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  1. So I own a domain from Squarespace, and I want to be able to access my home server from "domainname.com/servername" or domainname.com/portnumber" or something as that, and I have no clue where to begin. Anyone have a solution for me?
  2. Red team getting wrecked on haha. Wanted to stick with green team anyway. thank you everyone just that was enough to make the decision. Newegg here I come
  3. So I'm upgrading my 1060 3g so my girlfriend can have it, and I'm stuck on which one. Or should I be looking at something else? TIA
  4. Thank you, just finished completing the form
  5. So I'm interested in buying this domain, but I'm having a hard time contacting them. Apparently, it says to contact them via WeChat (at least according to google translate, which seems to be correct) however, because of security or something, I cannot make a WeChat account. So, I came here to enlist some "help?". If anyone has some ideas, can help, has WeChat, anything, it would be much appreciated. www.wycg.com
  6. All I can say to this is it isn't the NAS, right has it connects for the copy, Windows says the file is missing or cannot be found and stops the connection
  7. The disk is an external USB drive and its using NTFS. And the location it should be is on a share on my NAS
  8. File system is NTFS. I've made a image, and its just some seasons of a old tv show, and some movies, so not that big of a deal, but I know on of the shows I won't be able to get again. scan disk goes through and says it fine.
  9. I can't duplicate it because this was the last of the files. 4 folders, with video files in each. Any recommendations for recovery? And this was the only one I had, I was copying to my NAS for a backup of it ironically
  10. Sorry I typed fast, it is only with some files, some are fine. Smart scan was good, and everything else points that the hard drive isn't failing. I don't want to try another file or folder and have more disappear but I might here in a minute. Copying does that same thing, says it is no longer there or can be found, then disappears from the source folder
  11. So, I ran into this problem before but it wasn't a big deal, but now the whole drive is doing it. When moving files/folders from a 1TB hard drive to my new NAS, Windows says "this file is no missing or no longer in this location" or whatever that message is, then the files disappear from the source. Anyone have a solution or ideas of what I need to do. About 890 GB of old movies I can't get back.
  12. So, simple, it says I have no internet, but I do. Honestly, the little yellow icon is just really bothering me. I've reinstalled the drivers, and tried "too troubleshoot" the issue Windows thinks it is, but it just resets the adapter and reboots, and doesn't do a thing. Anyone thing they can help?
  13. So, I had a data loss scare recently, and I decided that 2 3TB Western Digital My Book drives connected to my router for sharing locally and externally just isn't good for me anymore. So, I messed around with FreeNAS and decided that I'm going to move to that, but I can't find a case at all that will work for me so here I am. I'm putting an ITX mobo in it so small is okay, and I'm also looking to stay cheap. <$100, near $50 would make me happy. I fell in love with the Lian Li PC-Q26 but I can't find it from a good retailer and the 2 I found on eBay were out of the question overpriced. So, help anymore?
  14. i5 7400 and a 1060. I grew up in Rawlins, but in July moved to Casper.
  15. Yes, all of your multiplayer characters will come over with the same levels and everything. You will have to restart store mode, however.
  16. So, GTA V was discounted again on Steam and I decided to get it. But when started store mode (with the Rockstar Logo) there is bad artifacting. It is fine after, but when getting get in, it refuses to go fullscreen and won't let me set any resolution besides 800 x 600. Help? haha
  17. I hope so, and that would be cause me getting the rest of my stuff, just mobo, CPU, ram and cooler is at least a month or so out. Just gonna be a 1440p gaming. Nothing crazy I want outta this old thing. And I don't want to be dropping more money when I just need it to get by for a little bit
  18. 1440p and mainstream games Just gonna be gaming until I finish up the the build in a month or two Thank you very much. I'm just looking to get something but as I'm going to pick up a 1700 or 7700k here in a month or two. Just tapped out after picking up a monitor, keyboard etc. with the case, psu and gpu I wanted. Just gonna be temporary but seeing asking if it was going to be really bad. And correct. It's some Foxconn board. Doesn't have all that much bling
  19. So, I have a older HP Pro 3400 MT laying around and I was wonder if anyone could tell me if it's i5 2300 is going to be a bottleneck for a 1080 (yes I'm getting a 1080 because I can't find a 1070 that's priced reasonably for the life of me) and I would like to wait to get my CPU, motherboard, ram and cooler for a little while longer. Thanks in advance.
  20. It's the best thing ever. Me and my cousin are in the same room and used to not be able to talking in chat cause of the delay and it messed with us. this is amazing, even better than razer comms now c:
  21. So I've used Verizon cloud to backup all my messages, but I forgot my login, and it doesn't autologin like my other phone. Plus it only has the messages up till I stopped using my turbo 1 about two months ago. Any who. I'm trying to get my texts from my Droid Turbo and Turbo 2 onto this S7 edge. I have the xml backups for the Turbo 1(its formated and my cousins now) and 2 (as well as the messages on the phone) but. When i just take the backups and put them on, of course it makes three versions of each text. Also, it doesn't have all my texts for some reason when doing it this way, yet they're in the file. Anyone who can help and/or give some suggestions?
  22. I came from the Turbo 1 to the 2 and the battery is horrible but because of this (see pictures) can anyone help like...what...