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  1. did you torrent it? maybe you got a bad one? irdk
  2. "well i just ended the process and ran minecraft and the pc is at 30% max....ill restart the pc and see if the problem persists then id reinstall java and whatnot THANKS tho!! :)" is what i did in that topic (incase you didn't read it lol)
  3. literally this exact thing happened to me http://linustechtips.com/main/topic/162687-help-needed-cpu-at-90load/#entry2165328 it worked and i have never had any other problems since
  4. i know the first roller coaster tycoon it was able to do that but damnn isnt there a separate program that allows this? (ik there are some that allows you to scroll through pages on different windows without actually having to click the window) so maybe there is a program that keeps the game selected while allowing us to do other activities ,,,, i really dont have space on my desk for another monitor and i really dont wanna rack up $$$ only when im sleeping hahah
  5. hey guys so i just recently started playing this game and well i really would like to have the game working in the background so i can do other tasks (i am running it in window mode, however when i click on another window the game automatically pauses) how do i change this?
  6. why not replace the side panel acrylic on your case with another clear piece or a piece of glass? thats what i plan to do on my thermaltake soprano case a piece of glass the required size costed me the equivalent of <10$usd
  7. why not go with one of those pcie ssds? since you essentially have no budget also i dont know when is your upgrade cycle but personally id wait for the gtx 800 series
  8. i really know know what i did exactly but it's fixed! been on for an hr now and at 87% all i did was open the phone and remove the battery and dock connector then it started back working! PS; i changed the screen (and then changed it back to the old screen) about 4 days ago
  9. how does it get fried randomly tho? i dont know why but i find it extremely coincidental that this happened right after my battery was drained?
  10. hey guys. I've got a major problem! Let me start with what the problem. My phone works fine when plugged in to the charger but when i unplug it at whatever percentage it then turns off withing a minute, Reason/s why i think this may be: Well yesterday i was at a party and my phone was at 2% for like an hr and 1% for another hour or so, I forgot to charge it and i may have needed to receive a call. Did i drain my battery and damaged it? So that somehow my phone thinks that the battery is at a point where it needs to turn off? PS: when i was charging it finally, the phone would not have turned on for about half hour (i'm assuming that this is so because the phone needed to charge the battery to a specific %age?) The battery has never been changed so i'm wondering if there is anyway that i can reset it or anything i can do that won't cost money?
  11. WOW those pics looks soo clear and perfect that at first i thought it was renders LOL
  12. why dont you remove the cooler and the ssd? you'd have 95$ more to allocate towards a better gpu or cpu (ive been using a stock cpu cooler on my fx8320 for a couple months now and its working perfectly fine..no overclocking) ps i lve in the caribbean aka 30 degree temps the cpu operates in
  13. wow that case is really beautiful! hoping someone mods it and make all those ventholes a window or something! for aesthetics ofc haha