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  1. so i have 2 4GB cards and was recently playing skyrim which i modded a little, 30 ish mods then i added a few more (50 ish) and a few more (80) and out of the total 80 mods i'd say about 20-30 are textures ranging from 2k-4k resolution. Well since i have this many my game has not been running smoothly, and i pondered the question if it was well me using all of my vram since i know high res textures will chew through it like no other. is there a program that monitors vram usage?
  2. the only one i could think of doing this would be IBM for the CPU side since they did make the first 7nm CPU
  3. reaching isnt a problem for the first one but sometimes during the summer i would pull out the second graphics card just cause it was too much heat i just used a screwdriver that was cut off so it was essentially a rod with a handle
  4. i have dual 290s and i have 40+ mods on skyrim 200+ mods on minecraft 30 mods on beamng.drive and while my cards are older still handle fine at 1080P not sure if your shooting for higher res though
  5. personally here AMD because when i got my build i could get 2 r9 290's for the price of 1 780Ti
  6. actually if i get the job i want( probably not) ill be working on computers for the AF so yeah lol
  7. no clue yet hopefully somewhere else because FL gets really boring for 18 years
  8. Tuesday I go to MEPS (for those who don't live in the states its basically a really long physical) to swear in with the USAF. super excited, waited a long time for this to finally be moving out of my parents house soon
  9. you don't have to build a 2k pc you can build a one for $800- 10k but the ideal price to performance ratio is about 2000-2500. its really not hard trust me you wont break anything either i did my first one just over a year ago and it went fine take your time, follow some guides. i was in the same boat i wanted to play games on high settings and i couldn't because my laptop had a core i3 3110M and welcome to the PCMR didnt see other posts.... about the mobility issue just build later mk?
  10. corsair 750D best case hands down then again i might be a fanboy but oh well
  11. ok guys now settle down this is going to be a story about the time i replace the thermal paste and fan on a laptop. So a few days ago i get a message saying that my laptop fan is basically dying i told my mother and went to amazon found a replacement fan and some nice arctic silver 5 to boot. My girlfriend said why don't you just buy a new laptop...and i replied to her because i don't have another $700 dollars burninga hole in my pocket right this minute. so my mother buys the fan and thermal compound it arrived around noon today (4 hours ago) i ate some lunch and got to work removing the battery then the back sidescrews,the hard drive, wireless card and any other visible screws. Now i flipped it back over and started gently prying at the keyboard and then there were more screws to be removed yay.... i actually broke theplastic piece that holds the keyboard but it still works fine. now i pried the plastic body of the laptop apart reviling the motherboard and i could see the fan on the other side so i had to remove a few moreconnectors like the main power in and i scrub off that old compound after struggling to get the board to come out and the back plate off mostly because hp decided to apply an adhesive to the back plate....likewhut why is that there. The fan was connected to the single heatpipe by two screws and a bit of metal, so i unscrewed them and put the new fan in its place then applied the arctic silver to the cpu(i3 3110M) and started to put the laptop back together which took me like 10 minutes and i managed to plug in every single connector execpt for the fan i just replaced so i got to do everything above again just to plug in thefan and afterward man was it rewarding to see the temperatures unfortunately i don't have any pictures but before when i was sitting doing nothing with the laptop it would sit at 40-44C now it it sits at 34-37cand no more overheating/ fan dying messages either... woot laptop saved. sorry i felt like sharing this because i didn't have to send it back to HP(needed it for my flight in 1 week to my GF's house) and deal withtheir crappy customer support and saved a bunch of money by doing so.
  12. ok guys we just got a brand new printer, to replace our 7 year old one that kept going offline but now the new one is also going offline. we also just got a router last year when i was building my new computer. we have 5 laptops, 4 phones, 2 desktops and 2 tablets. my questions are 1. is there a limit on the number of devices you can connect to a modem? and could this cause a printer to go offline if this limit is exceeded? we have the default modem from cox which I know is....not the greatest.
  13. The wall adapter came from and old li ion battery charger for an rc car,I just removed the connector at the end, as with the fans I'm running. Didn't know about the parallel thing I'm just messing around (and using basic electrical safety ofc) just wasn't sure if the voltage would split to 6v and 6v but I'll run them parallel now thanks.
  14. So I have an adapter, that takes the 110V from the wall and steps it down to 11.6V and 168ma. I've been playing around with some 12v old computer fans if I wanted to run 2 in series would I need 24 volts? Or 12v?
  15. my system pulls 751W of power from the wall and i have an 850W psu and i have an OC'ed cpu you'll be fine mate. 100 watts extra is fine
  16. don't think so, i wish i hadn't done so poorly in my 9th&10 grade years in high school i'm only 18 so.
  17. time to get another copy of windows 600GB isnt going to fit on 250gb GG
  18. Couldn't I just move the os from the HDD to the ssd?
  19. Sata not data 0...autocorrect as I'm on my phone
  20. So I got my new ssd on primeday( despite not many good deals) and got around to installing it yesterday but now the only thing it says is " reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key" 1. Why doesn't it just boot from the HDD which has win 7 and is in the data 0 port as well? I'm so confused here