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  1. AMD Ryzen 2 Review Mega Thread

    well it is but it would have less marketing appeal if they called it something like 1X50(x), and the + was applied to Zen meaning its a refined architecture and not exactly to ryzen
  2. AMD Ryzen 2 Review Mega Thread

    stock for stock it really isnt though
  3. gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    thats GREAT news, and i dont need to tell you why the question is when will we see the first product with it
  4. gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    agreed with the first part, but by then there is a good chance that mining wont last that long, profitability is so low right now
  5. gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    i wouldn't expect navi until at least january vega 7nm might see a summer release but i don't expect navi to do the same as for that they need much more volume, and then vega wouldn't help much as a pipe cleaner
  6. AMD Ryzen 2 Review Mega Thread

    sorry to say this but you are wrong, this is very important to amd, first because it gives them a much needed refresh of the bench data which means that optimizations and bios improvements made can be seen, secondly the better boost means that for the average joe that doesn't overclock this is quite a bit faster than if they had gotten ryzen 1, and then it helps keeping the ryzen name fresh in peoples heads. sure its not a huge improvement but thats not a bad thing after all its been only a year so there isn't too much they could have done, and even then the improvements to the cache for example are quite impressive
  7. gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    we already got 44cus with the 290x which in my mind is a pretty dam good balance between cus and the rest (when at 64 rops), but you are probably right in that having more than 2 dies would be quite dificult if memory is handled by the driver which for me means they need bigger dies the way i think is that if the go mcm they really need to push it as far as they can to take as much advantage of that as possible because nvidea is also going to do it sooner or later and it would be very helpful for amd if they had more market share by that time, plus amd really needs its mind share, i was talking just yesterday with a collegue of my uni that while knowing about intel and amd cpus and having a ryzen gpu himself didn't know amd also made gpus
  8. gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    having 2 dies that small could be good or bad, it makes even the 580 tier need more than one die but it could allow for having 64rops and 32 cus which if they can have 4 dies it could be really powerful, hmm there might be a reason to only have 32 cus after all
  9. ya that should do the trick
  10. gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    i think they need to do both anyways because even if they go mcm they will endup at the 64rop/cu limit in no time flat (good chance it could happen in the second gen),which one will be first i have no clue, but vega already having IF gluing everything together could point to a design mcm in the works
  11. it could be the harddrive taking its time to load the needed files, watch the hdd utilization it might show you the problem
  12. gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    it should give them a good head start, but even for the midrange it would be best if they could make the gpu pipeline more Thicc, that scalable thing has me really dying to know what it means, it will also show what raja was able to muster i think they need to go all out or risk getting destroyed when nvidea arrives on 7nm as they aren't limited by how far they can scale their gpu, even a full sized vega die would be small enough
  13. gtx 1180 leaks and infofmation from wccftech

    7nm should be a great equalizer for the whole industry, it will be very fun
  14. get the apu instead it will be faster for a similar amount of money while also having a better imc