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    Burkina Faso
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    Intel i7-6800K
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    Asus X99A Deluxe II
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    64gb Corsair Dominator Platinum
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    GTX1080 Zotac Amp Extreme
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    Phantek Enthoo Primo SE
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    960 Evo 250Gb,3 TB WD Black, 2X500GB 850 EVO, 8TB Seagate Firecuda
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    EVGA G2 750W
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Logitech G502
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    ATH-M50X/Hyper X Cloud 2s
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    Windows 10

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  1. So glad I went with 32Gbs of RAM on my macbook. Currently using 27Gbs and I'm not even doing more than the usual

    1. kelvinhall05


      Told ya, although I guess you could've just downloaded more RAM on the 16GB one.

    2. Den-Fi





      Ok DrBuckMacGup.


       @DrMacintoshI made sure to leave the signature. 

    3. DrMacintosh


      wtf is this xD 

  2. Couldn't get it fixed on windows so I swapped over to MacOS and used Disk Utility and it formatted it perfectly with no issues.
  3. Yeah my friend used to do something similar with CSGO skins and made over $200 off a $1.25 drop
  4. I have a USB drive that I've used in the past perfectly fine but now it says I don't have permission to view it. In diskpart I can see it has an asterisk at the front of the disk which I think means it has protection on it. I tried clearing readonly attributes and cleaning but that doesn't do anything. I've had this happen before but can't remember how I fixed it.
  5. image.png.399cabc7daecb211eb1aad7c0c5c3d53.png


    There ya go.

    1. BuckGup


      On the phone rn telling my mom 

  6. I use CashApp for my trading and surprisingly enough with an intial investment of $100 I've made like $50 over the past couple months
  7. Just bought $50 worth of stuff on Amazon with the money I made so they aren't lying at least with paying you
  8. I haven't seen anyone on the internet but I have met people in person that defend him
  9. I actually found a decent replacement from a thrift store. It's a naval officers jacket and it is super nice and was only like $5 too
  10. I want to make sure I get a cable rated for 3440X1440 @ 100hz to run my monitor from my macbook pro. Does anyone know of one that fits this description? As well as a USB to HDMI cable. Thanks
  11. They haven't capped anything yet. Also I have VPNs and proxies I can use
  12. I have my farm of 6 phones and I am working on making a servo do the swiping on each phones. Currently I just have hotdogs attached to oscillating fans lol. I also got $6 for every referral code used to I made $36+$6 for the initial sign up bonus. They have since removed payout by paypal but you can still get giftcards from basically every major store chain. I'm going to try an Amazon one tomorrow and also try swapping the cards on localbitcoins for bitcoins as the rates are higher than paypal would be anyways.
  13. My first question is why a laptop over a mini ITX build. Second, undervolting will help, repasting, and also using it on a hard surface that won't restrict airflow.
  14. After calculating the average over an hour it's closer to $864/month but I'll have a machine with 3 phones and I'll see what they generate in a week and report back