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  • Birthday 1992-02-20

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    Gaming, Cars, Programming, SPORTS.. MAN I LOVE SPORTS
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    Nothing special
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    Stealing from the family


  • CPU
    Intel i5 4570
  • Motherboard
    MSI Gaming B85-G43
  • RAM
    8GB Crucial Ballistix 1600Mhz
  • GPU
    Asus R9 270x
  • Case
    Coolermaster K350
  • Storage
    1 TB Seagate Barraccuda + 120 Samsung Evo
  • PSU
    Corsair CX500M
  • Display(s)
    Philips 24IE
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    FANS BABY, FANS ! ! !
  • Keyboard
    microsoft 10$
  • Mouse
    Razer Abyssus
  • Sound
    Sound Blaster + logitech z5500
  1. Hey Human, I own the z-5500. One thing I cannot understand, is HOW THE F are they priced so damn high !?!?!? I got my own setup at about 300$ brand new, back in the day. One thing I can say for sure, the are POWERFUL. any volume higher that 7/20 will start getting things falling off shelves. The amount and power of the bass is just great. But, the satellites, are its weak point. You will never get Crystal Clear sound from those speakers. LOTS of Lows, LOTS of Mediums, and a "just good" amount of highs. After hearing how other sets perform, I can say that you will never experience that crystal clear magic that other systems can give you. In other words, with the z5500 , you get a crazy power/dollar ratio. ( at least this is what i got, i dont know why the price has gone to the skies) If you really can afford up to 1500$ for audio setup, I would recommend you building / buying a home theater system. If you don't know where to start from, and you simply dont have time to do all the research needed to build one, there are always brands like Bose, Pioneer, Sony etc.. I would start with Pioneer myself
  2. japmee

    LoL VS. DotA 2?

    One cannot really tell which is better. Please, don't even bother getting into an arguement. Both are great games with equally bad communities. Why ? Super-uber-extra bright colours , free to play, easy to alt-tab, all these have a great effect appealing the really young age crowd. My opinion is to play both of them, for 2 or 3 weeks, and the decision will come by itself. If you got friends on a side, you will propably end up to that one. Anyway, I've tried both, League caught my attention a lot more, but both are hard to MASTER. Choose your weapon, mute/ignore those who irritate you, and enjoy your game. PEACE
  3. japmee

    Posting to say

    I really look forward understanding this part
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsdy_rct6uo
  5. japmee

    Posting to say

    haha, thanks but I know it's too simple, cannot be compared to yours, or other crazy builds, (builds I respect indeed) :wub: It's just I don't have my own Income yet.. Better times will come I guess also... you seem to have a good mood in those forums.. damn I miss that feeling
  6. japmee

    Posting to say

    I am currently drinking my morning coffee like a boss, along with some favourite spotify music on my new PC. Let me actually say 2 things about myself, although I bet nobody cares, it's a good way to start the day and also remind myself who I really am.. My real name is Fotis. I am from Greece, 22 years old, studying computer engineering. I should have been finishing my studies right now, but being a single-core cpu myself, wanting to do lots of multitasking (studying, sports, women, games,cars etc etc), I haven't managed to get my studies finished. I recently built my own mid-range PC, after being fed of using laptops for almost 6-7 years. I have also been INACTIVE in tech forums like this, for all those years, and I dont really know why... :sad: I promise that I will do my best in here, to be as positively active as possible, sharing my knowledge. Here is my new PC, which I am looking forward to upgrade in the future: Case: Coolermaster K350 Motherboard: MSI Gaming g43 CPU: Intel i5 4570 (non-k) GPU: ASUS R9 270X (slightly OC'ed) RAM: 8 GB CRUCIAL Ballistix 1600 Storage: 1TB seagate barraccuda 7200 + Samsung Evo 120 ssd some fans some wires some fun etc Have a nice day all of you