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  1. That's kind of like the phone cameras don't matter because ILCs are so much better argument. A watch that can sometimes detect irregularities and get you to seek medical attention is better than the doctor that you never see.
  2. Out of curiosity, what's the battery life with the AOD? While it may be water resistant, it certainly can't be great to get it covered in soap and shampoo frequently. The Gear line is still an excellent Android alternative. Pretty comparable to an Apple Watch imo.
  3. Most low-tier routers should have a QoS implementation. I can say with certainty that Asus routers allow you to control the various networks and types of traffic. Anything that can be flashed with DD-WRT should have the same/better capability too.
  4. Apple also described it that way, because, it does have 2x zoom. Although, I do agree, it is poor phrasing since people will infer it as a 2x zoom in.
  5. But isn't everything is already on the server? Since you alluded to watching files stored on the server. At which point, you just have to point Plex at the directory where the files exist.
  6. But as you pointed out, that point applies if they created a steam page; even then, it is still only a deterrence. The publisher can still decide that pulling the content is more beneficial than the punishment is hurtful. Regardless, a publisher can very easily remain exclusive elsewhere and simply not advertise through Steam.
  7. Apple hasn't cooperated in the past with things like backdoors. They WILL (historically anyway) comply with warrants for iCloud data. This would seem more like the warrants for iCloud data than a request for a backdoor into iOS.
  8. You'd be amazed how bad some IT departments are at identifying/getting the correct/reasonable hardware. Whether it be the fault of the IT department being incompetent or whoever places the order not listening to the IT department's recommendation.
  9. Unless I'm misremembering, wings was spelled correctly at the time of the lawsuit and changed to its current spelling only afterwards. In either case, it's not reasonable to thing it would actually give you wings, making that portion of the lawsuit more than a bit nonsensical. Intel Atoms (silvermont, airmont, goldmont) would fall into that description as well. On paper, and to this same easily misled individual, a quad core Pentium N laptop for a third of the cost of a traditional quad core i-series sounds like all the bang for less buck.
  10. Do you mean an EM shield to avoid a nearby person from stealing the info in passing?
  11. Credit cards naturally wear over time with use. I carry five in my wallet and every single one looks like shit after a few months of siding then in and out of my wallet, using them with magswipe, contactless, handing them off to others to swipe, etc... Only recently is it less of an "issue" as a result of more NFC style payments.
  12. Expert witnesses are generally hired by each side and each aim to format their argument to best support the case they've been hired to testify for. Some expert witnesses might perjure themselves, but most will just focus on facts/arguments that support their side and conveniently try to ignore ones that don't. Of course, there is usually a back and forth of some sort where the expert on the opposing side can raise counter arguments.
  13. The law isn't quite that black and white. There are many ways things can be interpreted and the outcome can often vary quite drastically between different judges.
  14. I think you misunderstand the purpose of class actions; it's rarely ever used for the benefit of the class.
  15. Having redundant components to make yields better is only a good solution when there is no way to cut off defective portions and repurpose as a lower tier SKU. But that's not the case with the GPU market, there IS a need for lower tier SKUs. Regardless of whether you waste part of a wafer to dead weight components or to cut off non-working portions to sell a cheaper SKU, the effect is largely the same. Large monolithic dies are expensive.
  16. And what makes you think that this super GPU with double the silicon on it will cost significantly less than two cards with half as much each? It would certainly be cheaper (using chiplets. A massive monolithic die would almost certainly end up more expensive), but not massively so.
  17. There's another difference that you're overlooking though. AMD's CPU division also launched a Halo line of products that drives marketing. RTG hasn't had an equivalent flagship at launch in many.... many years. Sure, the 200 series eventually caught up and surpassed Kepler, but it took a long time for that to happen, by which point most people moved on from caring about Kepler benchmarks.
  18. That's also a great way to lose the ability to sue. Knowingly allowing a third party to violate your intellectual property rights with the intention of driving up the amount they owe is generally frowned upon.
  19. I guess you want Navi to be DOA then. HBM tends to be a really poor choice in the consumer GPU space when the aim is profitability.
  20. Most people don't fall into that grouping. For the vast majority of users, the lack of a headphone jack is irrelevant. Plus, those that do have headphones can still use them; even fewer ever need to charge and listen at the same time (and even those people can still do that). The problem is that any time the headphone jack discussion comes up everyone goes on about how terrible it is for everyone, when the reality of the situation is that it's basically a non issue for all but a small group. I'd also like a removable battery, but I'm not deluded enough to argue for its inclusion or to rant about its exclusion.
  21. It's a lot less effort for me to put headphones on a charger a between one and a few times a week than it is to fumble with a wire balled up in my pocket or having to deal with the excess wire every time I pull my phone out of my pocket. So much so that I wasn't listening to anything at all on my commute because dealing with wired headphones was too much of a hassle. Wireless headphones completely solves that. And, for most people, $100-$200 every few years is completely inconsequential (yes, some people can't really afford that $100-200, but they also can't really 'afford' the other luxuries they're buying either). Most people also don't charge and listen to content at the same time either. Plus, wired headphones still work. It's literally only a small subset of an already small minority that are actually impacted -- namely the set of users who listen and charge simultaneously who also can't afford a, not particularly expensive, set of headphones. That's also all ignoring that a large number of people have obviously decided that they prefer wireless headphones -- otherwise they would use the ones that come free with their phones.
  22. Given the amount of power that social media networks have (this applies to news networks as well imo), they should be held to a higher standard. Although I also thinks it's a dangerous line to cross -- giving the government any censoring rights.