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  1. closing on 200 although ive been on here for more than a year...like my sig says i don't always post things but when i do
  2. cant buy r9 290's any more last i check on pcpartpicker greyed out unless used somewhere
  3. bringing this thread back from the dead because i see no need to create a new one any way does anyone know if there are reference models of the 980Ti that come with back plates or where i can buy a back plate to add to the card without a WC block?
  4. not army pffft air force not saying that will be my sign on bonus could be more could be less too
  5. along with AP psychology also had honors physics and my junior year took chemistry...i love science a tad too much
  6. good luck with AP, i personally took AP psychology great class but ill warn you AP doesn't stand for advanced placement it actually stands for advanced procrastinator...true story i always did my AP homework the night before it was due even though we had homework calendars for the month. yup lazy but i did it and still passed that class with a B
  7. i'll be staying on the ground as well never been a fan of heights but then again if i have to i will and thank you for your service
  8. not officer i plan on doing 4 years(possibly 8 still a long way away and in the air) and hopefully getting a degree in computer engineering with a minor in electrical engineering or something like that to get hired by some big company so i can be behind the next titan or fury or like *insert ridiculous amount of cores on cpu here* computer chip maybe ill be the guy to push muti- threaded games to be common??? something big go big or go home
  9. 40K in the stock market already thanks to the parents a long long time ago and only growing(auto reinvest) i don't plan on touching it until i really really need to, wasnt concerned about boot not after 4 years njrotc which means automatic E3 , i dont intend on blowing the whole signing on bonus just a bit of it to spoil myself with because it was a B**** to convince my mom to get my current rig so its kinda like a finger to them but my rig will go to my little brother most likely grandparents not parents whoops
  10. if i get the job i want in the U.s airforce ill be working on computers(replacing dead hardware/ software crashes) in some top secret locations *crossing fingers*
  11. not so much here NJROTC number 1 unit in the nation and I'm going to miss it. Although the people who attended our school...putting it nicely they were not so bright and most of them sagged which annoyed me that's a GG my friend
  12. not sure...maybe? if it means not going to public schools any more and going to uni?
  13. I'M GRADUATED NOW! WOOT made it guys now to join the airforce then after boot camp a little treat to myself...a $5000 dollar treat price to performance is going out the window it'll be a few months though
  14. i don't think you understand there buddy all those things are sponsored no money came out of his pocket, where as scrapyard wars they don't have sponsors for so anything they do is with their own cash YouTube ads don't make much(as far as i know) and some people still use ad block like D-bags
  15. You can buy 2 980Ti's for like $300 more than 1 titan x there wasn't a question here
  16. Razer is nothing but cheap overpriced plastic that will break in less than a year corsair is durable my mouse is abs plastic with aluminum chassis not going to break anytime soon...just my opinion and yes I have owned a razor product before.
  17. Millions and billions of transistors turning on and off...about all I know
  18. you are entitled to your opinion however heat is a major issue with them so ill switch to green AMD is great the original reason i went with amd was the excellent price-to-performance ratio but i didn't think the heat would bother me so its not a horsepower upgrade...(although ill need to start looking at some 4K monitors ) but reduction of heat expelled and less power consumed by only have 1 card not 2
  19. great cards(they were amazing) but i'm switching to a 980Ti and then getting a higher res monitor(3 monitor set up) HYPE
  20. Tax here is 7.25% and minimum wage is 8.05 I think or 8.25 not totally sure
  21. naw i have other games like plague inc and JC2 skyrim city skylines...etc if my favorite game was by the amount of played time its skyrim by far i mean like close to 200 hours on the game according to steam
  22. two words- goat simulator... nuff said