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  1. I just signed up. I haven't done folding since PS3 days. I remember when I first heard about bitcoin mining, I was really disappointed that it was just chewing through power, solving equations, but not actually contributing to anything useful like folding. Anyway, my 4790K is pinned at 100% & my AIO cooler is showing its age with the CPU sitting just below 100°C. My 2070 Super is a little better at 65-68°. My CPU is overclocked to 4.6GHz, but I don't normally push it this hard. I can see it's thermal throttling a little. Should I be worried about longevity at those temps? I think I might remove the CPU slot & just use my GPU.
  2. https://i.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/109928672/fewer-than-4000-homes-will-be-without-access-to-governmentbacked-broadband-in-four-years Many people like to talk about how the free market is best but NZ's government sponsored plan to roll out high speed internet to almost the entire country is going pretty well. Compare it to the US where a handful of companies have their own monopolies and refuse to upgrade the infrastructure, despite having received tax breaks for that specific purpose. NZ is a challenging environment to roll out this kind of infrastructure because of the low population. Economies of scale don't really kick in with such a spread out population. It's good to see the government continuing to look to the future and provide people with the benefits high speed internet can provide.
  3. I've been rocking a OnePlus 5T for just over a year & it was great. Near stock Android, plenty of storage space & always ran smoothly. Unfortunately my phone was pickpocketed this morning. I'm pretty upset. I really need a phone for a tonne of reasons, including work. I often get sent important messages through WhatsApp so I need to replace it pretty quickly. I'm currently living in Bogotá, Colombia & I don't want to spend too much, given the apparent lack of security around here. Also, I get paid in pesos, I don't have the biggest budget at the moment. Does anyone have any recommendations for a decent mid-range/budget phone that will run smoothly & not annoy me every time I use it? I don't really play games on my phone much but I do use it a lot for messaging, web browsing, maps & social media. I don't need the fastest processor but I want the basics to work every time without hitches. I think notches are hideous. A decent camera would be great but not necessary. I'd like a headphone jack but I guess it's not necessary.
  4. Fixed audio is MUCH appreciated. As an owner of two 970s, I'm a little disappointed that the payout is only in the States but they're still great cards & very few games actually use more than 3GB VRAM, even at 1440P. I do love detailed textures though, maybe when the 1100 series cards are out it might be worth an upgrade.
  5. Looks great for setting up a quick outdoor theatre.
  6. A super thin flexible TV doesn't interest me much much but imagine a scroll. Imagine something the size of a pen that rolls out to become a touchscreen phone. OK batteries aren't there yet but I'm pretty sure that's the future.
  7. OK, clarity on the NZ content thing. Disclosure: I work for TVNZ but my views do not necessarily represent those of the company. Several ISPs are using a service called Global Mode. This is not the same as a VPN because it is not being used for privacy. It is a feature that is automatically switched on so that Kiwis can bypass regional restrictions & use services such as Netflix in the US. Recently a number of local subscription streaming services have launched including Netflix NZ, Neon & Lightbox in addition to the existing ad based On Demand services offered by TVNZ & TV3. These NZ based companies pay content providers, such as Fox or Disney, for exclusive rights in NZ. Companies bid against each other & pay handsomely for these rights. The collection of media companies, including TVNZ & Sky (who owns Neon) have asked the ISPs to stop using Global Mode but have not yet filed a lawsuit. If & when the lawsuit does happen, there will be one of two outcomes: A) Global Mode is deemed to breach the rights of NZ companies who have paid for exclusive rights, it will be made illegal. This will likely not cover VPNs. B) Global Mode will be deemed legal & then companies like TVNZ will try to renegotiate with the content suppliers (Fox, Disney, HBO etc.) As a consumer, it's hard to see this positively but if you look at it from the perspective of NZ based media providers who have paid for exclusivity & are not getting it, then it becomes easier to understand. You can make up your own mind what you think about it but I thought I'd at least help to get some of the facts straight.
  8. My main problem is that Youtube has become my go-to place for everything. I already get annoyed when I've watched a video but it keeps getting put on my feed, watching all the Linus vids on Vessel will add some small annoyance. Will it become annoying to the point where I watch them all on V & unsub on YT? Maybe, I dunno. The years free sub makes all the difference for me at the moment, almost everyone else I regularly watch is still on Youtube & I'm not going to pay a sub for early access to only a couple of channels. I absolutely support you guys in trying this out though. I recognise LTT puts a lot of effort into making their videos look professional & YT takes a good chunk of the profits.
  9. Username: R0ADK1LL https://www.vessel.com/videos/Yj4PbcgKj https://www.vessel.com/videos/JemZ8O7Hy Linking to facebook shares kinda raises some privacy issues for me but I promise I'll share it
  10. An on/off switch would make it even better. (Unless I missed something.)
  11. http://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/1666-zotac-gtx-980-extreme-benchmark-review-overclocking Linus did a review of this card & kind of glossed over the voltage limitation of 1.212V & seemed fairly positive about the software. This review by Gamers Nexus however, is pretty damning. I was initially thinking of buying this card & then moved towards two Zotac GTX970 Omegas but after reading this I'm a little concerned about Zotac. Thoughts?
  12. That 1100 V2 case would probably be my favourite item in the pack. I went for a high end build a couple of years ago & as other costs ballooned, the case suffered. I ended up going with a fairly budget model that doesn't have a lot of airflow or any cable management. I actually have a good Antec PSU & a Kuhler 920 but it can get a bit loud when temps inside the case start heating up.
  13. I like the look of the extreme one better I think. I'm looking at getting a GTX980 soon so I'll definitely look into this.
  14. I have a Logitech G510S & it's pretty great. Having a small LCD screen & using Aida 64 to monitor FPS, CPU & CPU temps & speeds, RAM usage etc. makes all the difference. The new G10 Orion Spark looks good too, being able to utilise a cell phone screen could be even better if the right apps are out there. I've never really used a mechanical keyboard but the Romer-G switches look OK. I like the way that it allows the keys to be properly backlit. Personally I don't like the look of the Corsair lighting that tries to blind you with lights around the keys.
  15. I think I'll probably wait a couple of months & hope for some more competition in the market. There will always be better & better if you wait long enough but I want a new card for some of the games coming out in early 2015. I'll probably do a whole new build in another 2 or 3 years (who needs money, right?). I may still try to ship a card from overseas if I can get an international warranty, even with shipping it will still likely be cheaper than local prices.