it its a gigabyte gtx770 3x if you got any info on it , it will be appreciated
  14. after i get some more recc i will search them thanks man
  15. i currently got a lg m2232 very basic monitor got for like 120 euros 6-7 years ago im about to go for a big upgrade and i need 2 monitor: 1. 144hz 1ms 1080p max 25 inches 2. 1440p IPS max 27 inches i got about 600 euros to give for both that doesnt matter tho cause prices are all over the place so i need 2 solid budget options thanks in advance!
  16. i wanted to buy a 1080p 144hz monitor not more than 25 inches i ended up at 3 choices asus vg248qe asus mg248qr aoc g2460pf they are budget monitors with prices not too far apart where i live...... but as pros each one got it has many cons too and i cant choose which one would you pick and why?
  17. yea i searched a ton of these sites and did my maths i just wawnted to see from personal exp what people have to say .....thank you tho !
  18. yeah ive been doing my research i would seriously have bought them mid year but i was like lets wait a bit more for the new gpus ......so i decided to wait for all of them....
  19. Im gonna do big upgrades in the gaming but i need opinions from guys that have these things and can tell me their exp. So for now i got a decent pc with a gtx970 and 8 year old tn 1080p didnt know anything back then..... The upgrades will be a new gpu probably i will wait for the gtx1100 line-up ive waited so long anyway a new gaming monitor for the pc and a 4k tv..... With that power i was thinking of 1080p 144hz for the gaming without gsync cause input lag and its a bit expensive (i mostly play lol,cs,pubg,fortnite but also some new triple A titles that i would like to run at 144hz) But for all the non comp games i will use the tv to have a better picture quality and experience..... whats your opinion on this should i go for 1440p 144hz maybe? and can you recommend both monitor and a tv with good gaming specs(latency).... budget 350 for monitor and 450 for the tv. thanks in advance!
  20. Mostly singleplayer screen if not commpletely. As long for the content that it will be showing it will be 4k like all the time cause the games that will be played (from pc to tv) will be in 4k and all the movies and vids will be 4k too ....... It will be most used when me and my friends hang out as a mirror screen for what is played in the pc or all said above.... thing is that i have a 55 inch tried using this one it was nasty so i thought ok i need a much smaller screen cant find a 38 so i will prob go for 40-43 ..... ty by the way you gave me some good reference point hadnt think of this as a single or multiplayer screen
  21. Im planning to get a 40-43 inch 4k tv for a new room but im reading that viewing distance plays a big role The room is a bit small so the viewing positions that im sitting are from 1.20m to 1.80m (1.20 when gaming 1.80 when watching movies ) some say that for that range a 4k aint needed but most of the things i watch and play are 4k so i think the 4k is mandatory.... whats your opinion on this and your personal experience?
  22. i cant buy four wont be symmetrical OCD levels too high
  23. So i bought a 4k 50 inches tv and its amazing but the sound is awful as expected..... i had my mind on 5.1 home cinema but for my bad luck the way the room and the bed are placed and constructed will have me (if i stay in the exact middle of the tv) having the 2 back row speakers the one being exactly near me and the other about 2 meters away....... Thats why i would like some 2.1 or soundbars recs for up to 350 euros/dollars (no prob i will find it out myself) I saw from hardwarecanucks the creative sound blasterx katana and thats where my mind is right now...... Dont know much about it so dont be harsh thanks in advance ALSO the tv will be mainly a mirror from my pc monitor , for movies and gaming .....dunno if that helps i just thought it would be good to throw it out
  24. one more question cause i heard that liquid metal degrades the metal if im correct....will i have any problem with the kryonaut ...ik its not liquid metal but i would like to have this pc for 2 at least years more