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  1. That's an awesome build. You can get the 280, it's an awesome performer, but you're saying that energy consumption is an issue so maybe a GTX 760 can give you more power in CUDA applications and games with less energy consumption. Nvidia cards usually needs less power than AMD cards. I would pick the GTX 760 only if you use CUDA applications, that can help you a lot, if not, stick with the 270x or buy a 280. That depends on how much you can to spend
  2. If you can get a 280 get it. But the 760 is also a safe bet, is a good card for less than 250 (you're saying that you have less than 250) Get MSI EVGA or Asus.
  3. I would say the 270, 270x and sometimes the 760 if you find it for cheap For 1080p I think that a 270x is all what you need. But if you want the extra textures, more AA go for a 280.
  4. Isn't the 760 a little bit overkill for that resolution? About the outputs, buy a cheap DVI to VGA adaptor and you're good to go.
  5. The "extra frames" difference is worth despite worst image quality?. There's some TN and TFT monitors for less than this AOC, they're 5ms, so I don't know if that makes any difference or if I better stick with the IPS AOC. So blacks are better in a TN of TFT panel?
  6. Yes, I get less motion blur and things can be more clear, but they're expensive. I would also like a 120hz 1ms monitor but I'm pretty sure that my GTX 760 will hardly achieve 60FPS
  7. Yes Don't worry, I'm stuck between the HAF 912, Corsair 200r, 300r and SPEC-02.HAF 912 and SPEC-02 are the cheapest options, 200r is in the middle and the 300r is the most expensive of the four. Wich one I should buy?
  8. Great, thank you Any suggestions about the case?
  9. So IPS look better overall? I wouldn't bother for the TN panels being "faster", at that price point, all I can get is on the 5ms range. Also, I don't know if my eyes and brain will be able to feel the difference of 3 miliseconds, I don't imagine myself playing battlefield and saying "Yeah, the image quality is all bright, white and crappy, but screw it, I can see my death 3 miliseconds sooner"
  10. Yes, but is more expensive This one is the same as the i2369, just 22", no HDMI, DP and Android stuff (actually I don't need them, but they're nice) this one seems to be the poor man option... A little off topic question: What case I should pick? Corsair SPEC-02 or 300r? The price difference is quite a bit...
  11. O: Awesome, I'm going to buy it without doubts. What difference you found between IPS and TN?
  12. Damn, thanks. I'll see if someone else know the monitor, I don't want to spend money in something that doesn't work well
  13. Hi! I need a new monitor, I currently have a 17" 1440x900 monitor and lot of people told me that I should jump to 1080p. I live in Mexico and I found a cheap 1080p IPS monitor: The AOC I2269vw. It doesn't have HDMI, only DVI and VGA, I don't know if that's bad, and it has 5ms response time. For the price is obviously 60hz. For less money I can buy the BenQ gl2265, cheap ass TN monitor. Also, AA is necessary at 1920x1080? My GTX 760 isn't going to achieve 60 FPS @ Ultra in the games at 1080p, the card can achieve that at 1440x900 but everybody says that is better to run Medium-High at 1080p than Ultra at 900p. Any suggestions about the monitor¿ Thanks