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    AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3,8 GHz
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    MSI B350 Mortar
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    Corsair Vengeance 3200MHz 16GB
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    Cooler Master Storm Trooper
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    HyperX Cloud II and Logitech Z623
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  1. My brother has an amazing (and big) LG tv, it looks sooooo smooth, is that only with cable or does the TV enhance any media to look more smooth?...And if so...why doesn't my computer do that heh...
  2. Would LOVE an OLED but that'd cost me around double what I'd like
  3. Then it's definitely an IPS for me, what functions do you use frequently on the LG WebOS TV's that you can't on others or that it does better? I'm considering LG, Samsung and Philips, as (I think) they are the best ones available
  4. That's some good advice right there! Though some of these have not been tested as much as I'd like to, but I'll try to dig into it. But how about the functionalities that make them unique, like if all the TV's were the same I'd probably go for ambilight, but if that has less Hz or somewhat worse quality panel I'd maybe take another. So what qualities/features would you look after, other than ratings, and why?
  5. Hello I've been wanting to get a bigger and better tv since I moved to a bigger place. I currently have a standard 40´´ Vivax dumb TV, no bells and whistles. But since it's a solid 4m away from my furthest couch it's hard to play games with friends without moving the furniture. So I've (probably?) come down to these TV's available in my area (at this point in time) https://www.pricerunner.dk/pc?2=4911492,4981687,4913328,4969066,4965326,4965847,5173415&selectedCategory=2 They have unique features, Philips have ambilight which sounds cool, others may have better panels or smoother frame rate (which is I'd love) or functionality or something So what I'm looking for is advice or questions I should ask myself before commiting. I'm willing to wait for a sale, or consider an even bigger tv (if required) but I think those listed in the link are in my budget range and somewhat what I'm searching for. My use: I use it for games on console, streaming from my PC with a Steam Link, and streaming youtube or other media. I do not use regular cable TV Thanks for any suggestions! -Crafting
  6. I just assumed that 8GB is required for any decent performance since Freenas says 8GB Minimum. Haven't tested it though ever
  7. The Mobo I found they used supports multiple Sata III connections, but yes HBA could be used, but would drive up the cost significantly from the base cost of the machine. A better PSU for cables could also be bought relatively cheap if it wouldn't have it, or maybe adapters if I don't have the required ones. It just seems easy to buy this cheap but fine computer that has it all.
  8. Hello I've been wanting to build or make a NAS for quite some time. And having a nice little box for 200$ with 200$ or more for harddrives is nice. But I've been wondering if getting a more configurable server using Freenas would be a better idea. Someone here is selling a multiple of complete desktops for 75$ with the following specs: Processor 1 x Intel Core i3 (3. gen) 3240 / 3.4 GHz (Dual-Core)- With HyperthreadRAM 4 GB (installeret) / 16 GB (maks.) - DDR3 SDRAM PC3-12800Controller for lagring SATA (SATA 6Gb/s)Harddisk 1 x 250 GB - SATA 6Gb/s - 7200 rpmGrafik controller Intel HD Graphics 2500 Dynamic Video Memory Technology GigEOS Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 64-bit Edition Cabinet: Dell Optiplex 7010 I'd upgrade to 8GB if I'd buy the machine. So I'm asking, would it be a good idea to buy that sort of machine and use Freenas and all it's functionality, or is a regular NAS better? I know it depends of the use, and I really like the featureset of Freenas. But pricewise, is it a bad computer for such a task? (buying HDD's seperately ofc) Should I find something newer for anything of this use? It should have the SATA ports and space for harddrives I believe as well. Another cabinet could be used if anything. Kind regards -Crafting
  9. Was actually getting a bit nervous of which of them were better, as the one is on sale right now and both had somewhat great reviews from reviewers, and some negative customer ones. Those links cleared it up for me, so thanks a lot! -Crafting
  10. I only think my Steam Link can use any type of AC as of right now. The 2 routers are basically the same otherwise? Which one would you tend to given the situation? -Crafting
  11. Hey I wonder which of these routers is the best, since they look the same but have a few key differences. Linksys EA7500 has MuMi-Mo and the C9 has Smart Connect. The C9 is a little bit more expensive (not much). I've also considered the TP-Link C7-1750 But the price is pretty much the same of all the 3, so might as well get a better one for the same price. My current router is the one from the ISP, so it barely covers my apartment, and my chromecast has to buffer often, hence the upgrade as well as 1 LAN port is not enough anymore. Looking for thoughts of which should be better, assuming they are both the same price. Thanks in advance -Crafting
  12. Not sure it's he same as my first one (Nexus 7 2012) But after a few months it did exactly as yours did. Maybe try some of the button combinations or something. As mine was still under warranty I just gave it to the store I bought it from. I believe I got an all new one instead of my old one, not sure if it was due to it being completely dead, or if it was lost under transport, can't remember. Hope it helps...? Maybe it clears something up? That's at least what happened to me, same device. -Crafting
  13. You could watch the techquickie "Monitor defects" as that would tell you more about your instance. It seems like it's backlight bleed, Some have it, but still bit weird that yours would have it, as it's not the cheapest of monitors. I myself have an XF of Acer's monitors. -Crafting
  14. Windows logo was stuck again...BUT! after some time it actually showed up! Thanks alot! I used your method. -Crafting