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  1. dont forget apple most likely gets info on amd's products much sooner than public releases specifically because of this, and and has had rome samples working for a long long time probably close to a year
  2. considering casual programmers were able to get x570 working almost perfectly with macOS, i really dont see the move from one to another to take that long, its all x86, and most talk in pcie, a few months of work sure, but not much more and they being apple they would surely be able to get a custom epyc sku with higher boosts on single core, and would have gotten a much faster product in the end, specially with them wanting higher bandwidth between the cpu and gpus
  3. there were some rumors amd is also looking to increase L1/L2 bandwidth a lot, since they are behind on that one, not sure if the rumor was for zen 3 or 4 though
  4. i dont think amd would be caught of guard because of either arm or risk-v, they have already done various arm processors, and probably only stopped due to them being in a bad situation financially, with their know how they would also not have much of a problem moving to arm/risk-v if need be, they are certainly playing close attention to that part of the market. 1980s like improvements is a bit much, but i can see a big step like improvement coming from moving to have hbm like memory on package, and another from moving the cores themselves to a better semi conductor, the latter will take time but should completely change the market, that is probably when amd will in the most danger of dying. the word i would use for the next decade would probably be turbulent
  5. this is an improvement, but i agree with you, they just have to move the disk down, and place another head on the top of the drive
  6. with we so close to the next big thing having amd dominate for a few years would probably end up being better long term, btw pretty sure x86 patent will expire pretty soon so we might see some new players try to enter the market
  7. apple's bad design being copied is not a good thing though personally i really dislike the design, hell gta vice city cars had more poligons than this, the other 2 trucks coming from the other 2 companies look much much better, with one getting the function before form just right, and the other one is enough utilitarian while being gorgeous
  8. you are wrong in that, the consumer sales are their biggest earners for both amd and nvidia, the workstation market is a nice bonus
  9. usually the nodes are measured at close to their peak efficiency, which usually means around were the cpus have their base clocks, so those can see 10% increase while at the top it could have no improvement at all or a small one
  10. with amd probably going the interposer and hbm route pretty soon, i dont expect them to be able to clock much higher, heat density is already a really big problem, so unless they can increase tjmax to increase heat transfer i dont see clocks increasing much, now gate all around fets might help with this by reducing power per transistor but intel should also be working on that,
  11. no 5% is not much, it just takes some ask for promotion/ salary increases a bit more often to create such a disparity, an women do tend to ask for them less often than men do,
  12. most of those studies are bs, they dont take into account the dozens of variables that need to be taken care of, the real wage gap in most of the west is 5% if that
  13. if its the same as here in portugal yes we have a full month's worth by the end of the year, though to be honest here things are really bad, most people now dont hire people long term as the amount of "Rights" workers have is so large companies cant afford it, so they fall back to i believe 4 month contracts which have very little rights, over regulation is a big problem here
  14. it should be just a cache layer, shouldn't need recoding on the side of 3rd parties (outside of possible optimizations)
  15. but amd now expects 40%+ profit margins, that 75 bucks per stack is a very significant part of the raw cost of the chip for amd, specially as epyc will probably have multiple of these chips 2-4 is my guess