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Status Updates posted by SeriouslyMikey

  1. I notice an issue with my upcoming build.

    The NZXT H1 has a USB C connector on the front IO but the AM4 itx motherboards don't have a header for it. I sincerely hope it works (at USB 3) speeds without plugging in the header. If not, then I guess I'll see what the next boards bring, if they're coming out this year lol

    If the new motherboards still don't, I guess I'll go Intel or just deal without for a while

  2. This angered so many of my mates. Not even sorry.



    1. minibois




      "Tell me! Who told you this?! Switches get stitches!!"

    2. Techstorm970


      Honestly, keyboards deal with water better than most people would expect.

    3. SeriouslyMikey


      It's now sat on my window ledge to dry out for the next few days


  3. A couple days before I buy my GPU (RTX 2070 Super Founders), the cunt goes out of stock.




    1. handymanshandle
    2. dizmo


      Probably better off anyway, especially if you already have a rig.

    3. SeriouslyMikey


      I'm building a whole new rig to get a desktop again.

      I can only assume that the card going out of stock is either new cards being around the corner, or the pandemic finally having some kind of impact as other components are currently out of stock too.

  4. Huh, if I wanted to get the 3700X, currently the 3800X is only £5 on Amazon. Tempted.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SeriouslyMikey


      And when are those coming out?

    3. dizmo


      Sometime in the summer.

    4. SeriouslyMikey


      Not a bad shout then.

  5. NZXT H1 is now on pre-order. 🙏

    1. Thorium19


      noice, what colour?

    2. SeriouslyMikey


      White. I think it looks really classy

    3. Thorium19


      definitely the best colour for it

  6. Cyberpunk 2077 being pushed back to September seems to have worked out in line for me building a PC 👌

    1. imreloadin


      What is the build you're planning on doing?

    2. SeriouslyMikey
    1. Thorium19


      nice, I was kinda tempted by that myself before I got the TU150

    2. SeriouslyMikey


      It was that case you just fall in love with and can't have any other.

      I mean sure, it'll be £40 more than what I was going for, but who cares lol

  7. It's annoying difficult to find a small form factor case that looks good, while remaining on an okay budget. :(

  8. has anyone tried streaming with a ryzen 5 3600? if yes how is it?

  9. The lack of desktop is real nice. Highly recommend. 

  10. tfw planning to sell CDs but when looking at CDs to find out what to sell, you can't decide. 


    1. dizmo


      Seems like an awfully niche market.

  11. Kids today can't handle MW2 lobbies. 

  12. Cyberpunk is going to be a let down. Seven year rocky development, change in main character, and little to nothing to show for it. 

  13. I love seeing game developers slowly damaging their reputation. Bethesda and their Battle Royal for 76 is just the next stage of their collapse. 

  14. AW11VbC.jpg.5a19af1a19c0b46b3510a559736cc549.jpg

    The true God

    1. VegetableStu


      ... is that an improvised trunkpants or an improvised miniskirt...?

  15. nuke furries tbh

    1. Aimi


      I like the way you think

    2. Queen Chrysallis

      Queen Chrysallis

      someone missed their lesson on acceptance of fellow human beings

    3. Aimi


      Furries aren't human though

  16. Final grade on part of my engineering course came through for maths. Distinction. 

    Image result for dab

    1. Tech_Dreamer


      NICE!  Congratulations.

  17. Love the ability to take my PC on the go, then come back and plug it up for real work! :D 


  18. If I'm honest, I was thinking of just lying to myself and saying no one wanted to buy my PC parts yesterday. Then getting back from college, I noticed that my mobo and CPU had both sold. No going back now! 

    1. pinksnowbirdie


      I mean, you could back out still. Though you'd disappoint the buyer. But seeing as you were feeling less than certain that your parts would sell, I'd say that's pretty fortunate they actually did.

    2. SeriouslyMikey


      Oh, I'm not backing out, the parts are in the mail now, just got a handful more to go and then I'll be sorted. Though, I'm in two minds about selling my monitor as it's really nice to be able to plug in my laptop into a mini display port and then run games at 1440p. Granted, at about 20fps less than my 1070, but I just lower the settings. 


  19. Battlefront 1 is finally on Steam, and I couldn't be happier seeing it there. 

  20. Got my laptop. :D 

    Tomorrow I'll be wiping my desktop's drives and then selling the rest of the components. 

  21. I have clearly been living under a rock for the past few months to a year. Since when was DDR3 so god damn expensive? Since when was an i5 4670k worth neck end of £100? And my motherboard? It's selling at £100 too. ?

    1. handymanshandle


      Haswell is bizarrely expensive, primarily because of two things: nostalgia and "muh modern performance".

    2. SeriouslyMikey


      Good enough for me. 

      I was genuinely surprised seeing my ram selling for the same price as I got it six years ago. It's nuts.