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  1. Thanks a lot for the peace of mind. Cheers
  2. okay thanks. Any chance of their being any damage to the CPU for this happening? Sorry for the noobish question its my first time undervolting.
  3. But I did run a stress test though when I undervolted and nothing of the sort happened then. Is there a better way to test the stability?
  4. hi. so i've undervolted to -0.15V and it was running alright for the last week or so. Today suddenly while playing a game there was a slight buzz sound in my headphones for a second and my laptop rebooted. Upon startup I got this message. Is it because the undervolt is unstable and I should increase the voltage? CPU is i7-8750H thanks
  5. So this is weird. Ran it again today after a restart and now it shows the +0.15V
  6. So does it mean its undervolted? Any idea why other softwares give inaccurate readings?
  7. Sorry for the noobish question ive never undervolted or used this software before. this is what it shows under VID. Its rapidly fluctuating +0.1V and -0.1V. What does it tell me?
  8. any other reliable software to use to check the voltage?
  9. hi. so i just undervolted to -0.15V with XTU. In HWMonitor it was showing -0.154V but after I put I restarted its now showing -0V. In the intel XTU it is still -0.154V. is this normal or is the settings gone?
  10. Man atleast read my post if you wanna help. I don't even need a good graphics card.
  11. But I don't want a 1050Ti
  12. 800 pounds I guess. Not sure what standard weights are but maybe something under 2kg. Weight is not THAT much of a concern.
  13. Is the brightness just the problem with Y530 screen? I always use the lowest brightness possible as I have really bad light sensitivity. Going to be buying from UK. I would love it if it isn't bulky. Battery life isn't that much of a concern.
  14. Okay, hi. I'm trying to get a new laptop as my old one is nearly dead. My budget is around $1000. I've been looking around online but a bit confused with so many choices. It'd help a lot if I could get some recommendations. It will mostly be used to work and some very light gaming. The Lenovo Legion Y530 seemed perfect for me but I'm not sure if 8 gigs of ram is the way to go in 2019. I'm also pretty sure I won't be using the 1050ti that much. I play some light games (CSGO, League of Legends etc.) so something like the MX150 would be enough for me. Not too familiar with laptop GPUs so that's a bit confusing. My current 920M is enough for all my gaming needs. Just how bad the Intel UHD graphics cards? Thing is the 8th Gen i7 is important to and I can't seem to find one with a low-mid tier graphics card. I would love to have a good display. I read some review about Y530 and people are saying the display is mediocre, thoughts? I'm fine with small displays. The smaller the better. I am going to carry it around a lot so I'd prefer it if it was a bit light and thing but it's optional. Thank you for your time.