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  1. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to huilun02 in Gonna cost you an ARM and a leg: Samsung disbands core CPU team   
    There is Mediatek
    Phones with flagship chipsets are cheaper than ever before. Look at Xiaomi/Realme. Especially after you factor in inflation
    Goods being more expensive in one country is a problem of the country's policies and economics. Not the item itself
  2. Like
    Fgtfv567 reacted to 3vitor in Gonna cost you an ARM and a leg: Samsung disbands core CPU team   
    Is it though?
    With the mobile market full of only Qualcomm phones, prices could get higher since there is no other option.
    Qualcomms are already extremely expensive on a few countries outside of US.
  3. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to VIVO-US in King of Bottlenecks! Intel 9th Gen.   
    It probably hertz.
  4. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to Syntaxvgm in Intel Core i9-9900K 8 Core/16 Thread CPU Listed For Preorder at 560 Euros, Core i7-9700K 8 Core/8 Thread For 440 Euro   
    Like a quad core i7 that's been working out. Making those hyper threads into real threads. 
    You could say it's threadripped
  5. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to LeChef in Apple's claiming their headquarters is worth only $200   
    Apple finally acknowledging that their stuff isn't worth all that much.
  6. Funny
    Fgtfv567 got a reaction from TopHatProductions115 in 7 Gamers, 1 CPU - Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log   
    Is...is Linus OK?
    He seems to be pumping up his former videos with steroids.... It's making my jaw drop a little.....
  7. Like
    Fgtfv567 reacted to Christophe Corazza in 8 core version of 8700k is coming this Fall!   
    In military speak, they would say Intel has lost the vital strategic initiative.
    Intel must now respond to AMD's moves rather than vice versa.
    Most likely still using toothpaste between the die and heat spreader though...
  8. Agree
    Fgtfv567 reacted to TheSLSAMG in Intel Core i7 8086K confirmed   
    On one hand, this chip makes me want to upgrade from Kaby Lake just because it is special.
    On the other hand, 4c/8t is doing just fine for me and I'd rather funnel the money into another PC considering platform costs (damn you Intel)
  9. Like
    Fgtfv567 reacted to VegetableStu in EVGA does what the physical media distributors should have done a long time ago: ditch CDs for USB sticks   
    source: https://www.anandtech.com/show/12779/evga-forgoes-driver-dvds-with-future-motherboards-its-all-about-the-usb-flash-drive
    i say 8GB throwaway sticks should be plentiful to the point that it should cost the same as blank DVDs today
    so yeah, I'm extending my opinion to the state of CDs in the music and video industry as well.
    (EDIT: although there's netflix and spotify now, but hey, CDs?!?!)
    good on EVGA
  10. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to ScratchCat in In Win Launches the A1, a mITX case.   
    Remember when products could sell without being made of 50% magic RGB dust? Pepperidge farm remembers.
  11. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to Ryz in A Steam Link app - coming the week of May 21st to Android and iOS devices - will let you play your Steam games on your phone.   
    Press Release: https://steamdb.info/blog/steam-link-and-video-mobile-apps/

    This is pretty huge imo. I've never been a huge fan of game streaming, but I'm really interested to see how this will work, or if it'll have any sort of touch screen controls for point and click styled games or jrpgs/civ.

    I've never really watched any movies on steam so can't comment on that yet.

    (Nintendo Switch support when)
  12. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to ScratchCat in Elon Musk to use The Boring Company's dirt from digging to build low cost houses   
    Courtesy of MS Paint, the greatest image editing program ever created:

  13. Agree
    Fgtfv567 reacted to The Benjamins in Google updates it's virtual assistant to make complex calls for users   
    Have Google assistant call Comcast to setup a tech appointment or something. see if it can manage the automated phone system.
  14. Agree
    Fgtfv567 reacted to TigerHawk in Google updates it's virtual assistant to make complex calls for users   
    This would be really amusing to get working with a business that has an automated phone system press 1 press 2 etc. Two robots holding a conversation with each other to set up an appointment for a human being. What a future we live in. 
  15. Agree
    Fgtfv567 reacted to dizmo in Apple’s Stumbling HomePod Isn’t the Hot Seller It Wanted   
    I'm legit shocked that Amazon Echo is that high. I figured Google would have had the market share.
  16. Agree
    Fgtfv567 reacted to IgorM in Apple’s Stumbling HomePod Isn’t the Hot Seller It Wanted   
    That sums it up really well
  17. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to Sauron in Apple’s Stumbling HomePod Isn’t the Hot Seller It Wanted   
    Jeez, I wonder why an expensive, furniture scorching speaker with half the functionality competitors offer isn't doing so well.
  18. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to Sampsy in Fortnite mobile beginning to hurt the school system   
    People are actually trying to play a shooter on mobile? That won't last long. 
  19. Agree
    Fgtfv567 reacted to potoooooooo in Fortnite mobile beginning to hurt the school system   
    Same thing happened with Clash of Clans back in 2014. Nothing new here really.
  20. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to Eduard the weeb in Fortnite mobile beginning to hurt the school system   
    Original Article from Kotaku - https://kotaku.com/teens-and-teachers-say-fortnite-mobile-is-destroying-so-1823997450
    this seems to be affecting all middle and high school to some extent, For example the local Middle school runs on Surfaces 3 and kids having been playing fortnite on there for months, and more recently with the release of mobile some students are refusing to do work, and even today some kids wouldn't take a quiz till they finished there match. I think this will lead to school beginning to ban personal tech and closing the noose on there school provided devices.
  21. Informative
    Fgtfv567 reacted to suicidalfranco in Nintendo Switch not complient with USB-C   
    USB-C: great idea, terrible execution.
    The one cable to rule them all crowd can all go suck a fat one. At least before of USB-C shit like this wouldn't happen:
    Usb-c that only works as usb 2.0
    Usb-c that only works as usb 3.0/1/2
    Usb-c that includes usb 3 and dp
    Usb-c that includes usb 3, dp and tb3
    Usb-c Nintendo edition
    Usb-c that does data and proprietary audio
    Usb-c that does data and audio
    How many more do we have to have?
  22. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to huilun02 in Universities are now policing memes in private group chats   
    I dont know if one university is representative of all universities across the world, but I like cheese
  23. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to BlueChinchillaEatingDorito in Universities are now policing memes in private group chats   
    And people call me a f****t for saying social justice has run amok. Oh the ironing is delicious. 
  24. Agree
    Fgtfv567 reacted to NvidiaIntelAMDLoveTriangle in Mainstream Intel 8th gen boards   
    Does anyone know why it took what over 6 months or so, for Intel to finally release the budget version of 300 series motherboards?
  25. Funny
    Fgtfv567 reacted to AlwaysFSX in Next gen GPU's will be 11XX series NOT 20XX   
    Whodathunkit. Nvidia can count from 10 to 11.