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  1. you guys are very kind, if i can have the permission i may post it(in due time of course) here or pm each one of you if i can not and if no response is given i'll just pm you guys thanks in advance for your time, like seriously means alot
  2. im asking for assistance from the LTT community in case i miss something, because this is a first time bulid(ish) because in 09 i watched someone bulid a pc and sure i asked questions but i was extremely young aswell as well that was five years ago and mobo's didnt even have space behind them yet at least our case didnt i can spend another 2 months planning(and watching alll of the LTT videos not to mention newegg builds but their not nearly as instructive as linus) this but there isnt anything quite like having someone with more experience than you giving little nudges in the right direction =P
  3. didn't mean for it to come across that way, i apologize if it did or was in any way
  4. ok so in a few days(2-3 hopefully) i will be ordering my parts for my $2000 PC build and was wondering if i could post my twitch url here so i could get some of the LTT peeps that might spot something i didn't do like putting in the rear IO panel, but where would i even post such thing?( i did read the CoC and got the just of things like don't be a douche) OK i have watched every single build guide Linus has put up but still having some other people with with some experience guiding/ helping along would be so....well helpful, so i'm asking for 1. a moderator/admin to confirm i can do this(i 'd rather ask for permission than just do it and know it isn't againt the rules) and 2. the community's help when i do this thanks in advance. P.S i put this thread here because it's technically planning, not sure if i should have put it elsewhere....
  5. i do believe in one of LTT videos he said 4K has sizing issues....so something to consider
  6. i got into tech back in 09 when one of my moms co-workers did some super secret work and he knew how to build computers so he built one for us @600 USD and of course back then i was only in 5th grade or something like that you get the point right i was little.... so after the computer was built several months later they moved away and my interest in tech went too because well i had no way of doing anything so...flash forward to Christmas of 2012 when on the same day as getting this laptop i'm on now, my cat that i had for 8 years died....R.I.P flyer now that laptop the one i'm on now is well not so suited for hard to run games the thing sounds like a jet plane when i'm playing simcity or WOW and flash forward to two months ago i saw my first LTT video it was the $1500 build guide then i watch the $2000 build guide and that renewed my interest into computers since that day i have watch every single LTT video on every single channel as well as some tek syndicate and some others so yup thats my story and i'm sticking to it
  7. thank you to every one, this is kinda just a restatement now you give me too many choices lol eh i'll look at some reviews on all of the linked ones and any others that pop in late i have a while before i order any parts i'm loving the look of the super flower.....its just soo....so......ummmm? im at a lack of words here unique?
  8. i thought that is what the wan show was for.... whoops
  9. what made it really funny was your profile picture lol
  10. LINUS cares about IE he uses it on the wan show and gets wreaked for it
  11. Titan z *cough cough* only the rich could afford such a thing at this time with the price of 4k and a titan z (most people think it is a waste of money but for someone who wants decent frame rates on a 4k monitor) i do think the titan z is a waste of money JS
  12. i nearly spit water all over my screen when i read this, i remember we bought one of those when i was like 7 or 8 and im 17 now and still use it mostly for fruit smoothies and it is indeed super powerful, and a little more off topic here but i like putting water in it and putting it on the variable setting and setting it down to one, make a really cool vortex
  13. whoops, didn't quite understand, thanks though for clarifying
  14. ok so there are some chips out there that can be used in dual configs but, what about a computer that wasn't just for a home server using dual 4770k,4930k?(i think) or 8350, so like all CPU chipsets being dual/tri/quad and having a prebulit dual cpu becomes the norm for everyday life and gamer's suddenly start using quad cpus? "shenanigans"
  15. well and the benefit of putting your own PC together it's unique to you just something that hasn't been mentioned before because some people care about the ascetic look and find both ps4 and xbox one fugly in the one and only color of black (mind you i was a xbox 360 gamer until they came out) however you can customize the controller but that is it(getting like a BF4 controller or something), to my knowledge without voiding your warranty
  16. shad0w i did indeed steal because it was really mesmerizing, and i really liked it it's my desktop background now too
  17. so what if you could run multiple CPU'S,(dual 4770k's, would that be bragging rights, imagine the OC capabilities for both AMD and intel) the way i see it is that they could share a load therefore less heat and could be done even quicker or have like two 4.4GHz processors essentially 8.8 GHz, is this even possible? do they make mobo's to hold two CPU's? IS this even theoretically possible with today's tech? This as to my knowledge hasn't been done before(this thread i mean)...but what about even tri-CPU's, so essentially what i am saying crossfire/SLI for CPU's ,or is this an entirely just stuiped idea all together?
  18. If you wanted to visualize your airflow try picking up a little bit of dry ice and put some in a cup so the Co2 goes into the intake it, and maybe that will give you an idea how how the air is flowing through your case and then if you need to make any adjustments to try and improve your temps unless your comfortable with 60 degrees C and 70 degrees C. =P
  19. so basically the problem is I am building a PC here very soon, my build theme is blue/white and....i cant seem to find and white PSU's that fit the 600W that i need I've seen like 1000W but that overkill and preferably semi or fully modular but if not i don't care, recommendations anyone? also considering just getting a black PSU then finding some special paint to paint it white and if someone has experience doing that please do recommend the paint you used, thank you in advance and my build is here http://pcpartpicker.com/p/FZFtK8