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  1. - Lightroom (90% of his work)- DaVinci Resolve- Photoshop
  2. The laptop is so slow to import photos and apply various enhancements hes going mad
  3. Is there a way for him to use his mac thunderbolt display with this?
  4. I was thinking CPU only - Possibly new Gen Ryzen, but I dont know whats overkill and whats required Hes a professional photographer and does some LIGHT video editing too (1080p video rendering) Programs: - Lightroom (90% of his work) - DaVinci Resolve - Photoshop I figure a decent cpu and 16GB of ram and an SSD will sort most of his issues (hes on a 2012 macbook pro... (can salvage SSD from it)
  5. Ireland Weight doesnt really matter, 1080p ideally, and decent battery life - its mostly gona be plugged in anyway
  6. She mainly just uses it for office programs, Netflix, youtube, social media - and usually has a LOT of programs open at once Her budget is about $550 I figure something with a decent quad-core, SSD and 16GB RAM will suffice? But I have no idea on low end components
  7. Just got this mouse noticed a difference in Lclick and Rclick Lclick feels tactile and has a TINY bit of travel post click Rclick feels a bit less tactile and bottoms out pretty much immediately after the switch actuates its also quieter Anyone else notice this? Have I gotten a dud? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1-5DPwhfGRLG_sciGBtctLIOE9mE1Ff43 - Video
  8. Currently running one of these downstairs in my 2 floor house - https://www.belkin.com/au/p/P-F9K1002/ Connectivity upstairs is very slow and even slow in some other rooms in the house. Our connection is 300Mb/s I was wondering if this access point is too weak to permeate the walls in the house and I need to replace it?
  9. When I unplug my headset (front panel) and then plug it back in I cannot hear sound from the application I was just listening (spotify in this case) However, I can hear all other sounds from newly opened apps. Anyone know why this is?
  10. Im giving my brother my old CPU + Mobo + RAM to use in his own build and upgrading my own. Im wondering what exactly I need to do to have windows 10 activated on both machines. As I have it installed on my SSD, but will be giving the old components to him and know its linked to the Mobo somehow. I will buy a new windows license for whichever PC ends up needing it
  11. Blue sparks aboout 1cm long outside the socket. On some occasions. I dont know why I was so stupid to continually pug my system into that outlet T_T Feel its worth mentioning before this there were no problems running it from an outlet in another room for about 8 months
  12. Yeah the socket was sparking sometimes when I plugged in the extension cable for my PSU. I mean I figure thats what it was. Some sort of power surge or something. I took the whole pc apart, mobo, gpu, ram, heatsink and all and there was no sign of any damage on those. The PSU did smell of smoke