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  1. I did try that. THe Motherboard has slots for 4 ddr3 sticks, i make sure that the pairs of my Sticks are in the same colored slots. I could try plugging them in reverse order - but for that I'd have to go through all the thermal paste trouble again... getting the cooling block mounted is a fucking pain in the LINUS...
  2. So i installed it about a week ago. It worked then, after turning PC off and on again several times. My PC was telling me it's recognizing 16 GB's, so both my old 2x4, and my new 2x4 DDR3 Sticks. Then 3 days ago, I couldn't start my PC for some reason, giving me the aforementioned "Turning on for 5 seconds and turning off"-problem. I figured, because i need to lift my CPU Cooling block, to get the RAM slotted in place, that the thermal paste might be brittle - cuz i built the PC late 2011. Today I removed old Thermal paste from the CPU and cooling block, applied new one, and tried to get it to work. - Then i posted this thread, you know the rest.
  3. I removed the new RAM-Sticks i bought. PC turns on now, everything works normally with the "old" configuration. As I have no other system, and the PC works with 8 GB, i'm gonna leave it as that for now. Until everything burns down again
  4. NEVERMIND! I am back to the previous issue of turning on and off every 5 seconds. Just like at the start of this threat. Right after plugging in the last part to the motherboard; it worked! I wenr to windows 7, and it told me to restart to apply changes. So i Did. And i cant get back into windows 7 or BIOS ever since.
  5. Looks like it was human error after all. After plugging in that last cable i missed, everything seems to be working correctly.
  6. I AM IN THR BIOS! after struggling for an hour, one of the power supply cables wasnt plugged in into the motherboard. Now that its in, im getting to the bios!
  7. No matter where or in what configuration i plug in the ram. Same result. Curiously, same effect when i DONT plug in any RAM. Maybe its not even recognizing them? Both the old and the new.
  8. So i did all the things suggested. Unplugged all cables. Pkugged them back in. Removed the battery for a fes minutes, put the RAM inside in different slot. Now the pc turns on for 1 second before turning off. Instead of 5 seconds...
  9. So the new ram i got, i got 2nd hand. The guy sais he just upgraded his casw and tried to sell some of the old hardware. It also worked for about a week.until now. There weee some problems at the start, that i managed to troubleshoot somehow.
  10. Made a small video to showcase the problem
  11. What exactly do you mean with "clearing" it?
  12. Hello Linus Techies. So i posted a thread about a month ago on what to upgrade. Decided on grabbing another set of 2x4 GB ram to get from 8 to 16 GB Ram. After installing it,i had some problems, eventually it would recognize them and the pc worked. Now my pc wont start anymore. It boots up, the lights in the pc go on for 5 seconds, then all lights turn off. It tries to boot up again. Rinse and repeat. Ive tried unplugging the new Ram, plugging them in in a different configuration, only plug in one ram. No success. I figured it muat be my cpu thermal paste. To install the ram, i had to lift the cooling block from my cpu to get under there. So i ordered new thermal paste, cleaned the cpu and cooling block and reapplied it. Sadly to no success. Now i am truly lost and have no idea what to do. If i cant find a solution, i will go the next step and replace the motherboard and CPU for a newer generation, costing me probably 400 bucks... Help my specs: Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: 16 GB Operating System:Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bit Motherboard: MS-7673
  13. Thank you for your advice. I will get some more RAM and save up some money to upgrade my CPU and Motherboard later on
  14. I did try it. My PC wouldn't even boot up with this RAM in. Couldn't even get into BIOS... Then i tested it with my old RAM in as well, to check Bios. it only recognized my old RAM, not this new one. But I dont have the expertese to figure out what is wrong with it.
  15. Oh! Come to think of it, i got my hands on this RAM Stick. My buddy told me that he couldnt confirm if it really works or not. Now im not sure if my motherboard just cant recognize it, or if the RAM really doesnt work. Would you know if this RAM is compatible to my motherboard?