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  1. As explained in this Youtube Video from NGON, a channel run by the developers of Ubisoft's Uplay PC client, Rainbox Six: Siege will support the Vulkan API from Patch 4.3, which should be coming soon. According to Ubisoft, this option will be available on all GPUs that support the Vulkan API, which are any Kepler GPU or newer from Nvidia (GTX 6 series and above), GCN1 and newer from AMD (Radeon HD 77XX series and newer), and Intel CPUs with Intel HD Graphic 5XX and newer (mostly Core iX-6XXX CPUs and newer). To launch Rainbow Six: Siege on Vulkan (once the patch drops), players will be able to "select the appropriate play button when launching the game on PC". On Uplay that will look like this: (No news on Steam support yet, however I believe Steam users can launch the game direct from Uplay anyway). It may just be me, but it seemed like Vulkan fell off of the face of the earch back when DX12 was announced. As an avid R6 Siege player, I was surprised by the announcement, and I'm excited for the potential performance improvements Vulkan may bring. That being said, I'm not getting carried away just yet. You can read more about this on the Rainbox Six Vulkan API Blog here. What do you guys think? A big change for an older game that could help a lot of people, or a technical exercise with no real benefit to end users?
  2. This really helped, especially the PCPP search, thank you. Looks like I have some decisions to make
  3. it is, but after a few house moves it's starting to look battered and old and some of the internals are falling apart
  4. Hi Guys, My old Fractal Design Define S is a great case, but it's starting to look a little dated and some of the screw holes for the GPU brackets have de-threaded, so I think it's time i start to look for a new case. I'm looking for one that has the following features: ATX Motherboard support (EATX would be nice as I could look at changing my ageing mobo for an EATX X99 board I've seen on ebay, but ATX would also be fine) Tempered Glass Side Panel (Just the left panel is fine) 280mm Radiator support (for a Corsair H110i) USB Type-C Front Panel Connector (Optional, but would prefer this over RGB) RGB Lighting included (Optional) Has anyone got anything like this that they could recommend? I'm in the UK and I don't have a strict budget as such, £100 and under would be ideal but if the perfect case is a touch more i can probably stretch for it. Cheers guys, have a nice day
  5. Cheers, yeah I have a little switch under my desk I can use to disconnect the secondary monitor when in games, I normally only use two when working from home for whatever reason, or maybe when streaming (which I haven't done for a long time). Thanks for the heads up though, much appreciated!
  6. Hey guys, Bought myself a new monitor over the weekend. Picked up an Acer XV272UP, which seems to tick all the boxes (1440p, 144Hz, IPS, GSync compatible, good colour accuracy etc). Although it's a step down in terms of resolution from 4K, I immediately noticed the smoothness just at the desktop moving the cursor around last night, and I can't wait to get home from work and play some Rainbow Six Siege. Whilst I'm travelling to work though, I thought I'd ask the community, and those of it who already have high refresh rate/GSync/Freesync monitors, what should I do to get the most out of it, and also to properly bask in its glory? Thanks in advance to everyone who replies and have a nice day ? EDIT: Forgot to mention, I have GSync compatible mode enabled now after a little digging around getting the right monitor driver and enabling Freesync in the menus (thanks to the posts on this and other forums for helping with that!)
  7. What's the rate for shipping to the UK @CPotter? May have to partake in this deal
  8. If we're talking screws in the rad or a fan you should be ok, but if it's the screws on the CPU block, I wouldn't chance it
  9. Yeah, after the shambles last night I'm not holding out much hope. But if Moore can make some good moves in the transfer market this summer (offloading Can and buying a couple of young holding midfielders for depth would be a good start), then who knows what will happen.
  10. Peter Moore, currently the head of EA Games ESports division, will be leaving the company this summer to join Liverpool Football Club as CEO. The news broke last night after Liverpools 3-1 loss to Leicester City. He will replace long standing CEO Ian Ayre. As a fan of Liverpool Football Club myself, Peter has not only realised his own dream of working for his beloved team, in his hometown, but also mine and many of my fellow fans dreams too. I sincerely hope he does a terrific job at LFC. From a gaming perspective, EA have recently been stepping up their ESports presence, with more competitive modes added in this year's releases of FIFA and Madden than any previous years. Source: KitGuru http://www.kitguru.net/channel/jon-martindale/eas-esports-head-has-left-to-run-liverpool-fc/
  11. Hey Guys, So the plexi window on my Define S Windowed Edition is starting to show its age with microscratches and just not looking as clear as it used too. I'm thinking about replacing the plexi with a sheet of glass. I was wondering whether anyone else had done the same, and knows of the best cheap and easy way (i.e. not drilling through the glass) to stick the glass to the side panel? Thanks, Chris Gurrell
  12. Hey Guys, My Corsair M65 RGB Pro mouse has been acting up recenrtly. I upgraded my CPU and Motherboard on Thursday, didn't do a new windows install, and i noticed immediately that there was something wrong with my mouse. The colour indicator near the scroll wheel that shows the profile being used was off, and every now and again the mouse would stick on the screen (cursor would stop moving for a second). In CUE, the mouse is showing up but has an error next to it saying "Malfunction". I uninstalled/reinstalled CUE to no effect, so I decided to reinstall windows fresh on my SSD. Did that, installed CUE, and the same issue occurred, leading me to believe this may be a hardware issue, but I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone else has had the same problem. Has anyone seen this before? And did you fix it? How? TL;DR - Mouse cursor sticks when moving around the screen. Reinstalling CUE, Windows didn't help.
