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  2. Just in case Alex reads this thread, or someone else knows his username to tag him (Sorry, I do not) I wonder if you can lap an IHS and cooler flat enough to "Wring" together like gauge blocks? And possibly the thermal connection will improve when they are that flat? If anyone doesn't know what gauge blocks are, They are steel blocks polished so smooth they actually stick together, and nobody really knows 100% why they do this. Very cool. Relevant AvE vijeo for those who haven't seen it.
  3. So my house is on a spring, and there's a pump in the basement that pumps groundwater out and away from the house to prevent the basement flooding. It enters at about 5c, something like 100-300L/h depending on the time of year. I've been seriously considering for years now using this water to cool my PC. Since we're pumping it anyways, all I would have to do is divert it through my PC on the way out. Time for LMG to make a field trip I think
  4. Der8auer had a lot of problems getting all 6 memory channels on his 28 core Xeon to work, even without dropping it. I think he said he mounted it like 10 times and eventually just went with 4 channels. Perhaps the CPU is fine, and you're just having that problem?
  5. LMG needs to do a collab with Uncle Bumblefuck AvE. He's also in BC, and a great guy. https://www.youtube.com/user/arduinoversusevil I'm sure you've heard of him. also: REEEEEEEEE WHAT IS A 2990X. THAT'S NOT A REAL SKU RESHOOT VIDEO.
  6. How I felt watching @3:20 Was really hoping James would show up with a monocle
  7. 41:39 Little bit of toilet humour with some "PU Benchmarks"
  8. 28:36 "Heading into the final day Luke & Jay aren't feeling too confident while L-But this is scrapyard wars and it ain't over till it's over"
  9. https://www.bigassfans.com You're welcome. ^If you want static pressure
  10. FINALLY a board that supports hard dick. 5/7
  11. IDK what their offsite backup is, but If I were Linus, it would be with AWS, and so then it's basically unlimited. Relatively cost effective.
  12. I got so triggered by that proprietary VGA cable
  13. Unfortunately we're going to have to get someone who knows more about c# in here to answer, that. You got the image showing though? At least the easy part works
  14. Unfortunately I know nothing about c#, but perhaps if you paste the line where you call imshow I could give some more advice. I know for sure that you can't pass your camera as a parameter to imshow. You can show frames from it though.