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  1. too late :-(
  2. small, proprietary Ethernet port that requires an adapter to plug into wired networks.
  3. not really as those giant plants can achieve much higher efficiency and lower emissions because weight and price is not a problem
  4. mean while in china.... we need to vote with our wallets and stop using their products
  5. the pollution because of an entire country changing all cars so fast would probably be worse. but hey cheaper cars for europe :-)
  6. this is why Europe is in the shiter, always putting everything on its arms instead of using its influence to make others reduce their pollution (read china)
  7. most other places use sugar cane to do it, so i guess it affect on food depends on where you live, ramble btw even in africa there is lots of food being spoiled, as some times there are old huge plantations that still produce some what that don't have roads to it (there is one of pinaple, and another of mango in mozambique for example), most of it just rots away. btw africa kind of deserves its fate, if you try to do any business there like making corn, you will be fucked at every step of the way, i saw a company shutting down (it was there first year i think) because the fuckers stole 90% of the production. they planted in circles to be easy to water it, they just left 40 cm of corn at the end of the circle to hide it all rest was gone. Fact: most african countries only use democracy as a cover up (same party since independence with always 80% of the votes even when the whole country seems against them ya right )
  8. you don't need to do it, but that ever stopped anyone from doing it. gotta get that extra 5fps over the 150 it was getting already ;-)
  9. ryzen has some stuff integrated, like usb 3, but lacks important stuff for consumers like sata (on enterprise they always use raid controllers for that )
  10. it means that things like: i am gonna get a 4 core and 3 years latter get a 8 core much more feasible. 2020 probably means ryzen+, ryzen 2 maybe 3, which mean one more gen on the same socket than intel at the minimum
  11. they can change anything they like and still do it in the same socket, you only need to change sockets if you add new memory standards many more pci-e, or if the cpu needs a bunch more current
  12. amd has comfirmed that they will support am4 until 2020, so ryzen+ and ryzen 2 will run on am4
  13. so we need more energy, so what, build a few molten salt reactors and problem solved, the amount of rare materials in batteries is small and the new battery tech being worked on will reduce its use further, but i do agree that more cars should be running ethanol based fuel. but i also thing we will not go anywhere if we dont really force china and india to get their shit together
  14. its also on the amds slides
  15. ryzen + and ryzen 2, will be supported in am4, what is the upgrade ability of a platform that is already discontinued :-| .