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About GhostWindGamer

  • Title
    If you don't know what your doing your already halfway there
  • Birthday 1999-10-29

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  • Location
    On some mountain in Victoria
  • Interests
    Most things with a motor, Gaming, Architecture, Photography, Tinkering, Sleeping, Chemistry and biology if you know what I mean ;)
  • Biography
    CS:GO and GTA V have consumed my life
  • Occupation
    Basically SpongeBob


  • CPU
    I5 2500k
  • Motherboard
    ASUS P8H61
  • RAM
    16gb Corsair vengeance LP (2x8) 1600MHz
  • GPU
    MSI R9 270x
  • Case
    Generic thermaltake
  • Storage
    Crucial MX500
  • PSU
    Silver brick
  • Display(s)
    AOC I2279VWHE 21.5" IPS Monitor + 19" LG L1910S
  • Cooling
    Stock boi
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 Non RGB MX Blues
  • Mouse
    Razer DeathAdder 2013 Optical Mouse on a Steelseries QCK+
  • Sound
    Kingston HyperX Cloud 2 Gaming Headset
  • Operating System
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

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About Me

Okay so I'm going to give you guys a run down of me
1. I'm 15
2. I like boats
3. I love my PC
4. I am extremely rude in the joking manner when comfortable with people
5. I hate the random Melbourne weather
6. I hate waiting for stuff to be shipped to me
7. I live in Melbourne Australia
8. I am not good at ordering lists (see above and below)
9. I am very blunt
10. I am a car and motorcycle enthusiast
11. I suck with money
12. I fucking love burnouts
13. I love sleep
14. I spent way to long making this list
15. I have run out of I points so that's all you need to know about me

I absolutely hate anime I don't care what you say it all sucks

TheNumberPotato speaks like a true Aussie
Now, between riding an Emu to work, having to fight off crocs when you take a swim and having to chase your kangaroo when it runs off with your newspaper, and 45 degree days (113F) life in Australia is pretty good. And between all these daily struggles, a bit of Counter Strike is a great way to fill in some time untill the next time the power goes out.

Build log

Thing's to buy:
New GPU R9 290 or Reference Nvidia GPU
BenQ XL2411Z 144Hz 24.0" Monitor (high priority)
250GB SSD (high priority)
Ducky Mini Dual LED Mech Keyboard

And for those of you with problems I have a simple Australian solution (might not work internationally though)
To the pub!

Best video ever :D