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  1. Florida i typically turn on a fan and point it out the door(plus my ceiling fan on high) when i do 4hr+ gaming sessions not exactly my fault my room is small either playing bf3 with 64 player maps seems to make it the hottest and actually right now due to some of the heat were having down here i have one card sitting back in the box
  2. 99W my build uses 751W and their not OC'ed either it is a good card well worth the extra youll pay for it wont be freaking so hot
  3. sure the gpu temps are fine but it being liquid cooled means its going to be kicking more heat into the space your in not sure about how your living but my room is small something like 13x13 sq ft when a card like this is on in a room this small things tend to heat up to the 70-80 degree range which is lovely in the winter not so in blazing summer heat
  4. look here dude i have 2 r9 290s and while a scaled down version of the r9 290x they are power hungry cards and not only that they also produce a lot of heat in a very short amount of time(great for winter days believe me just turn on your pc and wait awhile for your room to be toasty) Nvidias cards run cooler than amd's cards however, when amd says 4GB of vram they mean 4GB (shots fired)
  5. not a fan of red more a green type guy and looking at the review that linus posted it doesnt
  6. im selling both of my r9 290s to get a 980ti...soon I'm thinking of attempting to sell one to some uneducated smuck for $350-400 if that doesn't work ill sell both for 400 (200 each) and gather another 100-200 either way im getting a 980Ti hopefully with a smexy back plate too P.s im tired of these space heaters
  7. still waiting on something from caselabs you gotta make a video about case labs cases their enthusiast grade cases pretty please linus *gets on knees and begs*
  8. so playing JC2 (it is storming outside right now) and i have the corsair m65 in military green, when out of nowhere my pinkie finger gets a massive shock (like static electricity and there was a audible pop sound) still kinda hurts too has anyone ever had this happen to them before getting a shock through something? the really strange thing though is it didn't turn off my computer..but for it to get to me it had to go into my psu through my computer etc etc to my hand (Florida has really high humidity which pretty much eliminates most static build up) this is the strangest thing that has happened to me all year
  9. i live in FL you all are lucky it was like 89-92 in my room today(twas raining today) damned pc i really wanna switch to a 980(Ti crosses fingers) but any way passive cooling is possible just going to take a lot of rads to do so, but if you had a good deal of rad space and quite a few fans you could theoretically run the fans at much lower speeds say like 200-500 rpm? and still get decent temps maybe... just maybe
  10. Using its sensors and cameras, the cuddly toy would be able to sense your presence and turn its head around to look at you------NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE that just a whole lotta NOPE too creepy
  11. erhm software stuff from AMD how i did it
  12. when i get around to my $5000 dollar build i'll throw in an ikea desk too but that will be in a few years when like i have money to just wish away everyone's got a hobby right?
  13. stock market prob or as mentioned steam cards
  14. be a part of the steam hardware survey .01% of people use a 36 core machine to game on rofl the results @linustech so um what would happen if you put two 5960x in the server motherboard? just wouldn't boot i suppose?
  15. I would have just flat told them what it was to avoid damage to the card
  16. My description says I have r9 290s but I built my brothers computer and he got the 280x from sapphire (vapor? He got the blue cooler)card runs great however he isn't an avid overclocker so he hasn't done that and probably won't sadly
  17. I've looked at a builder called xidax they look pretty good from the surface mind you I built my own, so look into them they don't seem too expensive compares to origin, ibuypower etc..
  18. Using the schools "wifi"...said some teacher its called bandwidth dust I litteraly clean my dust filters every 2 weeks
  19. pretty standard setup intake through the front exhaust through rear/top
  20. ....? not quite sure what your asking the RAM is used by the cpu as a "deskspace" the video card has its own set of ram that is completely separate from the cpu which is much faster than your cpu ram
  21. alot of people still use cpus to game anyway because they went to some store a bought a computer is what i was talking about not the enthusiast platform where most of us use high end gpu's and never have much of an issue
  22. i have 290s great cards but the 970s weren't out when i bought mine go with 970's the 290's are HOT cards i mean like Sahara desert hot