  13. Inb4 it's a "Ryzen Compatible" keyboard
  14. Not sure if you meant K70 RGB or K95 Platinum, but I imagine it'll be a K70 LUX RGB with added reversible wrist rest, all I can think of. Maybe some different switch options?
  15. So I was on Corsair's download page for their CUE software (having a mouse issue, unrelated) and I noticed there was an ad for a K70 RGB Platinum (See screenshot). The ad took me to the K95 RGB Platinum product page but does this mean there's a K70 RGB Platinum edition coming? The link where I saw the ad is http://www.corsair.com/en-eu/support/downloads#download_form_1 Is this an unreleased product or just a blunder by a marketing team somewhere?
  16. As a follow up guys, my buddy had a long sli bridge (I bought the board second hand and it was missing any SLI bridges). The GPUs seem to be running in SLI in nvidia control panel, and the cards are reportedly running at 8x-8x. Doesn't seem to be a performance hit and temps are pretty cool under load Thanks everyone for your help
  17. Hi Guys, I have an MSI X99A SLI Plus motherboard, and want to run 2-way SLI on it with my GTX 970s. This board has really close spacing for the 1st and 2nd PCI-E slots on the board, so if I was to put my 2nd GPU in the 3rd 16x slot, assuming I have a long enough SLI bridge, will SLI still work? Thanks -CGurrell
  18. Hey guys, Bought a second hand MSI X99A SLI Plus the other day, along with a 6800K and 32GB Team Elite DDR4 from overclockers.co.uk. Put it all together today and no post. After lots of googling, I think the board needs a BIOS Flash/Update to work with this CPU, as the board was released alongside Haswell-E. I had two questions, both long shots, one moreso than the other: 1. Is it possible to do a BIOS Flash on this motherboard without a CPU or desoldering/resoldering a BIOS Chip? 2. Does anyone have a Haswell-E CPU I could use to flash this board, or know of somewhere i could borrow/rent one? Just for reference, I'm based in Epsom in the UK right now (Near London)
  19. Problem solved... next time I will exercise my GoogleFu before asking on forums For those interested or with a similar problem, there's a setting in the BIOS on Gigabyte boards that sometimes needs to be changed called something along the lines of "PCI Device Rom Priority". Set that to Legacy and try again, worked for us
  20. As far as I'm aware, PCI-E versions are forwards and backwards compatible? Like gen 2 to gen 3? They're Gen 3 lanes anyhow, it's a Z77 board from Gigabyte
  21. BeQuiet 630W unit I think, not a no-name one that's for sure
  22. Hey Guys, So a friend of mine, Rob, has bought himself a new ASUS Strix GTX 1060 to replace is ageing GTX 660, but he's having problems during install. The system will either not load at all (NO SIGNAL on monitor), or will load the Motherboard splash screen but stay frozen on that, won't go further. Once or twice we've gotten into the BIOS and loaded optimised defaults, and checked the correct drive is being selected for boot, but to no avail. Has anyone got any ideas as to how to fix this? I will put a list below of what has been tried so far. Thanks, CGurrell Things we've tried: Booting with onboard graphics, running DDU to remove old nvidia drivers, reinstalling new GPU and rebooting, no luck. Clearing CMOS Power drained the PC (Turned it off, switched off PSU, unplugged PSU, held power button down) Turning it off and on again (of course) Loading optimised defaults Loading drivers from the Driver CD Trying different PCI-E Power plugs
  23. The package that was supposed to arrive Monday arrived today. It's a H115i. I have no idea what's going on right now. 3 coolers, all different, for an RMA? Wut? (Will add a pic later)
  24. The one I have installed is the H110i, the 280mm AIO. The H100iv2 is a 240mm AIO