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  1. I made the last purchase now. Thank you all for the recommendations here. I delved into various youtube channels to get more educated with LTT, Opzimum Tech, Jayz2Cents and Paul's Hardware. Optimum Tech really convinced me on a mini ITX Case and on the NZXT H1 in particular. Yes its expensive, yes its bulkier than other mini ITX cases. But i hope it to pay in dividents down the line from the ease of assembly and upgradability. I went with the first suggestion in here: Asus Strix b550i Gaming (gotta use that tempered glass case by having a lightshow after all), Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB And the Ryzen 7 3700X (I considered 3300X, but was out of stock). Going to keep my old 500gb ssd to and my gtx 1060 to savw some costs, to be upgraded down the line with one 1TB... or even TWO 1TB m.2 ssd's down the line! This means i just keep running windows 7 for now when i stuff the parts into my new PC overall spent a lot of money, but lm happy with the purchase overall! Im looking if i cant build a more costwfficient PC for friends of mine... my fiance could need an overhaul for her machine thaz runs shooters on 10 frames per second... mostly due to her motherboars being 10+ years old and mostly incompatible with newer hardware And here a comparison of the PC cases for Prosperity.
  2. The NZXT H1 has arrived. So im definetly going with that one, which also resolves the Powersupply and Cooling system. thanks for the PCpartpicker links Excorcist.
  3. Hmm yea ive seen Jays' video about the october thing. But honestly, everytime when i was thinking about upgrading, that wqs the case "just wait another month and you get X". Its very possible i need to wait anyways before i can afford all the parts, and I want the hardware to be future-proof for another 5 year without spending ridiculous amounts of cash. I dont quite understand how much the next jump is supposed to be with the announcement in october. My pc still functions, and the more im looking into the mini irx builds and nzxt h1, the more i realize it might be better to replace the RAM and the SSD to tha NVMe ones as well, which adds costs to all corners and basically me building a second PC instead of iverhauling my trusty Can.
  4. I spent the whole day watch case reviews and decided to go big or ho home the NZXT H1. This is gonna set me back another month scraping cash together, but watching mini itx case reviews, im confident that the luxury of having an easy-to-build case is going to greatly benefit me and speed up the whole process! I will go with your recommendation for cpu and motherboard.
  5. Can i get some more suggestions? Im totally on board for an ITx pc build, but now that im digging into it, i see a lot of different cases recommended that seem to be hard to come by.
  6. A mini-itx? Thats quite small. Ill check those out.
  7. Budget (including currency): 600-800 swiss frankS (almost 1:1 to USD) Country: Switzerland Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Streaming, Photoshop, 3D Modelling, Rpg Games like Pillars of Eternity, Baldurs Gate 3, strategy Games, MMo's. Amateur audio recording Other details My PC has been a trusty companion, running windows 7 since 2012. Ive upgraded it gradually, but it reached its limit. The sidepanel prsctically falls off, the pc crashes if I have the tower standing, and not sideways. The GC and cpu cooler are so big its bending the motherboard. And the fans are so loud, you could think its a chopper and Arnold schwarzenegger is going to jump out and save me any moment. My goal: Replace the motherboard, PC Case, get good and quiet fans, switch to windows 10 (from 7), increase RAM, plug in another SSD. I want the case be more compact to take up less space ( micro atx or smaller), and for the pc to run cooler and quieter, as I use it for streaming as well. I dont want watercooling. I dont plan to replace the GC or SSD. I would upgrade the CPU as well, if its necessary with the purchase of the motherboard and if it doesnt blow my budget. I already purchased an XLR microphone AT2020, a small mixer and microphone arm earlier this week, and hope to give my pc the overhaul it deserved three years ago. Im using digitec.ch for most of my purchases. amazon always gives trouble with a lot of articles not purchasable from switzerland. My recent upgrade attempt last year was a failure: bought RAM but the bios wouldnt even recognize it. Plugged in a 2nd 500gb SSD, but it wouldnt show, or pc would stop booting up altogether and generally be a hot mess to troubleshoot. Thats the main reason i want to give it a good overhaul. I have no clue what mothetboards or pc case are good and future proof, or how i can find that out. I fear ill be buying the wrong one and having to replace it because my old cpu doesnt fit (but im willing to invest into a new CPU if thats the reality of upgrading). Current Parts: I will update details of current pc parts when im home in a few hours and can take a look Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 8.0 GB Operating System:Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Motherboard: MS-7673 ( https://de.msi.com/Motherboard/P67AC45.html)
  8. I did try that. THe Motherboard has slots for 4 ddr3 sticks, i make sure that the pairs of my Sticks are in the same colored slots. I could try plugging them in reverse order - but for that I'd have to go through all the thermal paste trouble again... getting the cooling block mounted is a fucking pain in the LINUS...
