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  1. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can keep using this laptop in a portable fashion. The screen glue has got to the point where I'm struggling to use it. A new screen from what I can see is looking to cost £500+. I'm not bothered about the touchscreen functionality and don't mind if it looks a bit jank. I'm just looking to replace the screen and still keep it portable. Can anyone help. Thanks in advance.
  2. RGB solves so many sins lol Watching it through Chromecast on a TV in the dining room, PC monitors are much better panels.
  3. Hi all As a devout watcher of the WAN show, I've started to notice a problem. As you are the tech guru's of the world, I'm surprised that you haven't realised that the background of the WAN show could be causing people screen burn. All you need is some RGB backlighting behind the hexagons and something to break the solid colours up. Come on Linus, sort this out.
  4. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has an insight into what I should do. I'm looking at either building a server for hosting things like minecraft or other steam related server's gmod etc, or upgrading my pc to host and play. my current system contains i5 2330 8gb ram Gtx 780 My budget is around £600. Anyone's help with suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks.