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  1. That's assuming they run FAH when they build these systems? I havn't heard them mention FAH numbers in system videos before just
  2. Having got back onto the FAH scene, the thought crossed my mind that it would be fun to see what numbers some of the crazy PC builds, that the LTT team do, can pull. For example, I wonder what sort of numbers the 7 gamers one PC build could have pulled? I know its not always possible due to time etc but thought i'd share
  3. If it's just a simple delay that you want the sleep function is handy and simple sleep(x); just replace x with the amount off seconds you want it to wait for
  4. sme81

    Project Penny

    Glad to see this has went down pretty good, it's kinda put me in the mood to make myself a metallic blue version. All i need now are more parts...
  5. Steady hand needed to do that soldering, it'll look like its not plugged in which will look trick! Hopefully the RAM issue gets sorted in a way so that you don't have to re solder everything
  6. I hope that this is out on display and not stuffed under the stairs or something, needs to be shown off
  7. Love that side panel, just looks like it doesn't even have one on. Nice cable run to the SSD too
  8. Nice project, hopefully won't red ring on you haha Looking forward to more
  9. Corsair Carbide Airbox 540. Just like the idea of having a dedicated motherboard display area.
  10. sme81

    Project Penny

    Seems like you guys are digging the motherboard cover :D Honistly a bit surprised that I'd never seen it done before, but i'm sure someone has
  11. There are 10 types of people in the world, Those who understand binary, and those who don't. And those who where expecting a base 3 joke
  12. 2013 is the year of redefined Computer desks
  13. sme81

    Project Penny

    Nicholas MarzioIt is indeed a XFX 8800 GT Alpha Dog Edition card, Just took the heatsink cover plate of it and wrapped it pink. SnickerzzSorry if it was a bit graphic :S Thanks to everyone for their views on it, hadn't checked the post in months and have to say it puts a smile on your face coming back and seeing it.