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  1. There is so much wrong with that video it's not even funny. One of the main problems is that he doesn't test during any significant amount of time where the better cooler would help maintain clocks. He tests one benchmark for 10s that's nothing.
  2. 7700 vs 1600 and ram opinion

    asus has the best bios in the business
  3. never, probably, as you will always have more power/heat headroom by having the gpu separate from the gpu
  4. 7700 vs 1600 and ram opinion

    just avoid, gigabyte and msi, as one of those have problems with bad bios and stability, because this socket will be supported until 2020 aka ryzen 3, i would advise you to spend a bit more and get something like the b350-f which as a much better vrm and good audio. by 2020 you can just pop a 12core+ chip in there and be happy for a long time (12 core coming with ryzen 2)
  5. 7700 vs 1600 and ram opinion

    dont get the 7700, ryzen has a much better upgrade path down the line, its a much more powerful cpu in terms of raw power, its more efficient, its overclokable, it comes with a better cooler, it runs cooler, no problem running 60fps at all, only in the 100++ do you see any significant differences
  6. intel is doing all the right moves to allow amd to beat it very soon , i believe 2 years of an dominant amd will be enough to have a good battle long term
  7. watercooling GPU

    just went to nzxt's site and they say its compatible
  8. watercooling GPU

    i think it is there is a youtuber that has it, let me search for it
  9. probably using amd to allow them to build a chip and not get sued over it, although it would be to their beneficent to take advantage of amd's semi-custom portfolio
  10. its the same problem that the 480s had, too much stock voltage, which seems to be because of amd trying to get as many working dies as they can, they need a new way to set voltages and fast
  11. its just like the pc vs consoles, android has to support a lot more devices, and feature levels so optimizing is more difficult
  12. Radeon HD 5870

    i meant that for that resolution it wasn't a problem (probably)
  13. Ryzen 3 Or Ryzen 5 for my setup

    i would get the 1600