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  1. contact me when it has a removable battery, untill then i will stay with my s4, plus i like smaller phones better (5inch = perfect)
  2. it really depends on the construction of the hdd and how strong the magnet is because the case of the hdd will protect the hdd for a while but if the magnet is strong enough it will kill it, if it wasnt for the silicon seal around the hdd it would be safer as it would make a better faraday cage, the only way of knowing the distance is with a experiment
  3. Twitter purge backfires...

    i think we are in a time where things must be done to prevent giant corporations from having complete control over information, i think these companies should be seen the same way that we see electricity and water providers, they must not dictate how you use it unless its a crime somehow, if nothing is done to uphold free speech truth wont last long and the only thing left will be propaganda
  4. ok we need more info. does it happens only after some time after starting the game? if you let the pc off for a while, does it take longer to freeze? if it just froze, and you restart the pc does it take less time to get frozen again? how old is the psu? have you tried another psu? also try to run hwinfo 64, and start logging all info (there is a small button on the right bottom corner for it) then try to capture one of those freezes and send us the log files, (we should be able to tell if its temp related, vrm related maybe even tell if its psu related
  5. https://videocardz.com/review/pci-express-riser-extender-test
  6. Cpu x299 msi

    or threadripper if he really needs the cores
  7. some people think he is a shill for asus because he gets many asus products to review, he talked about it in a video thought, its just that asus sends him more stuff than the other companies he also always points out if there are things wrong with it
  8. Samsung unveils 30TB 2.5" SSD

    also there is a good change that there is no controller that can control that many nand chips
  9. Samsung unveils 30TB 2.5" SSD

    2.5 inch is very popular in servers, and this way they can have many more drivers per server, which means better perf and redundancy
  10. BF4 Frame rate issue

    Do you use a custom user cfg? Try running the game without it if you have one
  11. i myself believe it will be around 9-13% because of the more complex boosting algo which on lightly threaded benchmarks should help keep clocks a bit higher, plus the memory improvements
  12. well amd has been really quiet about new products ever since vega was released, they aren't hyping anything, this article is exaggerated as all it shows is 200mhz uplift from the 1600, but writers have to get their clickbait in there, you can't blame amd for that, if we filter that we can get a good idea of how the product might be.
  13. people have known that ryzen+ should be around 4.5 if glofo's claims are true for longer than the recent time bug exploit, what probably happened is that the guy that faked the result thought that it would be a good frequency to fake as it wouldn't be too outlandish.
  14. its on a refined node, but also ryzen 1 is on its more dense lower clocking version, because this new ryzen chips wont be used for epyc servers they can use the less dense better clocking library which by itself should help with max clocks, add to that whatever improvements glofo made, i don't see why they wouldn't be able to achieve a 10% perf increase. (btw 10% perf increase is a claim from glofo themselves on a pdf talking about 12nm comparing it to 16/14nm from competing companies )