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  1. Dude, just do as Linus did, sandals with socks.. I mean, if he got married, everyone can!
  2. Apple did that ages ago .. Jokes aside, it would be a cool idea, but I think you would have thermal problems
  3. I'll try at 2933 Mhz and see what will happen.. Btw I never had bluescreens or any error, first time the system would just shut off, but in a weird way, screen and peripherals would turn off but the fans in the pc still spin, only option was to restart it turning off from psu.. So I sent back the motherboard assuming that was the problem, even after replacing it I had problems, but a little bit different this time, as i said above, the system would freeze while the cpu was getting underload or gaming randomly and even here the only option was to restart the pc. Esclusing every component, other than cpu (had no way of testing it) I tried again to replace the motherboard, first time it would not even boot into windows, but that was a bios problem (looks like you cant get a version above F30 on B450 gigabyte motherboards if you have a 2nd gen ryzen cpu), after fixing that bios issues I still had the freeze problem, so I tried lowering the cas latency of the ram, and so far it works..
  4. Thanks, I didn't knew this.. But to be honest as long as the system is stable, without freezes or crashes (before the pc was barely usable) can I keep it like this or there are risks? Since as for now, I cant get another ram kit, and I really dont want to get back to my old system which has an old amd 965 and 4 gb ram..
  5. The motherboard is the gigabyte B450 Aorus elite with a Ryzen 5 2600, Xmp is enabld, I only changed latency from 16 to 15, and as for now it looks like it worked.. But cant understand why tbh
  6. Not not exactly, but to be honest I bought the c16 instead of the 15 for mistake. This is the model Corsair CMK16GX4M2D3000C16
  7. No, the ram kit is cas latency 16 out of the box, so I set it to 15
  8. Long story short, i had a lot of problems with my new pc, I was getting freezes whenever the cpu was under load or while gaming (even light gaming) and I had no clue of what the problem was. I even sent back the motherboard, in the end I tried to change the cas latency of the ram from 16 to 15 and until now I had 0 crashed, freezes or problems.. I mean, I know ram can cause problems, but it was this simple?
  9. Download OCCT and thest the whole system (ofc no gpu, singe you would use the integrated one) and see if the system will be stable, if yes, psu is fine.
  10. Already tried that, it was on 2933 Mhz since i got it, still same.. I thought it could be something with ram timings, tried even that but nothing worked so far..
  11. So I am having a lot of problems with my new pc, it all started a couple of months ago when I got new parts for an upgrade. Since the first boot (after a clean instal) It just froze on the desktop, could not even move the mouse, had to restart it.. After that it got worse with random shutdowns, could be while gaming, while the pc is in idle.. So I thought it was a faulty motherboard, after amazon replaced it things were a lot better, until almost the same problem showed again, but this time it happens only when the cpu is undear load.. I'm not overclocking, everything is at stock speeds voltages, the psu is not new but i dont think thats the problem, sine with a more power hungry cpu and same gpu, it runs with no problems at all.. I even tried to see logs with a log collector, and they told me there was nothing there.. Someone had same problems? System specs: Amd ryzen 5 2600 (stock speeds & voltages) stock cooler Gigabyte B450 Aorus elite (tried different versions of bios too) Corsair LPX 3000mhz CL16 2x8gb (tried with xmp and different speeds too, also did a memtest 4 passes and no problems with memtest) Nvidia Gtx 1660 msi ventus oc (tested it for 30 minuts with furmark, no problems at all, temps were about 70/73°) Western Digital 1TB hard drive (even if its from the old system, it has no problems, checked with hard disk sentinel) Corsair CX600 80+ Bronze (Its from the old system too, but i dont think the problem is there, since it powered my old amd 965 and the same gpu with no problems of any kind) What else I can do to test some parts or to get it working? it's frustrating..
  12. I know, but I still with the old hard drive which i had in the old pc, so even I change parts, the hard drive would be the same. Drivers, chipset and so on would be wrong ones..
  13. Thats absurd... No, not yet, as for now im using the old parts from the old pc, I know i should try it but I am tired of changing parts, doing a fresh instal each time..
  14. So after telling them that I already asked amazon, if they should provide warranty or its up to gigabyte, they answerd me this. I mean, are they fu****g serious? So that's how their costumer support works? Saying ironically things, almost making fun of their clients? Im done with gigabyte.
  15. Cpu voltage was never over 1.3 Volts, as for clock speeds nothing weird, always around 3.5/3.6 ghz with max 70° under stress test (with the stock cooler).. The problem is that problems started right after the first boot, it just frooze and there was nothing more than shuting down the pc and restarting it, and it was with the bios that came with the mb..