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  1. Should have just banned Africans from flying to the US for now, not a racist comment I'm just being real. Risking it just not to appear racist is ridiculous, if that's true I can't believe that's happening. Need to give blacks in TX a wide berth for a few weeks if you live there IMHO.
  2. Did you get busted sexting over the PM system, if so LOL
  3. Not everyone notices/cares about the amount of latency introduced by vsync. However I've also seen you post that you use a TV as a monitor, so you're probably not going to notice the relatively minimal addition in latency caused by vsync over the likely already very slow processor in the TV.
  4. This has become circular, we are back at the point of there being inconsistency in responsiveness due to the peaks in framerate that will exceed the refresh rate. I'm going to stop replying to you now.
  5. Only if the user desires more than 60hz, a lot of console and PC users consider 30fps to be playable.
  6. The same way we now run 1440p above it, that wasn't a very intelligent comment as monitors tend to be kept for a lot longer than gpus and gpus keep getting faster.
  7. No this isn't the case, and I think we'll see more. http://hothardware.com/Reviews/Acer-XB280HK-4K-GSYNC-Gaming-Monitor-Review/
  8. It's subjective, a lot of people are fine with vsync. It also isn't stutter, it's I/O input delay, stutter is what happens when vsync alters the locked framerate.
  9. you adjust your settings to target the average framerate at below the max refresh rate of the monitor, but there will be times when it reaches and exceeds it, and during those times the lag will manifest and the the responsiveness of the experience changes. Locking the framerate is point defeatist.