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  1. What do you mean non existent cell coverage? There are multiple live streams from the gate. A camo dude was about to unleash his dog on someone who crossed the line. Some other dude crawled under a fence but some dude snitched so he ran back. It's pretty cringey and if you went all that way atleast get arrested. Also some dude had an ARRI Alexa and shoulder rig filming
  2. Sony A7SIII could you please come out now. Was suppose to in May, yeah that didn't happen. Don't make me buy an XT3 and BMPC6K

  3. Well the passcode that pops up is the passcode for the device that you have to enter everytime you unlock it. Otherwise the icloud password would be the password you use for your account
  4. I wrote a report in school for an ethics class and piracy was at an all time low when Netflix introduced streaming instead of just DVD by mail. It's exploded exponentially in the past years
  5. If LTT stopped using shit titles they could avoid conflict like this. They are begging for people to bitch about things with titles like this
  6. You can always back it up to your PC then factory reset it and restore from backup. This clears temp files and downloads a new version of IOS to the device
  7. Very strange feelingย sitting in class and seeing the person in front of you reading a forum post by myselfย 

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    2. BuckGup


      It's 2019 so I guess I could be a girlย 

    3. Windows7ge


      I still have yet to see anyone in the wild use this forum besides me. The area I live in isn't well populated with our type. I'm pretty alone out here.

    4. star_pilot475


      Same here, my friend @Windows7ge

  8. https://hackaday.io/project/262-iphone-44s-lcd-to-hsmc-bridge There's a build process somewhere on hackaday but this is what I have found right now
  9. Wiping your ass- Specialized in toxic waste clean up with organic fibered solutions twice daily
  10. Except it's not super representative anymore with things like GPU Boost 3.0 vs older generations. I have seen reviewers run 980tis at 1100Mhz because that's stock. Yet they can easily hit 1430Mhz and all the way up to 1620Mhz. 520Mhz is nothing to gloss over on a GPU
  11. What I have issues with is almost all reviewers except Gamers Nexus don't overclock their GPUs. The OC them when they are new and relevant but once they are a generation or two old they don't OC them anymore. Which leads to unrealistic graphs. People probably wouldn't buy GPUs as much knowing a 5 year old GPU is only 15% slower and costs 1/3rd as much