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    Core i5 2500k 4.8ghz
  • Motherboard
    Biostar TZ68K+
  • RAM
    8GB DDR3 1333 (1866oc)
  • GPU
    Gigabyte GTX 760 windforce
  • PSU
    XFX pro 850w

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  1. Its a 4.4 ghz i5 6400 blck oc'ed. Nothing fishy about it, i didnt really want to be in the list since ive not tried the highest oc possible, but im no scammer so here it goes.
  2. I have your cpu and im very happy with it I dont really want to upgrade right now, but maybe the ryzen 3800x can convince me otherwise ...
  3. I will ask him again, you might be right on this
  4. Hello forum!, i dont come here unless im completely disorientated. So here it goes: So a couple weeks ago the son of a friend brought me his computer because it didnt work. He didnt say anything to me other than it didnt work and that he saw smoke of it. I go ahead and put it a part, and test individual parts of it on my pc. -GPU is OK. -RAM is OK. -Hard drive seems ok, though i only tested it as a secondary drive (HDD scan and windows utilities) -PSU seems fine with my gtx 1060 playing some dota 2, nothing hardcore. So i go ahead and try to test his CPU, motherboard, and ram... And the freaking 4 pin cpu connector burst in fire. Like immediately, didnt even booted. It was a crappy biostar motherboard, the cheapest you could imagine. With a fx 6300. I explained this to him and told him if i were him, i would change CPU MOTHER AND PSU. He asked for a cheaper solution and i say to him that he could in theory change only the motherboard. But i wouldnt trust the PSU at that point. Fast forward today, he bought an ASUS /M5A78LM USB3. I put everything together and install windows. Then chrome and office. I leave the machine running youtube videos in autoplay for about 6 hs. Then aida 64 stress test for about 5 hs. Everything seems ok. He takes the machine and after 5 hours, he says the pc doesnt recognize mouse and keyboard. I take the computer home again and first i get BSOD with the code BAD POOL CALLER. Then some kernel driver bsod, and then the hard drive is blocked. From that point on the computer doesnt recognize ANY hard drive. Ive tested my 1tb drive and my 240 gb ssd on his pc, but it doesnt recognize. -Im very suspicious about the CPU. But ive never seen a CPU causing all of these troubles. In my experience the CPU either dies, or doesnt die. Though ive seen some of them giving blue screens. -I tested the RAM with memtest 86 for 4 hours and its completely normal. -I tested the hard drive in my pc, its a bit slow but its an old drive by now. On his pc its not recognized. Also ive noticed that the capacitors on the right side of the CPU on HIS pc are extremely hot, even in the BIOS. probably 80c+ But im not sure if this could be caused by a bad CPU If you took the work to read all of this, im looking for advice. I think the cpu might be the problem but i dont have any AMD cpus to test. The motherboard is brand new. The cpu is the same that survived the old biostar burned mobo.
  5. There are reasons to get 3600 mhz ram. Some games starve on memory bandwidth, for example the popular PUBG. But realistically it would only matter if you are aiming for 144 fps. Also 3600 mhz ram are more "future proof". Even sandy bridge will improve switching from 1333 to 2133 ddr3. There is no reason to believe that 2133 will be fast enough for the next years. https://youtu.be/WQ3neH6XCds
  6. considering ddr4 prices i would just buy a 4790 and sell your old 4570
  7. FellTheSky

    Z77 Maximus V Gene + 3570k advice

    A poorly optimized game is still a game. The 6400 beats the 3770k by like 30% ish. There are 2.5 million daily players which probably think this info is at least somewhat useful. Im not sure what were you expecting... I dont play dirt 3 if thats the kind of benchmark info you were hoping So a fx 4100 and gtx 1080ti can reach 144 fps on los leones or georgopol?
  8. FellTheSky

    2600K to R5 1600

    whats "good voltages" in your opinion?. Anything below 1.4v is completely fine for sandy, and over the years i havent seen a 2600k that doesnt reach 4.5 ghz on 1.4v
  9. FellTheSky

    Low GPU usage in some games

    Try 2400 mhz ram
  10. FellTheSky

    Does Ram speed matter here?

    Its only worth it if you have a 144hz monitor and you play competitively. Games like PUBG will show up big differences.
  11. You should probably sell your cpu and get an used 4790. Though it will depend from game to game, its not the same getting 144 fps on dirt 3, than PUBG
  12. FellTheSky

    Z77 Maximus V Gene + 3570k advice

    i play mostly pubg lately, didnt try out other games. Dropping in zones like Los leones i get around 20-30 ish more FPS with a 6 gb 1060
  13. FellTheSky

    Z77 Maximus V Gene + 3570k advice

    Your cpu voltages look fine, you just need more of it. I have a 3770k here that it does 4.4 ghz on 1.35v, so yeah, your 3570k is on the low end of overclock, sadly. Welcome to the club. I replaced my 3770k because its actually worse than a i5 6400 at 4.4 ghz, it barely wins at multicore and it gets destroyed at single core, which most games use
  14. FellTheSky

    Should YOU Upgrade to Ryzen?

    i dont see ryzen giving more fps than a 4.7ghz 3770k with 2400mhz ram in PUBG. And thats the only demanding app i use. So its a nay for me.
  15. FellTheSky

    Intel 2600k Time for upgrade?

    You waited for so long, i would just wait a bit more for coffee lake. Can your ram OC to something like 2133? You might see a nice boost on some tittles like pubg