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    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
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    ASRock X570M Pro4
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    Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro White (4 X 8GB @ 3200 MHz)
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    MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 2080Ti
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  1. I was actually looking at Switchcraft's M&F connectors on sweetwater but of course, no one puts up reviews to help discern quality from trash but I'll keep Neutrik in mind as I go along. Thank you. I'm sure in about a month or so you'll see the final product somewhere on here or reddit.
  2. Well obviously Shielded is the way to go when talking about audio cabling but I didn't even bother to look at Mogami until you brought them up. Thank you, I'll look into it. Edit: after some consideration and reminding myself that I'm allergic to money Imma go for some of Mogami's wire. Thanks my dude.
  3. Long and short of it is that I'm working on a little project that's going to require me soldering some XLR connections together. The question is simple: do you know of any shielded cables that are worth a damn and I can get in spools?
  4. Remember kids, 52 V power line right next to the 1.7 V data line. Flawless Apple engineering.
  5. Thank you! Now, if you'll excuse me I have to go chuck more money at the deep dark void that is my PC.
  6. Just to make sure we're on the same page, dual rank memory @ 3200 MHz means dick all to 3rd gen Ryzen. That's what I'm gathering from your reply.
  7. I actually didn't know the mem controllers weren't the greatest. That would explain a lot about why I was having so many issues. Didn't quite answer my question but I do appreciate that little tid bit. So allow me to clarify the question a little bit more and I wish had the booklet that my 2600X came with so I could just show you guys. So on the 2000 series there was a difference in how high you could go with your RAMs clock rates depending on whether it was single rank (memory chips on one side of the RAM PCB) or dual rank (memory chips on both sides of the RAM PCB. The question that I'm trying to answer is this: "Does the performance difference between single rank memeory and dual rank memory still exist on Ryzen 3rd gen?" I apologize if my original question was confusing and hopefully rephrasing the question more directly pin points the answer.
  8. So for context I use to use a R5 2600X that used Corsair Vengeance LPX 1 x 16 GB @ 3200 MHz (under clocked to 2133 MHz or something like that) and I could never get the RAM to clock any higher without running into POSTing issues because it was dual rank. With that little bit of context my question is this and this is especially for those who like myself got a R9 3950X. If I were to in theory get a set of dual rank memory would I run into any issues trying to get XMP to work or manually "OC" the RAM (i.e. taking dual rank memory from factory clock of 2133 and putting it at 3200 using XMP and not having a single issue)? Any input would be super useful. I personally know what I want to do I just want to know if dual rank memory is worth it for 3rd gen. Thank you in advance.
  9. Firstly: a fine gentleman in the guru3d comments made a valid point saying and I quote, "The 3080Ti having almost twice the cores than the 3080 seems a little fishy..." I have a hard time trying to justify any comments denying such a statement. The only comment that could be made in opposition would be perhaps the name SKU is misleading and Nvidia is considering reverting back to the original release format that they did with the 10xx series and prior. But that would be dumb as it's been proven that releasing the Titan before the Ti only cannibalizes Titan sales, not that they really sell a lot of them in the first place. Secondly: The geekbench results throw a massive red flag when you look at the CUDA information. Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong but 1.11 GHz max frequency on a 30xx compared to a 1.545 GHz boost clock on a 2080 Ti with base being 1.35 GHz seem to be a little bit of a step backwards. I would be willing to argue that just because you theoretically have near double the CUDAs, doesn't mean you should back off on clocks, if anything keep the clocks the same or give a marginal bump in clock speeds. If I were to spit ball here, which I am, I would spit ball that the info in this spread sheet could possibly be pointing to a workstation card or a server card. Like I said before, I'm spit balling here based on what my gut is telling me, I'm sure someone with more knowledge or experience around this stuff would be willing to fill in the gaps or correct me on any of this. Not trying to be rude, I'm just laying things out that I find that could be red flags.
  10. Damn, I wish my NZXT H400 had the space for a second one AND all of the watercooling I'm about to do to the poor thing.
  11. Not trying to flex everyone, just want to make that clear. These were genuinely my most recent purchases.
  12. Banned for being a literal buzz saw in space.
  13. I had a feeling that might of been it but God damn talk about weird. Anywho, have fun.
  14. Banned for having a wraith spire cooler.
  15. Banned for being a part of the ceiling gang.