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    Asrock h81m-s2pv
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    Adata 2x4gb
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    windforce r9 280x
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    cooler-master n200
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    1 tb western digital blue
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    evga 600b
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    acer 24-inch ips
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    air cooling
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    generic rubber-dome keyboard
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    logitech generic mouse
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    ath-core bass 150's
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    windwos 7 ulitmate

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  1. gotta second that PlayStation one. dealt with them on various accounts, while their good witht heir software support that costs them basically nothing, the second your ps4 r2 button breaks (A very common problem) say goodbye to it for a couple of weeks to 2 months tops. Somewhat good software support, truly horrid hardware support.
  2. I made a post a while back about the worst support you've ever dealt with and with that gaining some popularity, time to change it up to success stories! So, whats the best support you've ever dealt with? Mine would definitely be Amazon support. I've never had any big issues with them, but they were great with how they deal with the customers rather then arguing with them or asking for useless information, they get to the piont and usually always fix the problem. Best story would probably be a pair of headphones I bought from 2 years ago, they broke from wear and tear and were far out of warranty. For fun I just talked to amazon support, not expecting much. But to my surprise they gave me a full refund for it, pretty great stuff. Whats the best support stories you've got?
  3. As the computer people we are, we have pretty much all at some point and time in our lives had to deal with customer support. Whats the worst support you've experienced with any tech company? mine was best-buy with my old iPod 4, broken screen. they said they would "take it in" to see if they would charge me to fix it, to which they kept in the back for a grand total of about a months time. later, i get a call saying they would charge me $140 CAD to fix it. To that generous offer, I completely said they were crazy and declined (A brand new one would have been only $200 dollars mind you). I get a call back a week later saying that they fixed my iPod and they would like me to come in and pay for it, so i came and i told them that i had specifically said NOT to fix it, where they decided I was lying so I should simply pay up now. calls are recorded fro quality and training purposes right? well check the recordings. No-can-do they said, call the repair depot and ask them. after hours on the phone and another week of waiting with no response, i went back and re-explained the problem, where they said that they would take half-off the price. ridiculous still, but being tired as i was and just wanting my iPod back to get back to listening, i ponied up and paid. when i take the ipod out of the clearly super protective zip-loc bag they gave it to me in, i had come to relized that the screen they provided on the new iPod was defective and had very noticeable off-colors on the screen. so i went back into the store, yelled at the manager througha ll the hardship i went through, and with that, i got myselfa refund. happy ending? maybe. worth my time? absolutely not. What are your craziest support stories?
  4. dual core eh, im running a core i3-4150 dual core with a r9 280. great setup, though i do long for some more cpu power, i doubt ill need it any time soon. your i5 dual core should be just fine, though a quad core would be better, nonetheless, a dual should work out just fine until you can possibly upgrade down the road to run the more demanding game that will come out in later years.
  5. I saw in the video today Linus had a water-cooled PCIE ssd, does it actually make a difference in the performance or just a kinda water-cool it all kinda thing? is the difference noticeable in transfer speed etc?
  6. you know, witht he note 5 released, it wont be too loing befroe they run out of stock of the note 4. if u dont mind using a cheaper phone for a couple of months, you might be able to get a note 5 with a little patience for free. worked for me with my note 3, got it after waiting and still going strong till this day.
  7. lol come onto a pc forum and ask if consoles are a better choice but i have both a ps4 and a gaming pc, and both use cases are extremely subjective. For example, all my friends have a ps4 and not a gaming pc, therefore all multiplayer games like call of duty fall on the ps4 side. on the otherhand, not all games are multiplayer based, such as assassins creed series, which i play on the pc for great graphics and better preformance. if you take a look at the game selection avalible, you can most certainly see which games were developed to be playable on console or pc more, for example call of duty on the console is the main focus there. While the argument could be, well you could also get it on pc, i find it more geared towards console, as most people ive encountered that play those kinds of games, play it on console. then again, the same people if i ask played assassins creed, many will say theyve at least tried to play it on pc and found a diffence. Another factor is price, yes, the ps4 is cheaper then a pc in the start but prices do rack up overtime, and the re-sale value doesn't shift that much overtime. on the other hand, pc gaming is a high price to start with for a decent rig, but the price gets cheaper for things like games and the use is greater then a ps4. then again, console *can* get cheaper if you have a trusting best friend with the same console as you with something called game sharing.basically, if you and you frined can have something for esscaintally the cost of one. in my case me and my friend have a ps4, and we share a ps plus membership, each paying 25 a year each for the two of us rather then usual 50 a year for one. same thing goes for games, we buy the new call of duty together, splitting the cost adn we both get it. there is a process to it and if you'd like me to explain i can. but for the timebeing, the general summary of all this is in my opinon, playstation if you have friends with the same console and want to play with them, and pc if you prefer singleplayer games and like to game mulitplayer with some people on the same platform every now and then. AND jus tbecasue there was not alot of fanboying in this lets throw it in at the end, xbox sux and #pcmustardrace ^ I KNOW ITS LONG, BUT PLS READ!!^
  8. I believe that this gpu is better then the fury, but there should be pascal coming out in a couple of months right? if you dont mind the wait, hop on it. if you can, wait and get it cheaper or go pascal.
  9. totally, im running an i4-4150 and a r9 280 and still able to max out a decent amount of games. a 980 and your cpu shouldnt have a problem. not sure about 1440p, but im sure you have any issues.
  10. the best cloths is no cloths. just kidding (kinda), t-shirt should do fine, as long as you touch you case every couple of minutes, (which is hard not to do) then youll be fine. hardwood is a good thing to stand on? i know its not recommended, but i built my pc in my carpeted room.
  11. oh yeah, keep the TV, unless you really hate the curves and 88 inchs of 4k glory :"). I'm sure you wont see a major difference in terms of picture quality other then deeper blacks maybe. Bose sound system is great, (unless you wanna buy a Klipsch Gallery G-16 7.1 Home Theater System, i dont know how much better it will be though.) im sure you can throw some 980ti's into the htpc and get it to push 4k 60fps (maybe even 120 fps? im sure you can ball and go quad 980ti's no problem :") (just looked up the tv you have, it has a refresh rate of 240cmr AKA 120hz [and holy F*** thats a $20,000 tv.]) while your at it, buy another 88 inch 4k tv for dual screens and have the best gaming system in the world.
  12. sorry dead link for extremely beefy 390, - https://pcpartpicker.com/part/msi-video-card-r9390gaming8g oh and forgot to add, try to find a card that has the silent option that turns the fans off when not in use, its a really great feature for a home theater setup. asus strix card have them i believe.
  13. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/msi-video-card-r7370gaming2g - i suggest you simply get this and put some money into an ssd or upgrading your cpu. but if you'd really like, here is some great options: http://www.amazon.com/Gigabyte-GeForce-Overclocked-GDDR5-GV-N970IXOC-4GD/dp/B00OQUMGM0 - if you realy need something super tiny. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/msi-video-card-r9390gaming8g- extremely beefy. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/msi-video-card-gtx970gaming100me- another 970, but full size. better option imo if you can make it fit then the itx 970. just make sure you have the power supply to run it! (oh and if you get any of the above cards, consider upgrading your i3 to a i5 quad core.)
  14. in terms of Xbox one controller vs ps4, i pitch for ps4. i feels more natural with my middle figer because its open. i own both consoles, i prefer the ps4.