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  1. FIxing GPUs and ASICs?

    Both actually
  2. Weirdos ruining it for all of us. It's probably high ranking government officials honestly
  3. It's technically beta so you can't really complain too much. I would check the logs and post them on the Epic forums for the devs to look at
  4. FIxing GPUs and ASICs?

    So you are saying it's not worth it to invest time and money into?
  5. ZOTAC MEK1 Linus Tech Tips Viewer Giveaway!

    Thanks Coal Ton
  6. FIxing GPUs and ASICs?

    How logical or possible is it to fix SMDs on GPUs, laptops, and ASIC miners at home? Say someone lists a GPU on eBay as not working doesn't power on. Assuming the GPU itself isn't dead or water damage how hard is it to fix? Are failures usually easily spotted like a blown capacitor or burn marks? Thanks
  7. Ooooh oops. I skimmed over that part I guess. That makes a lot more sense. It could still be used for marketing as if the Titans only have tensorcores type of dealio
  8. Right but Volta is what's in the TItan V and sports Tensor cores and Ampere/Turing weren't originally on any roadmap. So it's either a pascal refresh or Volta potentially with the tensor cores taken out
  9. PUBG launches on mobile

    But there really isn't any other Fortnite games besides Fortcraft and that's a blatant rip off
  10. If Turing/Ampere is Pascal shrunken Nvidia is full of shit unless they had something on the GPU board itself. As pascal is maxwell so Turing/Ampere is maxwell
  11. Yeah honestly this doesn't surprise me and the fact it is utterly ground breaking to some is scary
  12. PUBG launches on mobile

    It's free, people can't afford a PC, and it's mobile.
  13. PUBG launches on mobile

    Yeah it's pretty crazy how powerful/efficient things are becoming now. Like mobile tech
  14. PUBG launches on mobile

    I have played both fortnite and PUBG mobile for a while now and I will say right off the bat fortnite runs much better but I am still impressed PUBG is running on my phone. Controls are identical so yeah. Other than that both need to add controller support. Competition like this is great and we the consumers benefit greatly

    Just airplay or whatever android uses to a TV or monitor, then hookup a keyboard and mouse to your phone