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    Student / Freelancer


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    Maximus VI Extreme
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    Corsair Vengeance Pro 16Gb 1866Mhz
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    Asus R9 290 512 bit DCU II
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    Phanteks Enthoo Primo
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    Samsung 840 Evo 120GB SSD
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    Cosair RM 1000 Fully modular
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    Custom Water Cooling
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  1. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    1 month from now. I can FRY my cpu if it pleases me Inte; will cover the cost for it
  2. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    Thanks. I did not know that 1.7V was that bad. I have already reset to default and ofcourse, no more overcloking this chip. [Maybe max to 4.2GHz where the Core Voltage was set around 1.25]. I have already updated my bios to 1505 which should support 4790K without any problem. I am actually buying intel's 25$ insurance for CPU OC. https://click.intel.com/tuningplan/ . I think 25$ is worth incase i have to spend a 300$. I set the CPU core voltage at 1.55 and and start input voltage at 1.7V. The bios did say that i can more. But it didn't let me go more showing a red text. And if i did it showed me a cpu over voltage error when booting in bios. Till I am on the safe side I am gonna be happy.
  3. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    Here. I am using a custom water loop. What is the VIN5 under motherboard voltages ? Why is it same as CPU-Z core voltage
  4. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    If I am sure the I should look at the VID right ?
  5. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    Thanks. I am actually gonna get this, http://click.intel.com/tuningplan/purchase-a-plan/ Incase if anything goes wrong.. I won't be a stupid to even think about overclocking this cpu anymore.
  6. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    @LogGiCalDrm Is this good, Not overclocked. But in cpu Z the core voltage is stil 1.7xxV. All setting has been left to auto in bios which is default.
  7. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    hahaha didn't know that was coming. The cpu is now running at 36C at default bios settings. Is it good ? it went up over 90C for only minutes and then came back down to 80. It always happens to me no matter what temp is it. It goes up till 50 and back down to 40 I bought the cpu less than 2 weeks ago, could intel find out that the chip was using over 1.75V ? I saw in the OC Panel in Extreme Mode that the target was 1.75V so I thought that 1.75 was safe.
  8. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    New to overclocking Didn't know it was that bad as the final temps went to 100 for about a min and then got back to 80-90 safely. I have CPU-Z shot up there in the pic. See it please. It was overclocked to 4.4GHz and prime 95 ran about 150 mins without any problems. But as of your advice. I am lowering it back to default. I am gonna sell this off and get a 4790k Nooo....and after reading some other overcloking guides, I am suprised as well. Thanks Lowering them down Nah you don't. I was changing the radiator position and rearranging the fans as of http://www.tomshardware.com/faq/id-1858957/airflow-101-setting-fans-keeping-computer-cool.html guide. Because i had my radiators in bottom, the tubes were long and I had to safely clear the coolant to a bottle and then rearrange the radiator and started the watercooling system. My first time using a custom waterloop I am juz 15 though And for your information, the cpu is still running with that voltage
  9. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    The maximum I can go is 4.4GHz. The bios gives me the option to increase the voltage but when the computer starts it says a error, CPU OVER VOLTAGE in bios itself and asking me to change it. Should I remove the waterblock and refit it again ?
  10. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    Here is my result. Is it normal ? As linus said in his video [ i have the same cpu n mobo with RM1000 PSU ] I tried his final setting 46 for the core values and 1.25V for cpu. But that did boot up till rog windows 8 logo and then a BSOD and just a continous loop. So i did this setting, 42 for all cores 1.35 core voltage DRAM 1600mhz freq. My room temp is about 30 degree. Can anyone mention if my fans are configured the correct way. EDIT : 4.3GHZ with same settings. My CPu temp on OC Panel is : 68 Is there a way to change the thing that appears on control panel ? Why is it still @3.50GHz ?
  11. kks21199

    4770k overcloking issues - BSOD

    I have use arctic silver mx-4 paste. The waterblock is tighten down as much as possible. Installation was done as XSPC manual said for socket 1150. I have 2 140mm fans on top, 2 140mm on front pulling air inside. 2 120mm on bottom which is pulling air from bottom and cooling the rx240 radiator. It is a 1650rpm xspc fan. I have only one 140mm fan at the back of the case pushing air away. There are soo many space left in bottom, top and back where the air can go away. I am using phanteks enthoo primo.
  12. Guys, I am trying to overclock my CPU and I continue to get WHEA_uncorrectable_Error in 2 mins after windows starts. i am using Maximus VI extreme mobo with custom waterloop. Here is temps when using prime 95 without overcloking, I have two corsair vengeance pro 2x8Gb 1866mhz sticks. But when I Check in bios it says, 2 x corsair vengeance pro 8gb 1333MHz running @ 1333mhz I use the overcloking presets on bios but it continues to fail. Here is my bios look. http://rog.asus.com/254052013/maximus-motherboards/recommended-settings-for-overclocking-maximus-vi-motherboards/ This is my first time overcloking. Can anyone recommend me the setting i can use
  13. Just a question. If windows worked fine and I could install my gpu driver, does it means that the uefi on gpu is already enabled.
  14. Upddated biso to 1505 using BIOS_updater_for_New_4th_Gen_Intel_Core_Processors1.5M and now boot time is just taking 20 seconds. I guess it is reasonable for a old HDD. And less than 2 seconds in bios.
  15. What can I do, a single game project takes up most of my disk. I normally partition my 500 gb disk to 300 gb for windows local disk. And I will use it for all installations and have my current project files on it. others on the remaining partition and external hdd. I think a 500GB ssd should be enough for me. But right now on this pc I am not sure the the ssd is a problem. I am installing UEFI windows on this pc and let me check it. Before that I will defragment the hdd as you said. Clearing out all partitions and everything. is this good ?