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  1. Upgrade to 1700X from 1600?

    wait for next year so that you get higher clocks
  2. i think the adpocalypse is evolving then, its now the youtube apocalypse
  3. maybe the text is the same color as the background?
  4. How much could I sell a Fury X + EK waterblock for?

    i dont see many people needing the ekwb, so its value to other people will be low
  5. Ryzen CPU

    the world is in a tiping point right now, 4 cores are now the low end, so don't get yourself into that place unless you plan to upgrade when ryzen+ or ryzen 2 arrives, then maybe, but if not dont by a 4 core cpu
  6. Holy crap,that`s really amazing

    there are such cards but they are workstation cards and are really expensive, plus the gpu itself is just like the ones on the market at the time so it has way more memory than ou would ever need
  7. Why does Facebook not show comments for some posts.

    thats probably a feature to obscure certain posts, facebook is evil
  8. I have a confession

    not easy to do when you have intel doing their shady bussiness.(look down for more) the problem is that is not why intel is so big right now, intel has done almost every illegal, shady and unethical thing under the sun to make amd go bankrupt, from breaking 2+ year contracts just after the first one (ibm supply agreement), to bribing all the big oems into not selling amd computers, to the point where when amd had their opteron server cpus (which were better than intel chips at the time) amd couldn't have their cpus sold by oems not even by giving away millions of cpus (for free). they also bribed a japan company and manage to completely remove amd from the market when amd had their best cpus, btw all this is illegal and they mostly got away with it,
  9. still its very hard to get the batteries to do anything interesting, as they are individually fused, cooled with water and very well packed @Nite-Ninja they probably cant have regenerative braking on all wheels without having a motor on each wheel too, so thats probably not happening, they would probably stick with air brakes on the trailer, in your climate the batteries would be very sad, about hight they probably will implement something to allow you to set it, even then this will only make the most sense in smaller roots near big cities. because they have 4 motors they can probably have very good braking with just the motors, hopefully we get some numbers on what the system can do,
  10. M.2 from laptop not working in x370 Mobo

    it might be a sata m.2 drive, the board might not support it
  11. i was referring to air brake, as in using the engine as a compressor in order to slow the truck down, i forgot about the trailer brakes , pretty good question, but i dont see why they would change the system, as i cant think of a better way to brake using the trailer, and indeed it seems like a deal killer
  12. @Egg-Roll its bullshit to a certain point, it probably wears so slowly that you don't need to chance the brake pads in the normal lifetime of such truck, but you know they gotta have them buzz words
  13. PSU for Workstation

    you will be fine with any of them
  14. Any must have Mods for Skyrim?

    the forgotten city is one of them, cbbe , skyui, the paarthurnax dilemma, sofia follower, recorder follower,
  15. How to keep this build cool?

    its not easy to tell, the way i do it is i search on google images for images of the case using water coolers, there are a bunch of them so it will probably work