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  1. Intel Hires Former Larrabee Architect

    Intel now has the brains and money so I wanna see some card outperforming NVIDIA. Id swap my CPU with AMD but now my GPU with Intel lol
  2. Cookie HELP

    Yes I chill it and itโ€™s a different recipe that specify on being thick Nope just leave them as balls from a cookie doe baller I think Iโ€™ll try adding more flower and baking soda
  3. Cookie HELP

    I tried using bread flower as it has more gluten which helps it stick together more and it made them chewier but not thick
  4. Cloning Wii games

    Yeah I have a supported drive and raw dump works for about 90Mbs then fails
  5. Juicy 1950X (In-Store Deal Only) $629!!

    Yeah but devs don't support dual cores anymore and just a year ago we had dual core i3s and pentiums
  6. Cloning Wii games

    I have the drive but what program can I use on my PC? I am trying to use rawdump 2.0 but it keeps failing
  7. Juicy 1950X (In-Store Deal Only) $629!!

    Right but not 4 cores is the minimum so 6 core and 8 core will become the new norm
  8. Cookie HELP

    How am I doing the cookie dough?? I just follow the recipes.
  9. Gamer Meld GeForce 1180 information?

    It sounds to me like heโ€™s friend with someone who works in shipping and receiving at a store like Micro Center and has told him this. The info he gave sound slike a serial number with 1180G1-JSU12-8GB37 kind of stuff. You you can see the name and VRAM amount with price but nothing more
  10. Tek Syndicate pretty much ded

    Yeah I stopped watching a couple years ago. I watch level1 though. Makes me miss Linus being in the house and the old WAN show
  11. Cookie HELP

    I follow the directions EXACTLY and have tried many different recipes yet whenever I make cookies they are flat. How do I make them thicker?
  12. Yaaay maybe in a couple years we can use it
  13. Juicy 1950X (In-Store Deal Only) $629!!

    Well to be fair we have been on dual and quad core for a long time. When games started supporting HT it was a big deal. But not with AMD and intel putting more and more cores on for cheaper thereโ€™s a bigger push
  14. Juicy 1950X (In-Store Deal Only) $629!!

    Youโ€™ll be ready when devs make game scale across all cores. I know BF1 runs great on as many cores as you want. Or atleast 8-10