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Alec Harpers

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    Boobies. Also tech and some other stuff, but mainly boobies.
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  1. Alec Harpers


    Winter Is Coming. That is why I choose the Razer Blade 14. For Winter.
  2. Alec Harpers

    Feenix Collection Giveaway

    The Autore is my favorite product from their lineup and also one of my favorite mechanical keyboards on the market today. It's good to see manufacturers that stay away from flashy nonsense.
  3. Alec Harpers

    Platform Launch and MASSIVE GIVEAWAY

    Vessel: Alec-Harpers https://www.vessel.com/videos/aBRl_4ZS6 https://www.vessel.com/videos/G-DUjgUyY
  4. Alec Harpers

    need a bit of advice, chrome is too cray

    The problem is not with your CPU, it's with Chrome. It has turned into a massive resource hog lately. It's gluttony is a well documented issue, Google says it's looking into it but I wouldn't hold my breath. - First thing you can do is switch to Firefox and use Chrome as your secondary browser. Right now, Firefox is much faster and you can export all your bookmarks from Chrome to it. - Second thing you can do, If you really don't want to switch to Firefox, is close some of your Chrome extensions. That's gonna help a bit but it will still run slowly. - Whatever you do, don't push your OC for a web browser. That's like taking meth because your coffee grinder is slow.
  5. Alec Harpers

    Bang for the Buck Z97 Motherboard Showdown Part 3

    Thanx, I taught so as well, I just couldn't really verify it. Asus doesn't list the UEFI version for their mobos, they just list the functions included. I've compared the two, since my OP and the H97M-Plus has all of the functions of the Z97M-Plus.
  6. Alec Harpers

    Bang for the Buck Z97 Motherboard Showdown Part 3

    Great video, but you could have gone longer with it. I know you don't want to bore casual viewers with long videos but casual viewers don't usually watch videos about UEFI's. Still, It was a great series and I hope you guys will consider doing similar overviews for the future generations of mobos (emphasis on UEFI's). Also, I have a question. Do H97 boards have the same UEFI ? (excluding the chipset limitations of course)
  7. Alec Harpers

    Farcry 5 Set In Australia?

  8. Alec Harpers

    Different types of CES coverage

    Logan: "I'm gonna let Wendell explain this one" Every Tek episode. Ever.
  9. Alec Harpers

    How do you safe keep your PC?

    Be serious here guys, I've had a bad experience once when the Johnny Storm tried to steal my PC.
  10. Alec Harpers

    fans wont spin

    Connect them directly to the PSU. If they start, then you know that the fans are OK and the problem is with the mobo. Probably need to configure them from the BIOS like Godlygamer23 said. If they don't start then the problem is with the fans.
  11. Shows time, Send to voicemail, Notifications, Looks like a normal watch. That would be my ideal smartwatch.
  12. Alec Harpers

    Any tips on enjoying different game categories?

    If you don't like certain games, don't play them. There's tons of other things to do with your free time.
  13. Alec Harpers

    The Silence

    Has anyone made a Doctor Who reference yet?