  9. So i installed it about a week ago. It worked then, after turning PC off and on again several times. My PC was telling me it's recognizing 16 GB's, so both my old 2x4, and my new 2x4 DDR3 Sticks. Then 3 days ago, I couldn't start my PC for some reason, giving me the aforementioned "Turning on for 5 seconds and turning off"-problem. I figured, because i need to lift my CPU Cooling block, to get the RAM slotted in place, that the thermal paste might be brittle - cuz i built the PC late 2011. Today I removed old Thermal paste from the CPU and cooling block, applied new one, and tried to get it to work. - Then i posted this thread, you know the rest.
  10. I removed the new RAM-Sticks i bought. PC turns on now, everything works normally with the "old" configuration. As I have no other system, and the PC works with 8 GB, i'm gonna leave it as that for now. Until everything burns down again
  11. NEVERMIND! I am back to the previous issue of turning on and off every 5 seconds. Just like at the start of this threat. Right after plugging in the last part to the motherboard; it worked! I wenr to windows 7, and it told me to restart to apply changes. So i Did. And i cant get back into windows 7 or BIOS ever since.
  12. Looks like it was human error after all. After plugging in that last cable i missed, everything seems to be working correctly.
  13. I AM IN THR BIOS! after struggling for an hour, one of the power supply cables wasnt plugged in into the motherboard. Now that its in, im getting to the bios!
  14. No matter where or in what configuration i plug in the ram. Same result. Curiously, same effect when i DONT plug in any RAM. Maybe its not even recognizing them? Both the old and the new.
  15. So i did all the things suggested. Unplugged all cables. Pkugged them back in. Removed the battery for a fes minutes, put the RAM inside in different slot. Now the pc turns on for 1 second before turning off. Instead of 5 seconds...
  16. So the new ram i got, i got 2nd hand. The guy sais he just upgraded his casw and tried to sell some of the old hardware. It also worked for about a week.until now. There weee some problems at the start, that i managed to troubleshoot somehow.
  17. Made a small video to showcase the problem
  18. What exactly do you mean with "clearing" it?
  19. Hello Linus Techies. So i posted a thread about a month ago on what to upgrade. Decided on grabbing another set of 2x4 GB ram to get from 8 to 16 GB Ram. After installing it,i had some problems, eventually it would recognize them and the pc worked. Now my pc wont start anymore. It boots up, the lights in the pc go on for 5 seconds, then all lights turn off. It tries to boot up again. Rinse and repeat. Ive tried unplugging the new Ram, plugging them in in a different configuration, only plug in one ram. No success. I figured it muat be my cpu thermal paste. To install the ram, i had to lift the cooling block from my cpu to get under there. So i ordered new thermal paste, cleaned the cpu and cooling block and reapplied it. Sadly to no success. Now i am truly lost and have no idea what to do. If i cant find a solution, i will go the next step and replace the motherboard and CPU for a newer generation, costing me probably 400 bucks... Help my specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 16 GB Operating System:Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Motherboard: MS-7673
  20. Thank you for your advice. I will get some more RAM and save up some money to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard later on
  21. I did try it. My PC wouldn't even boot up with this RAM in. Couldn't even get into BIOS... Then i tested it with my old RAM in as well, to check Bios. it only recognized my old RAM, not this new one. But I dont have the expertese to figure out what is wrong with it.
  22. Oh! Come to think of it, i got my hands on this RAM Stick. My buddy told me that he couldnt confirm if it really works or not. Now im not sure if my motherboard just cant recognize it, or if the RAM really doesnt work. Would you know if this RAM is compatible to my motherboard?
  23. Okay, so get RAM right now, and save up some money for CPU and Motherboard? What Motherboards do you recommend? I honestly know nothing what slots it should have, or how to avoid buying one and then realize all my Parts dont fit anymore... or it not fitting into my case.
  24. I want to invest around 200 bucks into a decent CPU that will stay useful for the next couple of years. If I were to spend more, I need to have a real good argument. Spending the 300 bucks on the Graphics card already hit me quite hard...
  25. Hey guys. So i got a PC that's about 6 to 7 years old. Over the years, I slowly but steadily replaced parts bit by bit, to be able to play my favourite games, as well as to work on it, like doing 3D modelling (sometimes) and draw my stuff in photoshop (a lot of times). So after upgrading to an SSD, getting a GTX 1060 , spending money into Sennheiser Headphones and an AT2020+ microphone (because i dont like potato-mics), I am still running into lags. My Duo-monitor Setup still has problems playing two videos at the same time, or is really choking up when I play a game and watch a stream or movie on the 2nd monitor. (oh and also have been having Blue Screens irregularely, sometimes a few times in a week, and then nothing for a month) What i haven't upgraded in all these years is the Case, Motherboard and my CPU. So here's my question. How much better have CPU's gotten over the last 5 years? Is it a notible jump to warrant buying a new one? If so, what CPU's do you recommend for Somebody who wants to be able to use Photoshop and Blender and has 15 Tabs in Chrome open, while chatting on Discord and watching My Hero Academia? Thank you for your Input. I'll drop my current set-up as soon i figure out how i can easily do it, for reference. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 8.0 GB Operating System:Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Motherboard: MS-7673 ( https://de.msi.com/Motherboard/P67AC45.html)