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  • CPU
    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    Crosshair VI Hero
  • RAM
    8gb DDR4 4000 LPX Corsair
  • GPU
    Zotac Gtx 1080 extreme
  • Case
    dukase v3
  • Storage
    xp3 480 nvme
  • PSU
    XFX pro 850w
  • Display(s)
    spectre 24" 144
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    id cooling frostflow 240x
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  1. a 5ghz 6600k was bottlenecking my 1080 on dota 2 so you do the math
  2. this is on my crosshair VI Hero (x370) at 1.35v . Can probably tight the timings more, but dont really care that much.
  3. 1080 ti maybe 5800xt but between those 2, 1080 ti
  4. i did. You own a 6700 and 1070. You want to upgrade to a 2070 for 144hz. Im i wrong?
  5. you can just try it. Download the games you want to play and with medium/low settings check GPU usage. If its too low, its gonna be the same for the 2070
  6. if i was you my upgrades priorities would be GPU RAM CPU in that order
  7. it really depends on what you consider gaming. Mainly resolution, refresh rate and which particular game genre you like. I switched from a 6700k to a ryzen 3600 and im more than happy with the change. At 1080p 144hz, i do notice the ryzen is slower in some games, but not enough to overcome the 50-60 % multithread performance i get, specially in compression and decompression (part of my job)
  8. Well its not so much a thing of bad ram modules. They passed every single stress test. Even 24 hs of memtest. But the problem is if i turn off the pc, it boots up on c5 code, which forces clear cmos. Not always, but from time to time. The clear cmos button wont work on that code, so i have to remove the graphics card in order to clear cmos by removing battery. As you can imagine, a big pain in the ass. But maybe a future bios will fix this. The board is really good for that price, i think i bought it at 130 locally. Im not sure how much motherboard affects overclocking on ryzen 2, but my 3600 goes to 4.2 ghz at 1.3v. Going beyond is just impossible for 24/7 (above 1.47v)
  9. I have that board. The bios looks exactly the same. Ram OC is not that stable in my case. I get a lot of c5 errors that forces me to clear cmos. I also think my memory scores are a little bit lower than those with crosshair VII VIII, not that i really care. Other than that, it works fine crosshair VI doesnt need an old CPU to update bios, it has usb flashback
  10. my 3600 does 4.2 ghz at 1.3v, to pass to 4.3 ghz requires about 1.48v without LLC. With llc, performance wont increase. I get 1680 cinebench at 4.2 and at 4.3LLC stock gives 1550 ish (sometimes a little bit less or more)
  11. Just download msi afterburner and check gpu usage while you play. If it's below 80-90 u have a bottleneck. (it can be resolution, memory speed, cpu)
  12. not only cpu oc, but memory aswell I cant get my ryzen stable at 3733 mhz (memory) The best i could do now at 1.5v is 3600ram at 14-18-17-28-84-1t . Yet my 2016 6700k ran at 4266 24/7 with exceptional scores and 38 ns latency. In the games i play (or used to) the difference was night and day as you never were GPU bound Im not switching back to intel, but i wont deny what its right in front of my eyes. If all you care is gaming, and you really really need the extra framerate, you'll be better of buying intel. Sadly i dont think they will lower prices
  13. i had a 6700k at 4.7 ghz. Now i have a ryzen 3600. Do i notice a performance deficit in gaming? Absolutely. 6700k was much much better. Ofc it depends on the games you play. Grimdawn, dota 2, starcraft 2, custom games. Very noticeable on all of them (144hz monitor) . But i dont play much now days and i really need render, compression and decompression. And dont have much cash ( the change didnt cost me more than 30 us$).
  14. i was on the same boat as you, i bought the 3600 and oc it to 4.2 ghz all core 1.32 v. Performance increased is worth it in my case, as i tend to play older games like starcraft 2, grimdawn, dota 2 and you can clearly tell there is a big difference (144 hz monitor)