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  1. Hi, I have a Samsung 840 500 EVO and recently bought VMWare Workstation 11 which provides encryption of VMs. I read that it's not good to encrypt your SSD drive because of excess read and rights but is it ok to encrypt a VM on a SSD drive? The VM is only about 60GB. Thanks. David
  2. Hi, I have a Asus 290X and a XFX 290X2 with the water cooler. I can only get them to work in my desktop system is if the Asus 290X is the primary card. The Zero Core feature turns off the XFX 290X. The problem is when I start a game it trys to turns on and the computer locks. Is there anyway to disable the Zero Core feature. Thanks. David
  3. Hi, I have two 140mm side fans that are next to my 2 r290x video cards. Should I have these side fans blowing in or out. I have two intake 120mm fans in front and a rear top 120mm fan in back blowing air out. Thanks. David
  4. Hi, I have a I7 4970K and a Gigabyte GT Z97 motherboard. When I run a Prime95 or the IntelBurnTest RealTemp says the temperatures are in the mid 90s. When I look at the Gigabyte Hardware monitor it says the temperature is in the high 70s low 80s. I'm running at 4.4 ghz. Could someone tell me what temperature is more accurate? Thanks. David
  5. Ok, thanks. I just wish I some confirmation in the manual or SeaSonic's website. David
  6. Hi, is there a Over Power/Under Power/Over Voltage/Short Circuit protection in the SeaSonic X-1250 built in like the EVGA PSUs? I'm thinking about a getting a 3 way crossfire and do not want to overload the PSU and damage my desktop. Thanks. David
  7. Thanks for the info. It's very helpful.
  8. Hi how can you tell how Many amps are being supplied to a pcie cable from a psu? I need 28 amps from two 8 pin connections for a R9 295x. Do you know if a seasonic 1250 or a evga 1300 g2 can supply this with one cable that has two 8 pin connectors on it? Also are the pcie connectors on the 12V rail? Thanks! David
  9. Ok thanks for the info. We will see how the seasonic performs.
  10. Hi, My friend a I7 4970K, 2 SSDs and 2 HHDs, He was thinking about purchasing a 3rd R9 290X. He has a Seasonic X 1250. Will this be enough power for the GPUs? The PSU is about 4 years old and I heard that PSUs loses wattages after awhile. Thanks. David
  11. Hi, I'm sorry if this is not the area where I can ask this question. Is there any software to backup a Windows Striped Volume Drive? Thank you. David
  12. Thanks for the info. I guess it'll be a $400 bet.
  13. Hi, is it possible to add a R9 290X card to a system with a R9 295X so it'll be a 3 way cross fire or is the 295X a different architect? David
  14. It looks like the GTX 980 SLI beats the 295X2 at lower resolution but once you go up to 4k and above the 295X2 takes over in the majority of games. This might be due it's larger memory bandwidth.